Retrospective Corrective Perspective ….

Retrospective Corrective Perspective ….

Perspective ….
Is reflective,
…. upon moments!
I would say components,
Pockets of time,
Day and night times,
In between times, next times,
Anytime, that time, broken time,
Climbs even to prime time!

Oh yes, they said – Perspective,
Mm l thought, what about collective,
Prospective …
…. How about respective?
Could just be selective!

Don’t you know?
Should we throw,
… in woe?
For good measure, although.
… would that be too low?
How low can we go?
Before we lose sight of the flow,
Of the global show?

Back again to perspective…
… and reflective
Should we forgive,
Misgive, outlive or relive?

Is it just overactive imaginations?
… that create the great machinations,
And the damnations
……of the very foundation,
Of the fixation,
That the nations
Have with the frustrations,
Of the duration,
With this this dreadful predation?
You could quote my narration,
Here in quotation!
My oration about the ruination..
… and vexation about the application,

Of the words Retrospective Corrective Perspective ….
Which might or might not be speculative,
Of the infective …
… Collectives!

© Rory Matier 2020

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