Blogging Insights #21 – To Be or Not 2pm!


Blogging Insights # 21 Optimum Posting Times and Days – Prompt by Tanya of Salted Caramel

ps; Thank you for the mention Tanya.


Blogging Insights #21 – To Be or Not 2pm!


How frequently do you post on your blog?

Since last year [July] when l was creating, posting, publishing my own content and reblogging other blogger’s content which numbered roughly 14 a day l have slowly cut back to where l am today creating and publishing three mainstay posts per day or 21 posts a week with an occasional fourth once every 2 or 3 days reflective situations. However on the 30 day period the actual figure is 23/4 posts per week and roughly 97 posts per  month.

This is for me a much easier number to quantify and allows for me to post from a much broader, diverse and eclectic  mixture of topics and entertainments.

Do you believe there are optimum posting times and days?


No, l think you should post as frequently as you are able to – so if this means for you, that once a day is ideal – great, equally as much as it would be if you were posting daily, or three times a week – it comes down to the individual – all l would say is try to make a schedule of regularity so your readerships knows what to expect.


Well that is once more reflective upon each individual but also how they write and for who? By this l mean if they are just writing specifically for their own demographic audience [as in India for India or UK for UK] Then their posting times will be based upon their own zone times …. as opposed to someone who might think along the lines of when each post is designed to drop on each zone.

I tend to set my times for several zones at once and try to configure when it will drop time wise … l have three main posting times [UK] 06.15/14.15/22.15 with the occasional 4th post at 18.15 – now those are UK times … but l also take into consideration the zones in the USA, [United Kingdom], Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand and Europe [in that order] as these are my mainstay reading audiences – so my three prime publishing times have a lot of thought to them, but the occasional 4th post 18.15 also takes several zones into consideration.

So time for me is quite important.

Do you like to schedule your posts in advance? How many posts and how far ahead do you usually schedule?

I tend to create on the day, l don’t like to have any pre-scheduled posts by longer than 15 hours, and mostly my pre-scheduled posts only involve one post. That is The Hello Directory which is created the previous night and pre-scheduled for the 06.15am slot every day.

I will then create a fresh post for the 14.15pm slot at between 8.30-9.45am each morning. The 22.15 slot is created usually between the hours of 4.55 and 6.55pm, whilst the occasional 18.15pm slot is created between the times of 14.00 – 17.00 hours – and only if it is going to be the 4th post for the day.

The furthest l schedule ahead is 5-6 hours as the Hello, is created between the hours of 22.00 to 01.00. The lowest schedule time is around 4 hours.

I prefer to work with fresh ingredients daily – an old chef trick 🙂

It’s like this post now – no idea l was going to create it today.  It is set for the 22.15pm slot tonight, l started creating it at 18.30pm and l was finished by 19.45 and then post dated to the last slot  for the day.

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Thanks for reading everyone and my thanks to Dr Tanya for the question.

14 thoughts on “Blogging Insights #21 – To Be or Not 2pm!


  2. Thank you. That is a lot of food for thought there.
    But I am so glad that you too think that the frequency and timing of posts depends on the individual blogger, the only constant being consistency.

    1. Of course Tanya – but remember it is your blog – you don’t have to play by any rules and regulations to your space – the only thing is literally to build the following and readership is to give the readers something to read and a frequency to follow 🙂

    1. The first port is ‘who is your main reading body?’

      Our prime reading bodies are our own demographs – so for me UK based is UK readership – the 06.15am will be seen by UK readers who happen to be up at that time and from that point onwards – equally however, the USA market will either in some quarters be 5 hours behind me or 8 hours behind me.

      Asian market at 6.15am will see it at 2.15pm, India midday and so on.

      The Hello as a universal Greeting post as opposed to a Morning All post therefore can be seen and read as a universal greetings post to everyone else and a morning post to those who wish to see it as such 🙂

      1. My biggest area is the US. Then the UK. Then it’s reasonably spread. I think yours works really well. Mine is either just one or two posts a day. Still tend to send one out at midnight – no idea why….then the other would be sometime in the evening. It’s mainly factored in around son.

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