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Season 4 – 501 –

“………… and the vodka relief has begun!!” Yay!! Uhoh, wait a minute – l don’t drink vodka!! – Damn!! No, wait that’s not true – l do drink vodka!! Yay ….. and the vodka relief has just begun!!


“What do you mean we have none??”

Rory Matier


“Mom always says I need to spend less time on the couch and more time being active. But the way I see it. I’m just conserving my energy for later on. When all my friends are in their eighties and their bodies are broken down, I’ll just be getting started.”

Jeff Kinney, Cabin Fever


Cabins, zombies and fever – ger off with you! Indeed, l never heard such tall tales! But, no, we still don’t have any vodka!! Going to be a looooooooooooooong lockdown!!

Well there is still this …..

Rory Matier


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22 thoughts on “Random Quotes 520#

      1. That’s the spirit. But you know though I am happy with my own company, but I’ve realized that meeting people once in a while is also required.

        1. I am not bothered in the slightest by the no people. My random Q tonight is a stab at the reactions from the general poplace with regards the UK is now on a full lockdown … so many people are talking of cabin fever …my only concern is for Suze who has to go out to the shops, because home deliveries are out of the window,

          Strangely enough … Australia has rising levels of domestic violence and they are only now just feeling the seriousness of the Corona. But Suze’s daughter who lives in Adelaide, works for a domestic abuse call centre and has been receiving calls concerning cabin fever reactions.

      1. Well, stress is everywhere and not an easy time. I know the staying home part won’t be the stress. It will be the other stuff. We don’t have an actual shelter in place yet here in East Texas. But the only place I’ve been in the last two weeks is walking and the grocery store, and I’m quite content with it. I giggle because Muppets are always a good de-stressor ☺️

  1. My thoughts on the 2nd picture…”That’s a booty begging for a whack”😂😂

    Has everyone lost their common sense? (Yes, I know, but sheesh!) Lockdown is NOT the end of the world. If people would calm down and be sensible this would be easier for all of us. I have to try my luck at the store tomorrow morning for meat for Ben and coffee for me. We’re getting low☹

    I’m definitely not suffering from Cabin Fever! I have a very active life🤪

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