366 Days of Gardening! E18 – W11

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Suze awaiting the Assistance Crew 18th March.

‘Project Garden in Full Swing … Still!’

Time to Make Hay!

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E18 – W11

Today as in Wednesday 18th March , l still feel a bit rough, but l think it’s probably flu or maybe a cold and stress – shed loads of stress!

Yesterday, whatever was wrong with my health was peaking … but l was outside working with soils, dressing the garden, addressing the layout, digging the compost and finishing Turn 12 and emptying out the horseradish tub! I kept busy, l stayed outside for most of the day, only occasionally coming inside but principally staying outside in the fresh air and sweating my ailments out of the system.

I can’t deny that for the last few weeks l have been run down, l am tired and stressed, l was tired and stressed before all this shit storm started that is making everyone tired and stressed! Now all we have is Corona this and Corona that and l am sick to the back teeth of all the madness, the political upheaval of governments – because let’s be frank here, just because this government is dealing with this crisis now … or not or whatever … it was many governments that brought this shit to our doorstep.

I am only talking British governments before anyone starts … Labour and Conservative combined have screwed the UK up – the policeforce was stripped down years ago and has never been rebuilt, the NHS has been underfunded for years, retail is sinking faster than Venice, Climate problems have been gradually getting worse and these alone are not new – l was aware of global climate back in the bloody later 80’s and not just today … it is all just seemingly spilling over the rims of sanity and has chosen now to display itself. This country is still suffering from massive flooding – well folks, that is an environmental issue…. not a recent build up either.

This country isn’t designed for this … okay, what country truly is? But the UK isn’t … l do wonder what we will look like after this … all the pretences of people are coming down, the walls crumbling, the masks are off and people’s true colours are starting to shine through and it is very bloody ugly!

Politically and environmentally this has been bubbling away for years. As to the comments of ‘poor timing’, when would be a right time? In addition to all of this … we have a manicness that is just crazy over here – stockpiling, mass herding mentality, mass buying, no order and once more consumerism and greed is rife …  mm, wait a minute have l not just written about this?  No, my words here are different to above, but it is the same story – people’s greed and fear is taking over and no one is taking control. In another month where will be be? Anarchy and looters? Our governments have been caught out of their lies, mismanagements and manipulations and their trousers now are proverbially down by their ankles!!

Thinking like this is enough to make anyone ill … never mind if you really start to hyperfocus on the problems. The fact is simple .. l have not been in 100% tip top shape for months … there, said it. But it’s fact … but l am not the only one like this … hundreds and thousands of people all over the globe feel this way … we are like small nuclear bombs just waiting to be activated!

So … the best place for me yesterday was outside … and that’s where l was and have been since Monday, l am behind with all sorts of things … but whilst the sun is shining, it’s time to make hay! 

Monday 16th was a good day, we managed to get the greenhouse down, the sun was beautiful all day ….

IMG_3863 (2)

It began the day like this …. and gradually in the space of 90 minutes

IMG_3871 (2)

 …started to look more like this … the old greenhouse slowly came down ….

IMG_3873 (2)

…. didn’t take that long really, it was mostly rotten. Suze, her brother and his wife  worked …

IMG_3874 (2)

… and slowly it started to disappear! I carted rubbish out to the front.

IMG_3879 (2)

Till it was just the cold slab again! 

IMG_3884 (2)

The aluminium frames were all angle ground down and would be taken to the buyers. I will clean up all the intact glass and use them as cloche covers for the new seeds when they are transplanted out into the beds and pots. Broken and rubbish was skipped.

IMG_3883 (2)

Monday therefore was a productive day ….  and for Tuesday, Suze was to build the new greenhouse ………….

IMG_3894 (2)

Suze baffled this morning before Big Brother arrival …

IMG_3897 (2)

Suze and Big Brother baffled this morning ….

Come Tuesday however, a couple of things happened, l started to feel seriously ill and was determined to not let the damn thing take ahold of me and Suze discovered much to her chagrin that the new greenhouse did NOT want to respond to anything or even its own instructions! Suze was beaten by the greenhouse and that never bodes well… so today, [Wednesday], Suze and her brother are outside working with the new system.  It’s a family thing …. Big Bro is a qualified blacksmith and excellent with many metal problems, Suze is a determined constructor and l, well l am here writing this post! I know my place.

Yesterday was very productive for me whilst Suze was inside the house swearing and cussing and throwing bits around and literally experiencing wipe out of her own!

I got around to finally digging out the horseradish … that beast in the 36″ tub. I’ll not make that mistake again. This season it’s being planted into smaller pots, it can survive and doesn’t require the huge depth as l first thought! Maybe that is what made me feel better yesterday, working with the heat of the radish!

Horseradish tub …………. now gone!

From left to right …. everything from the the tub, to the roots to be planted for this year and ending up with everything that is to be shredded down for sauce!

A job well done and awarded a lot of satisfaction! But also, l managed to completely dress and layout the bug hotel and the pots for that area. I can now plant and transplant into it next month.

IMG_3890 (2)

Quiet zone now ready for planting…

Patio Kitchen Area ready for planting.

So the garden is now officially ready for April, and the new 2020 season. I have a few replacements seeds to plant today, some new chives under cover and to reseed the old horseradish and plant a new rhubarb crown and the rest of the seeds can be sown next week and towards the end of this month. But all in all despite the world crashing down around us, for the moment – our world seems to be secure.

NB 1: The official word on the ground from the construction team is the new greenhouse is crap – bad reviews will be inbound.

NB 2: Is Suze and l have GOT SNOT, we have colds …. colds is good!

NB: Seed Report: All seeds are doing very well …. rhubarb and horseradish planted out!

IMG_3904 (2)

Thanks for reading, catch you next episode – stay safe folks!

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14 thoughts on “366 Days of Gardening! E18 – W11

  1. Well done on the dismantling of the old greenhouse. 🌿. Great news that it’s Colds (when does anyone ever say that 😝)! I once had a regular radish left too long and it became a small unruly shrub 😄. Happy the garden is coming together. 😊

  2. Yay! Snot is good🤧…now, will you be able to find tissues???🙄
    Old mismatched socks, or t-shirts work well for replacements😉

    Our rouge Sweet Yellow Onion is now on the kitchen window sill…sitting there, unplanted… still growing🤷🏼‍♀️ I guess I’m ‘gardening’ after all😂😂

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