Strange Days Indeed!

A Guy Called Bloke Feature What Is Your Day JPEG

Strange Days Indeed!

Some of you may have seen on the daily published post ‘The Hello’ that some of my readership have ‘Dedicated Days Feature Images?’ Have you ever thought perhaps, you might like one of those for yourself and your blog?

How it comes about is that as it says in the image above ‘What is your Day?’ If you were to rename a day of the week … what would you call it? For instance, today is a Wednesday – many refer to it as a Humpday,Β  others like literally only today Angie of King Ben’s Grandma decided to request another Feature image titled … Wicked Wacky Wednesday and this shall be created…. because there is no restriction – well, l guess if you wanted more than five days l might have to charge you for space or something … but you can have more than just one day dedicated to you.

Once created, your banner will be displayed on your chosen day – it’s for fun – but also, it’s a dedication to your blog – it lets people know about you …

To give you an idea, below are some of the days that my readership have opted to have dedicated to them and their blogs and their respective banners … so maybe, just maybe – you might be tempted to join in the fun!”

What would you call your day then?


A Guy Called Bloke Ellie Dedication JPEG


A Guy Called Bloke Keep It Alive Sadje Dedication JPEG


Wicked Wacky Wednesday

Angie of King Ben’s Grandma


A Guy Called Bloke Angie's Dedication ThorsDay JPEG

A Guy Called Bloke Gary Bereaved Single Dad Dedication JPEG

A Guy Called Bloke Ribana Popsicle Society Dedication PNG


A Guy Called Bloke Ribana Popsicle Society Dedication Friaaaaay PNG

So there we go folks …. let me know your choices below and let’s see what Crazy and Younique days you can all create!

A Guy Called Bloke Feature What Is Your Day JPEG

Universal Greeting PNG-5

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  1. You can dedicate a “Sour Sassy Saturday” to me if you’d like. It certainly describes things right now ! :\ Let me know if there’s anything I need to do for this honor, what a fabulous idea Rory!! πŸ˜€

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