Dear Blog – 14.15 – 17/03/20


I’m off my game a little …

I have had to be sensible and cancel my dentist appointments till further notice, in fact l have cancelled everything for the next week or so.  Suze is off work, but for the last few days l have been feeling a little edgy, more tireder than normal – it goes a little bit further than just a bit of fatigue. The shortness of breath is just starting to become a thing…. still l can experience this with my stomach disorder and who doesn’t have headaches!

It’s probably just a cold, or maybe a spot of flu, it might just be a cough …. fact is, l don’t know. But if it is something that it shouldn’t be … l need to be mindful of others and NOT put them in harms way.

I suppose rather annoyingly l am baffled by things – l hardly see people,  l live most of my life in semi isolation … l don’t socialise a lot, but unless you live completely off grid on a desert island or some piece of remoteland you are never far from people.

I mean Suze aside, because let’s be honest l could have caught the lurgy from Suze who works in an office albeit small with only two other perma staff, but they have staff walking through their office all the time. Suze  is always out and about, and even though l have tried in the last week to reduce her movements … she never listens … fine – unless you are under some kind of martial law, you CANNOT stop people moving around and about with their lives.

Sure Suze is very careful, but when you think on it – how many others are? Suze carries hand gels, sanitizers and disposable tissues etc. and is very conscious of everything – but even when you are NOT being social, people are still in your vicinity, still in your space and your face! Some of these damn lurgies incubate in your system for a couple of weeks! So, how can you even begin to wonder where you might have caught something … a bit naughty?

Oh well, l have to take it easier, l still have stuff to do in the garden, but l will just take it slower … it might just be as said a cough or a cold, a spot of flu, they each can offer you a fever, shortness of breath and aches and pains can’t they? I suppose l am a bit rankled by it as well, because whilst l get a lot what l call more physical problems l tend to never get social illnesses like colds and coughs. The last time l had a cough was seven years ago such is life eh!

Ha ha, the last thing l need to do is go into hospital, after seeing what they did to Suze last year, they can eff right off! I will never leave there alive!!! I have even told Suze that we need to keep a couple of metres apart – just in case …. because Suze is starting to cough as well!

Thanks for reading – Rory

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Dear Blog ……

40 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 14.15 – 17/03/20

  1. Lots of kooties floating around. But, yes, COVID-19 has everyone afraid of every sneeze. Rest, fluids and vitamins. You know the drill😉
    U.K. approach to this whole thing is ridiculous!!
    How are the Batty Cousin & her Aspie Partner?? Didn’t they recently travel?

      1. Ridiculous is what I’ve heard about “business as usual” everyone go about and spread the virus everywhere.
        Your NHS is already stretched to its limits, if a bunch of people get sick it’s gonna be really, REALLY bad!

        1. Oh yes that … totally agree, trying to act normal is a nightmare at present – panic buying is stripping stores out, actually the list of madness is madness in itself … Suze has been trying to order online for the last five hours and we are ‘regular customers’ … yet she was at 2pm number 5437 on the online shop, now she is number 8132 because the store can’t cope and we got kicked out … we have to go shopping tomorrow morning early – this is fucking madness and our clown of a PM is floundering like a headless fish … l see your version of ridiculous is like mine .

          1. I’d try little corner markets for what you need. Most stores are out of toilet paper, tylenol, antibacterial stuff…
            Our stores here a stripped bare! The corner market has everything, at a higher cost of course. Older Daughter went on line Friday afternoon, as soon as we got the call that school was cancelled and ordered a bunch of stuff. We’re expecting deliveries over the next few days. Mostly snacks & “juice” for Ben.
            Trump & Boris bungled this badly!

          2. Oh we did that also, we tried the normal shopping like normal people … but then we have the people out there that are greedy, selfish and scared and think we are talking months of apocalyptic type of conditions – who knows maybe they are right and being normal is wrong … the way the politics are playing out, a bomb would be way easier to manage and cope with.

    1. Oh my! Britchy, are you back? I have missed you … are you now moved into your new house? Thank you and backatcha – stay safe please Helen and family 🙂

  2. Oh my Rory…any fever? any possibility to do a test? It may be a cold or a flu but better be sure…Please take care and I hope is not what is flying around nowadays and you both will feel better soon!

    1. We may just be generally run down Ribana, l have been pushing myself hard with the newer weather in the last few weeks and Suze is still weak from her problems last year. The social media stress just adds to a person’s stress, and the state of idiocy in the country doesn’t help anything either – with doctors and hospitals no longer available to anything but the virus, shops empty – this country will sink if it doesn’t stop acting like a lunatic.

      1. I’m afraid this situation is all around the world…😞
        Stay safe and some work outside and away from the social media I guess is better 😉

        1. Yes the common cold hasn’t gone into quarantine yet. Still here. Always finds you. Son has had a bit of a cough, so he’s enforced off school. Basically we both have been fighting colds since November. I guess it’s because we are just cold and damp permanently with the weather. Just need some warmth. Sending you a manly hug.

  3. I do hope you and Suze feel better soon. Best wishes with the shopping. I hope it won’t be too bad out there and that you’ll be able to find everything you need. Please take care and get plenty of rest! 😊

    1. Hey Suzanne, l think everyone’s health is low in the UK at present – the government has let us down badly with the mismanagement of this crisis and the stress of everything so quickly is taking its tolls. Suze was not fiully recovered from last year and l am constantly aware and concerned over her health that at times l miss any irregularities with my own health … l am stressed and pushing myself harder to ease the burden off her despite her thinking she can still do what she was doing before her own crash health wise … and so our health takes a battering and we become more run down than we want.

      I spent most of yesterday outside in the fresh air, working with soil, not glam, but l think it’s healthier than being inside and worrying.

      1. You and Suze have been through an awful lot for a while now. It takes time to recover your footing and heal well all through. And when you’re anxious to get into life you sometimes forget to pace yourself. I hope today will be very kind to both of you. Take good care of yourselves and each other. 😊

        Definitely agree 😊outside in the fresh air and moving about is a very good and healthy thing. It often leads to a cleared mind (at least for a while) and more restful sleep.

          1. Hey Suzanne, not a great deal, but of course l think it’s reflective upon what’s going on in the outside world as well.

            Gardening and basically being outside is way better than being indoors and watching the news and becoming more depressed.

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