Dear Blog – 14.15 – 19/03/20


Disclaimer – Sorry if you don’t like the word…..

This is a light hearted ranty post with a message …. to my neighbour!

The world has gone fucking nuts and yes sorry if you don’t like the words nuts, because you might see it a few times in this post! I am dedicating this particular episode to The Monday Peeve 27  because as Tom Cruise once said “I feel the need – the need for peeve!”

What a week! First off, although that’s second … perhaps l should have written “First off! What a week!” That then would have been first and not second, you know?

I have a few peeves this week … my mobile phone, my mobile phone provider, Corona virus, the fucking shape of the world, sorry if you don’t like the word ‘shape’, politicians, people, greedy basterds [yes that spelling], Corona the Virus, Corona the Taboo, Corona … noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t mention that fucking word – again, sorry if you don’t like the use of the word, word –  which could be difficult on account of the fact, that l am using countless words! I could use numbers if it is easier? Just let me know in the comments below please or for those who want to see numbers now …. mm, give me a moment..

10 21 19 20 12 5 20 13 5 11 14 15 23 9 14 20 8 5 3 15 13 13 5 14 20 19 2 5 12 15 23 16 12 5 1 19 5

Just let me know in the comments below please

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Continuing with the peeves, feeling unwell, worrying about feeling unwell, concerned at feeling unwell, fucking Corona virus — oops if you don’t like the word Virus … tough luck! Fact of the matter is,  it is only fucking Thursday – sorry if you don’t like the word Thursday – what to do?

But it’s only Thursday [just to tease you with it now!] and l have a plate filled with peeves and of them all – of the world filled with changes and uncertainty – which peeve gets to me the most?

Tree …. yeah l know, l have not mentioned tree before now, and now l mentioned in twice with no disclaimer attachment either! But tree, well … that is the main one .. l am peevey about the other stuff of course, but tree [four now], is the one that is bugging me immensely!

All of this week, feeling unwell, buggering about avoiding the depressing news on the dreaded global Panda! I have deliberately worked in my garden – we have had decent weather – although looking out at the day now, it’s a little depressing … it’s overcast! Rained overnight – but at least the Greenhouse is up … you know?

I have written mostly about the garden this week, because it’s practical, a distraction from all the shit going on around us …, l am not NOT feeling creative or social, l am of sorts, l am just eager to get out and get on with things of a more practical nature instead of thinking about the dreaded C word – always interpretation – all variations fit with the magical C  – try it yourself – here’s an example … ready ? Look see ….. or sea either way, always interpretation …


………… sea or see gull works too! You could have hours of enjoyment with the C word or that Eff word – as in just Eff as in Eff or F!

But it’s just been easier to write about the G for Garden until l get a grip on this week and whether we will be fighting off hordes of the undead this time next week! Anything is possible considering how fast things are evolving!

By working outside in the sun, meant l didn’t think about being unwell,  as well as l was able to attend to my garden requirements – bonus, win, win! Because let’s be honest, the world is a fucking mess at present … yes yes, yada yada sorry if you don’t like the word mess! But it is! Doesn’t matter how you look at it, the world is living inside a smashed Corona virus cup that was dropped on the planet from the moon and the pieces of that shattering are very far reaching! Even now, today,. this morning whilst Suze is out there battling the madness of the world, fighting off the living dead and lunatics with baseball bats called Lucille … oh hang on a moment, am l thinking of something else? Maybe, but if the cap fits, wear it!

Suze is out there looking for basic commodities [bread, milk and eggs] from a world, a town and what not that is basically shutting down and at the same time rationing food like there is no tomorrow … but if there IS NO Tomorrow does anyone really need fucking countless toilet rolls? Why are they being stockpiled, a runny bum isn’t part of the criteria – or is it? According to the Experts … you might experience runny bum!

But, l felt a small prick from that shattered cup which hit me the other day, and although l felt it enter ‘ooher missus’, l can’t seem to find the pointy bit that keeps scratching my itch or NOT!

I could tell you about all my other peeves, but l’ll not, not all, but l will tell you about the tree!

You see you’ll have heard me mention the tree before in these gardening posts – the sixty foot Beech that overshadows this garden here and has grown enormously in the time we have been here which is now July 16th 2016 which is what? 43/44 months or so now? I asked our ‘so called neighbourly neighbours’ seventeen days ago if they were thinking of trimming the branches this year and they then lied about it having a TPO – Tree Preservation Order which protects it.

Would have liked it trimmed because it has now effectively stolen 25% of the garden ‘a south facer’ and made that part a south shader! I was going to financially contribute and so too was our landlord. The neighbours wanted the tree cut, but instead of being nice about it – the she of the neighbourly side’ got arsy!

It travelled from being a friendly request to almost becoming feudal – after their initial lie they stopped speaking to us. Suze being Suze rang them both on Monday and offered her assistance if they needed it with the Corona scare and if they needed help or shopping, seeing as they are both later 70’s!

The ‘neighbour she’ was off with Suze from the start off and only calmed down when the help was offered, then suddenly out of the blue started to attack about me asking about the tree at the start of March. More lies followed, that there was no TPO, but there was this and that and the other all of which are false .. then started lying about our landlord and who owns the tree and how Suze puts up with these complainers is quite beyond me. Me, if l was started on would have just said  “Shut up!!”, and put the phone down. But Suze is polite.

So the call ended Monday with it’s okay to trim the tree but that’s it … okay ‘result!’.

But then yesterday, the ‘she side to the neighbours’ whilst l was down here in the house and Suze and her Big Bro were 70 feet away, yes folks seventy feet away’ putting up the greenhouse suddenly goes all Great White and attacks Suze verbally with high voice and patronising and basically shouting her down about the fucking tree!

By the time l got up there, it was over … but it went from friendly to feudal just like that!! We were not to fell it!! Well who said anything about felling it? We were not to crown it!! Again l ask, who wanted to crown it? We wanted it trimmed by 15/25% tops.

I was going to go around and have it out … but Suze said no, she’s old. I let it go, but last night Suze was very upset by all of this and this morning she wanted to email her and apologise to the neighbour and l told her NO! It is Suze who is owed an apology  not the other way around … Suze and her brother were putting up a greenhouse in our garden and not talking about the damn tree – when they were verbally attacked with out warning and as the result of no provocation!

I have said that l will leave it for today and await to see if there is an apology offered and if not, then they made it feudal and they shall be hearing from all of me tomorrow – old or not … they have blown the friendship apart over a tree that they wanted trimmed anyway?? Like WTF!?


So, l am somewhar vexed and peeved today and whilst there are hundreds of bloody things to be peeved with, it comes down to three things only … a bloody tree, no sun and overcast and my partner being shouted at by our neighbour which upset her and has really pissed me off! It might be stress, but at a time like this community is everything and keeping neighbourly paramount.

We shall see how this day pans out … but l am waiting for an apology for Suze!

Thanks for reading – Rory

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Dear Blog JPEG

Dear Blog ……

Ps: Like there are more practical peeves to have …. these below are from Suze’s mad adventure outside shopping”

Left to right ….. Pasta and rice,  tea and coffee and frozen fish and pizza! Suze was saying that the shop is 90% empty product wise, the back up warehousing is now empty. There were no tinned goods, well l am pretty sure everyone around the world knows this scene!

22 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 14.15 – 19/03/20

  1. Argh! And for that matter ughhh! It’s definitely wtf all the way down to the turtles here too. And beyond! Beyond the turtles there is more wtfing. I just can’t even…

  2. I think with the worries about the virus, food shortages and isolation, people are too much on the edge. That’s why they shouted. And older people are more likely to lose their cool. Don’t worry about those people. Take care of yourself and Suze.

    1. Yes l had thought about that Sadje, but this particular neighbours always shouts like this at her husband, always loud and in an overbearing way … l can understand everyone is on high alert – but Suze and l are very good neighbours to people, we will always try and help, but there comes a time when enough is enough – we all get there – that moments when we are tired of being trodden on. The lying of their started before the scare really hyperfocused on the world … although l do agree that they are probably stressed – but l can’t let it go – so whilst l ‘ll not be rude to them, l will point out to her that shouting my partner down is not the way to go 🙂

      1. If that is how they behave them you should give them a polite reminder to be polite and neighborly.

      1. It does bothers people. Even I, with my lack of desire for company, would like to go to the store just to look around and for a change. These days we are ordering in the groceries and I am just going out for walks and garbage run!

        1. Mm, yes l guess so, Suze would go nuts, me it doesn’t bother me, everything l need is here, if l wanted to see other people l look in the mirror ha ha 🙂

  3. I have to venture out this evening, after I get my car back from Younger Daughter, in search of ‘juice’. So far, the two times I went to the store, they had it. I only bought 4 or 5 boxes, saving some for others. Ben HAS to have his “Fruit Punch” flavor “Capri Sun” or the world will truly end😱 Amazon is delaying our delivery.

    The whole tree thing with the neighbor is just willful madness! I can understand being upset & using an excuse to vent, but it makes things worse, not better. UGH!! People…🙄
    Suze is definitely owed an apology but I doubt she’ll get it. Silence might be the best you can hope for.

  4. Tensions are running at an all time high, so that might be a cause why your neighbor went bat shit (sorry if the words bat and shit aren’t acceptable) 😛 Fear does crazy things to otherwise sensible people. Suze sounds like she has her feet firmly planted in common sense ville and I hope she continues to ‘live’ there. I’m in your corner firmly. That harridan yelling like that would have gotten the same from me and it might even have come to blows, I’m ashamed to say. Good luck with that whole tree mess. Suggestion? Do the bit that’s hanging over your yard, I believe it legal to trim back any branches or other bits that are on your “side” of things. I know it’s not consolation, but the same thing has happened up here to people I know. One of those tree fights actually ended up in civil court. O_o Take care of you Rory, remember to breath, and hug Suze frequently. It IS going to be okay. Really.

    1. Hey Melanie, l know it’ll be okay … Suze obviously is a concern because she still hasn’t recovered from last year and the UK really is not the greatest island to be on at present – but as long as nothing stupid happens and we can ride out the next 12 weeks in one piece all should be well 🙂

  5. When many feel like they are not in control, not top of the food chain, then they freak out. Too many are forgetting about being thoughtful to others. It’s me, me ,me. But that’s been England for the last 10 years. If I could move to say Switzerland I would do it without a moments hesitation. But it’s not happening so we make the best of it. Let’s get through the next 12 weeks with basically as little physical contact as possible, get on top of this thing and use that period to find a way of working again. Maybe just maybe some of the me, me ,me will change to us,us, us again.

  6. I understand the situation is not great this period and people are stressed out but really…how can someone start shouting just like this? Suze deserves an apology, older or not…😖
    I’m still trying to figure out why toilet paper though 🧐 not even the psychologists could understand it 😃
    I’m sorry for what is going on but I must admit I’ve enjoyed reading your post…you made me laugh 😆

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