That’s a bad habit ….. or is it?

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That’s a bad habit ….. or is it?

Currently l am reading a book about communication progression, acquisitioning new information and redeveloping your ‘learning habits’, as in swapping out your bad habits and trading them for new ones …. we all over the years develop bad habits when it comes to our learnings … it makes us …us and it makes us human. This book is about introducing you to changing your habits. It’s a good read  … but it did get me to thinking about not just my bad habits – but everyone’s bad habits – hence today’s 24 hour Blog question.

What Good and bad habits do you have?

I remember reading a few years ago, that 50% of what we do as in our daily behaviour is actually a habit, a learned behaviour that we have accepted as being ‘ok’ and allowing to stay in our system instead of looking at that behaviour and saying ‘NO, you gotta go!’

This last year l have been trying to increase the focus on developing good habits’ and slowly offloading my bad habits — it’s a tough road to walk at times!

It’s hard because a lot of the time we don’t always understand nor appreciate that our everyday behaviours and as such our habit displays are bad – we have become so used to them, that it is ONLY when someone else points them out as bad that we think ‘Oh yeah, you are right!!”

Not all of our habits are bad, some are good and healthy for us, but a lot of time we all yes ALL of us have bad habits and these do need breaking.

Since 2019 l have been working on creating new habits and having them concrete themselves into my life and where l can kick out the bad ones from last year and this year.

Habits ….the good and the bad!

Not exercising ….

With Scrappy’s passing in January and even prior to her last days, her walking had decreased from what it used to be. Both Suze and l found ourselves not walking the amount we used to.

I wanted to increase my exercise – so when not working in the garden which can be a serious workout – l now walk as if Scrappy and l were still walking together.

I now on average work in the garden 3 hours a day roughly 3 days a week, although for the last three weeks l have been averaging 5 hours a day, 6 days a week.

The sun makes a huge difference, however from April, l intend to be in the garden five days a week at an average of 4 hours a day.

Vaping – this replaced my 35 year smoking habit last year – and so whilst l did kick that habit out, l had wanted to cut down and then stop vaping – so far – this hasn’t happened! I haven’t smoked a cigarette now for around 10 months.

Watching television – some of you may recall that last year when l swapped office space with Suzanne – l also swapped my Desk TV for a third computer monitor.

I used to watch roughly 20+ hours of television films/programmes per week – these days as a couple we probably watch jointly 7 hours a week, but on a single premise as in myself – l no longer watch any television and if l do, it might be 45 minutes a week.  These days, l now utilise my third computer screen to be more productive and the result is … l am 100% more productive.

Drinking too much coffee … l am terrible with regards dehydration and rehydration policy – but l used to drink [last year] 11 cups of coffee per day.  I have now dropped that back to 5 cups per day.

Procrastination – Is probably too strong a word for my previous behaviour but it will suffice – l used to dither a lot – these days l don’t do that, now l am always busy.

Also l no longer fall victim to shiny object syndrome or false sales funnels. I will write about this in more detail in time in the new series The Studio Workshop. But l work these days on a very specific scheduler for almost everything and this knocks procrastination out of the window. I have never been big on social media useage although of course ‘maintaining a blog is social media’ – but this is very different.

Also l very deliberately changed my writing style and strategy with regards my blogging and swapped quantity for quality and opted for fuller diversity of topic and content features as opposed to other more social writing styles and genres.

I used to video game for a few hours every night – l no longer do that either and now l am 45 minutes tops a day. Most days l am too tired to game.

I still struggle with going to bed at an early time, but l am  finally mastering being able to acknowledge when l am totally tired and not forcing myself to stay up an extra hour through stubborness. So if my body says tired at midnight, but my brain says tired at 1am, l compromise and retire at 12.30am.

These days l strive for excellence in everything l do – not perfection as that is unobtainable and unrealistic – but excellence and achievement is doable and can be repeated.

I am improving my capabilities in my blogging journey as well and this includes becoming a more regular reader to other content. This is something l have always struggled with, but with a much healthier writing strategy and organised scheduler l am able to read more often .

Daily l work towards improving and adopting new healthier habits.

In truth, this list is probably about a third of my actual list – but it does award the reader an idea that l am constantly working to improve all my habits, good, bad and downright frugly!

So, this is me … well some of me, how about you? What are your good and bad habits? Let me know below.

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  1. “These days l strive for excellence in everything l do – not perfection as that is unobtainable and unrealistic – but excellence and achievement is doable and can be repeated.”
    I think this paragraph says it all about habits and lifestyle.

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