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It all started with Jack!

“Quick and easy to read gardening post!”

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Credit for post suggestion goes to Ruth of Don’t Eat It Soap


Ooher … nice stalks!

Of course the Jack l am referring to is the one with the giant stalk … got to have some fun eh, and innuendos are always good for a laugh! Ok, so obviously not Jack’s actual stalk but his beanstalk and his other giant friend! Alright, alright – it has nothing to do with giants or Jacks … but sprouting does have a connection to beans.

Humour aside …

This year l will be focusing on sprouting some seeds … l have done this before, but never on a large scale as such and with everything that is currently ongoing – Suze and l made the decision to trial as many different vegetable avenues as we could. When Ruth made mention to this as part of the previous mini-series l realised in fact that it could tie in with another small series l had in mind which has come around because of the world’s current Coronavirus Crisis and observations l have made over the last few weeks as well as notes l took later last year.

In this small series l will look at ‘sprouting seeds’, supermarket vegetables and a look at alternatives to stockpiling and visits to the local grocers via self sufficiency and producing gardening at home.

I have taken some time out from Project Garden which started in earnest at the start of this month … l am a little tired and in truth wearisome of late. I suspect l have a touch of common flu or in the very least a cold,  however in the current climate – l think it pays to be wiser and cautious. I even spent time today creating my Will and making sure that if anything was to happen that my estate and worldly goods would be distributed correctly. It just awards peace of mind against any sudden incidents.

With Ruth’s suggestion for an episode, it did make me examine the realities of seed sprouting and if it was something l should consider for this season? The answer was yes, l should and so after much research and Googling – l managed to find the right seeds and equipment to make my job easier.


Sprouting example image only.

A couple of years ago, Suze and l had some fun with Mung Beans – this year l have opted to try them again and in addition also … clover, alfalfa, flax, radish, lentils and cress.

I have been a tad over enthusiastic this season and planted some of my seeds a little earlier than needs be and the plants are well ahead of their regular planting times and whilst they are great, transplanting is a bit awkward. At least l know that this year’s compost is prime quality as a growing medium.

But had l given the seed planting a bit of extra thought, l could have run with sproutings – this would have scratched the planting itch quite suitably and we would have had something we could eat now. Live and learn eh.

Sprouting seeds is a process in which  the grower encourages seeds and beans to germinate and produce shoots and instead of allowing the shoots to develop into seedlings, plantlings and vegetables – the grower is only interested in the shoots themselves. The practice is the eating of the raw shoots and seeds for higher levels of nutrition.

Due to the many methods available and alternatives l will supply links and videos below for your own further research – once l start growing l will also be publishing posts about it anyway – but in the main, the practice is to dampen seeds, cover seeds, keep in darkened environment and warm so as to encourage germination and growth for a period of usually 7 – 10 days at which point the seeds are shoots and ready for harvesting and consumption.

Once harvested, store and keep for no longer than 5-7 days reflective of course upon the shoot variety produced.

Here’s one of Ruth’s Favourite Links – Welcome to Sproutpeople University!




Sprouting 101: How to Sprout Anything and Why You Should


Grow Food In Your Kitchen: My Easy Sprouting Routine




So there we go folks an easy read post regarding sprouting and just one of the many first steps to growing your own indoor sustainability garden and becoming more self sufficient.

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Catch you in part 2.

Thanks for reading – Rory

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  1. That’s so cool! I’m going to try. I have chives and a bit of celery growing in my kitchen window sill. I could do sprouts! ☺️

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