Still to come for March 2020

Strange times we find ourselves in don’t you think?

This time two weeks ago, l would never have thought the United Kingdom would be slowly closing the country down to keep it’s peoples safe … l would never have thought that ‘that’ ‘flu thing’ that was just sort ofΒ  ‘alarming’ news at the start of the month would become one of the biggest news stories of my lifetime and l never thought l would hear the world so quiet or smell so different?

Did you?

Have you noticed the profound changes since the world started stopping? Of course it’s really global populations coming to a standstill and not the world – but the world is benefitting from these changes and it is surprising how quickly the planet is appreciating the slowness of us. I mean when was the last time the planet had a holiday?

I was out in the garden today, working through my list of jobs to do and thinking … how quiet it was …. l mean my neighbourhood can be quiet BUT never this quiet on a Saturday!

We had high ceilings today, all you could see was blue skies forever and occasionally white trails from an aircraft … perhaps an aircraft taking people home? I saw more aircraft in the air today than l had all week.

You think a lot when gardening, and l was thinking a lot today .. about the coming weeks – about this three month shut down the UK is to experience – about people working from home, kids off school missing exams, potential cabin fevers and gardening, about fiction stories involving zombies … oops sorry that’s not entirely right! Well not the zombies bit anyway, l was thinking about fiction stories – mm, maybe l was thinking about zombies as well! As said when gardening you tend to think a lot about a lot of different things and of course l shall write about the gardening this weekend!

But l was thinking how demotivated people might become – social isolation, social distancing, panic buying, stresses and anxieties – no, no, l am NOT trying to be deliberately morbid and morose and make you feel worse – but these were thoughts going through my head.

So l made a decision to bring some of the new blog games and trivia features on board starting this month that l had planned for the summer months – but why wait eh?

So, without further ado – between now and the end of this month the following are to be released as well as continue to run as regulars.

The Regulars will continue to run ….

Word Story [new season approaching]

24 Hour Blog Question

Question Fun

The Things People Say

New This Month

Didja Kno?

Mixitup Playlisting!

Scavenger Fiction Hunt

Starting April

The Three iii’s of Squiggididily

To Be Revamped, Reviewed and Trialed

321 Quote Me


12 Bloggerz

So there we go folks, just a quick promotions post for the newer features coming soon!

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18 thoughts on “Still to come for March 2020

  1. There is no difference near my houseπŸ˜‚ I live in a mixed business/residential neighborhood. The corner market, pizza place, taco shop & burger joint are still open. Across the street is a 7-11 and laundromat, both doing business.
    My street is 5 lanes, 2 each direction & a center turn lane. It’s one of the major east/west streets of the city so lots of cars still. It seems like a regular Saturday πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Of course, the sun is finally out after weeks of rain and cold so people are taking advantage of the weather too I think.

    Looking forward to the new games. I’m trying a new series, started last night. You’ll get to it when you get to itπŸ˜‰πŸ’Œ

    1. It is an interesting set of concerns Angie – it is about population versus space and location … if the panic buying would stop and some rationality returned in this country for starters things would not be so bad … but the biggest component missing is common sense – Western Civilisation has been greedy.

      Covid – 19 hasn’t even really begun to damage the world yet, the worst is still to come sadly for Westerners.

      1. Oh, I know civilization has no idea what’s coming. I’ve joked that Gaia is pissed off and had enough and she’s taking action. I’m only half joking though. You know…
        I will cling to hope. Hope that our better natures prevail. Or if not, then that the assholes fight amongst themselves and leave the rest of us to ourselves.

        1. I know, l detected your humour – but l had just been watching the utter madness here in the news … the overall blasΓ© attitude of people here?

          People have a bit of good weather and suddenly they are on the beaches in defiance. Brits in Spain, a country that has a serious problem with Covid-19 ignoring isolation and quarantine and drinking on the quiet streets chanting?? WTF

          Then we read of other articles about ‘why panic it’s not that bad?’

          Okay well tell that to the people who are dead, dying and worried about the contagions.

          Many years ago, l remember after 911 PETA comparing the loss of human lives to those of the sounds of chickens dying every year!!

          It’s about perspective and sadly some people have no perspective of where this crisis is yet to go.

          Countries with big wide spaces and not crammed living styles in will not suffer very badly, l see Britain as a huge sufferer this year, because we are an island that is overpopulated. Why Brits are not getting it yet, s beyond my logics πŸ™

          1. Brits & Americans are used to feeling ‘superior’ and untouchable. Surely this thing from China cant really hurt us Superior folks. Our government says so.πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
            People are idjits! Too bad the virus doesnt know how to jump on the biggest of the idjits.

            I’m glad you & Suze are away from the dense population centers!πŸ’Œ

  2. Some day when i have more internet I will do more than drive by visit….havent been able to do your other activities as library closure.

  3. The virus is exposing how messed up our society is. It’s too much about me,me,me. It’s not helped that our PM was so late in waking up to the situation. It’s staggering the number of National Parks and seaside towns putting out the same message – will you selfish bastards just sod off home.

    1. Hey Gary l know, l am astounded at the blase attitude of some people it’s almost cavalier defiance and l am like ‘typical selfish greed.

      This country did wake up too slow, we under reacted when we should have overreatced and now we are going to pay the price sadly – it’s going to get worse before we see the light.

      I shudder at how bad this is going to really get, people forget we are an island, we are overpopulated, we have seriously understaffed and financed infrastructures … we are NOT that far from an unlit powder keg – the next few weeks will determine the balls parties have or don’t have.

  4. perhaps you should have been thinking of Triffids while You were gardening Rory. Mother Earth is taking deep cleansing breaths. I hope she can continue to .Im blaming Greta Thumberg for all this! We have been told here in Australia it will be up to six months we will be in the situation we are. Lots of jobs gone today with hospitality gyms churches theatres restaurants , pubs, clubs and cafes closed. Cafes pubs can do take aways and deliveries if set up for it. Bottle shops are open.of course Alcohol will make it all better! Lots of confusion as federal and state governments differ re schools. I went in to get a months supply of my medication, only have two weeks left and not wanting to have to come into town to often, Told I could not have the script filled until Thursday! Seriously. So I will have to go back into town just for that on thrusday, and I had no intention or need to go in for over a week.

    so many people here have lost jobs and lining up around Centrelink offices (benefits) so many on the phone and internet their site crashed. The mininster tried to blame it on hackers instead of acknowledging what all of us who have been on benefits for a few years already knew it can not handle too many contacts at once. Its funny how those of us who have been struggling(not so me)on $550 AUS 273 pounds a fortnight have been told the government will not be increasing it. Now suddenly we were all going to get $750 one of payment, then when Qantas stoodown 20,000 employees it hit the government how bad it would be, that it has now been doubled for all those of us on it already and those that apply and meet the requirements. a big relief, but the new folk do not realise they may not get anything for several weeks. It might take up to six weeks for most of the new government stimulus payments to come into effect. Footy has stopped its a brave new world

      1. because she and mother earth have decided the planet needed a holiday to take a break from humanity and breath. Show how clear skies look and waters. lol tongue in cheek that comment was Rory

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