Time to Read … Oh How I Wish!

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Time to Read … Oh How I Wish!

Over the last few weeks l have spoken to countless people and friends alike here in WordPress about a popular topic – TIME! One of the most popular topics going and another one is BALANCE!  The two together spell out Time Balance.

This one topic TIME BALANCE is a subject that sits on everyone’s tongue – in today’s blogging – how do the busy writers and bloggers alike find the time to balance between ‘creating and writing their own new content and how do they find the time to read other bloggers content and comment when they are busy with life and commitments as well as maintaining a busy day to day blog?

There is no secret l know of that can physically slow time down so that one second lasts perhaps a minute and as such each minute becomes an hour and each hour  …. well becomes longer! No secrets at all and yet we all still try and balance our reading times. …. don’t we?

How many blogs do you expect to read per day? How many comments do your expect to leave a day on other blogs and how long do you spend reading per day in comparison to writing and publishing your own content?

Be honest in your replies  …. l’ll address my own answers later on this week in another post.

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17 thoughts on “Time to Read … Oh How I Wish!

  1. Read? Don’t know – a lot is skimming, something that grabs my attention gets me deeper in, but I’ve been a rapid-reader since I was a uni tutor. The reading is and must remain less than ten percent of writing work. I write comments occasionally, not often, but I appreciate reading them on posts (all posts, not just mine).
    If I’m behind on my work, I may have to skip reading some platforms. Not this one.

    1. ” The reading is and must remain less than ten percent of writing work.” I like that … l think that is 100% spot on.

      Thank you for your comment Cage, it is and was insightful and informative 🙂

  2. I go through my reader several times throughout the day. I read 10 or fewer “blogs” on a daily basis. Some of the blogs have multiple posts. Some blogs publish less and less often (like me). I spend probably between 3-6 hours throughout the day reading.

    I comment on most posts, not all, but I try to leave at least one comment per blog (not necessarily post) just to be social or if I have something to say about the post (I generally do🙄😂)

    I write more comments than content. I don’t want to do the same kind of post all the time and I don’t want to complain all the time.🤷🏼‍♀️ I wait until I’ve got an idea (and time😉) to do a post.

    Posting I try for at least once a week.

  3. I read as many as time allows. If I am busy, I save the posts and read and comment on them later. I think I read 30-40 posts a day. And comment on most of them. Then I would reply to comments made on my posts or in response to my comments. I usually take a couple of hours in the morning and then a couple before sleeping. During the day, I just glance and write a few comments.

  4. I set a limited time each day to write my own blog. I post whatever state it’s in as the time runs out. Then any other time I get is used to read and comment on other blogs. Most days I spend more time reading other blogs.

  5. I read about five a day during the week and try to leave comments on all of those. If I have time I will read a few more. I try to catch up on the weekends but I try to balance this with creative time to finish on going projects 😊 So I am always behind.

    1. Hey Lisa,

      It is an almost impossible task to read everything especially if you are busy all the time as you know. Thanks for stopping by and commenting though 🙂

  6. I feel like I could spend all day reading and still not get to all the blogs I follow. I have had to whittle some down to daily/weekly to keep on top of them. Which makes me feel horrible because everyone has such great content hence the following lol I do the best I can and Sunday is my day to make a full pot of coffee and work my way through my reading. Have a great day Rory. 🙂

  7. It is a bit of a mix and match kind of scenario. It comes down to a few things. Did I get much sleep the night before? Are my kids being good? Is the wife allowing me to use my chromebook.

    Time is impossible to replace. Most days I get home from work and for the first hour I am ok with energy but I’ll be busy with my daughter and her school work. Otherwise like today I sat down to eat and watch a show ready to write and guess what??? I fell asleep. I am sitting here now wanting to write but my body and mind is begging to sleep again.

    I don’t read as many posts as I would like to. Some are either too long for the time I have or just others like yours a million games and I am still stuck on season 1 week 1 lol. I do try to comment when I read one I have seen so many times I will have a like to a post that I have done but the views don’t match the likes lol I don’t do that.

    When it comes to writing I would love more time, my best time is during the hours I would normally be at work, and it is when I am usually deeply involved with my characters, I still struggle to understand those like yourself that can post so much even re-posts I struggle to find that kind of energy, committment or time. Anyway I spent all my time on this so now I might sleep.

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