Don’t Stand So Close To Me!

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Don’t Stand So Close To Me!

Of course with the current climate ‘social distancing’ is becoming all the rage … ‘Don’t stand so close to me’, ‘Keep your distance’, ‘This is my space, that is yours’, the list goes on …. Coronavirus or Covid-19 has made us all too aware of how bad socialising really is.

As l was saying only this afternoon to Sadje of Keep it Alive l spend most of my life in a form of social isolation anyway  – l know many of my fellow bloggers are very similar to me … gamers of course are all too aware of social isolation and social distancing anyway – we spend more of our time talking to people online than we do in real life. It is still a rumour that most gamers still don’t know what the sun actually looks like.


So we are all aware of what social distancing is … right? Should you not know ….. then

Social distancing is a set of nonpharmaceutical infection control actions intended to stop or slow down the spread of a contagious disease. The objective of social distancing is to reduce the probability of contact between persons carrying an infection, and others who are not infected, so as to minimize disease transmission, morbidity and ultimately, mortality

But on that side of things how often before this became more of an issue , were you socialising with people? Was it daily? Hourly? Once you start to seriously distance yourself socially and start to isolate yourself from society – how many people are you NOT going to be around?

On an average week – aside from Suze – to physically talk to l perhaps interact within a 2 metre and less distance  – perhaps two people per week. My interaction in the physical ‘hard copy’ side to life is probably 3 people per week or at times, per month!

We have a front door that opens outwards as opposed to inwards and of course this instantly separates people from you by a good 50″ and of course 2 metres is l think, what 80″ maybe? To actually speak to weekly as in social interaction, l think my max [excluding obviously if l have to go to town] is literally about two people.

Even Suze and l to a certain extent live with distance between us … we sleep in different rooms and when we are both working from home, we are again in different rooms.

However today’s question isn’t about social distance, or even social isolation … no. It is about how often you actually speak to people directly?

There are some crazy figures on this subject … the average ‘spoken’ word count per person is around 3,500 words to other people – although ‘women can speak double that’ 7-7500] and men generally speak less than that [2500].

How many words do you think you speak per day including to yourself?

I speak to myself a lot so every day as well as l still speak to the dogs, BUT also every time l create a post and it goes into the draft folder l read it out aloud to myself at least three times to make sure it reads ok.  So l might speak to myself a total of 15,000 words daily. Does that count?

Speaking to actual people though l might only speak 600 words. When Suze comes home my word counts goes through the roof! Still this isn’t the question …. the actual question is this …


If you were reduced in the amount of words you could actually speak daily from the average of 3500  to 1000 words only –

“Who would you speak to and how would you alter the way you speak so you DO NOT exceed that quantity?”

But as a bit of xtra fun, how many words do you think you speak daily?

Let me know below the answer to this question and all the others you feel compelled to respond to!

Cheers Rory

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15 thoughts on “Don’t Stand So Close To Me!

  1. I have absolutely no idea! Never counted them. But I am not a chatter box. And since my daughter is working on her PhD degree, most of my conversation in with my grandson and on phone.

    1. Hey Ashley … Excellent – l also talk to the pigeons in the garden and for the same reason l talk to my dead dogs as you talk to your live furballs – we do it – because animals always make more sense than people 🙂

  2. Oh man! I can easily speak 1000 words before sunup🙄 I often have to repeat myself to Ben. Then there’s the two cats and the Big Dumb Dog…oh, and I talk to Sven Dragon too.

    Then there’s my daughters. Sometimes I dont actually speak to Younger on some days, we just text. And I’m in the corner market just about every day🙄

    Ummm… I fail!🤷🏼‍♀️ I guess I could keep it under 1000 if you dont count repeats😉

    1. I could keep it to nil if l just didn’t open my mouth at all …. but yes, it would be hard for you 🙂

      Suze can talk a 1000 words easily from the time she wakes and from my point of view ‘too many’ … mine are usually twelve or so ‘Babes, just shush please – just let me wake up a bit, ok?’

  3. With son and the way his mind works. The day is often a stream of questions and prompts. I might get maybe an occasional 10 minutes quiet slot but not often. In terms of other people. In the last week I had a brief chat with the farmer who was maybe 10 feet away. That’s it.

    1. Yes l can imagine Son is filled to the brim, l am the same, l have a question coming out at 2ish concerning this … not per say an Asperger’s/Autism question, but l have found this week difficult on a very different level because of my Aspergers.

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