366 Days of Gardening! E17 – W11

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‘Project Garden in Full Swing’

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E17 – W11

With the media circus in full swing both conventional newscaster and social alike, it wouldn’t be that hard to convince yourself that you are dying of some mystery bug or illness with every little ache, sneeze and cough you release and feel.

However this morning as l write this, l seriously ache and feel run down. My shoulder which for nearly 18 months remained dormant apart from keyboard use, is seriously feeling the effects of the last week of Project Garden exercise from last week’s starting to fill up the skip.

It has really been put through the ropes of rugged limb movements and l am feeling very achy indeed. It’s also a sad reminder that not only is your body ageing quicker than your mind, but that your body once broken to some degree is never the same again and my right shoulder will never be able to perform some of the heavier tasks l used to carry out daily with no ill effect any more – so l must be mindful of my limitations.

In addition to that my stomach disorder is playing havoc, l have developed a cold and my allergy to my own compost [spores/dust] has brought my eyes up – yay to looking like a red eyed devil – it would be my rotten luck if anything else jumped on board for giggles and laughs! But hey, l am out in the fresh air and l am keeping healthy with said exercise – even if l do feel like shit!

The Knack and My Sharona is today’s garden video because l was going to do a parody about it with regards the current Corona virus situation, l mean it rhymes already doesn’t it? A rhymer like me can’t resist that, but  many people have already brought out parody’s so l decided to not run with it. But l have found l am humming the damn tune over and over again in my head as l work! But it’s a great tune all the same!

Anyway …..

Today Monday 16th March 2020 is a beautiful sunny day, the main garden image was taken this morning at 10am and the sun is in the garden unlike Sunday which was overcast, cold and grey all day. But today is a good day, the warmth is just starting to come out to play, it is forecast to be like this all day which is just as well, we need it.

Yesterday Suze and l started and finalised the shed clear out and so now we have a really tidy enclosed space – much neater and more efficient with a clear pathway. Today’s jobs are to start the greenhouse dismantling and erecting the newer model. Which means that some of the overly enthusiastic seed growers can live down there and slow their growth spurts down as well as start climatising ready for transplanting.

It’s another busy week. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow which is officially the first of thirty or so, l need to carry out Turn 12 of the compost and prepare the last sections of the garden with rough compost dressings and start to get the garden properly prepared for the seasons transplants to start going out towards the end of this month and first week of April. Then perhaps l can draw up the final design layout and start to work from them.

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New for this year – the “Quiet Zone’ – flowers, herbs and shaded vegetable growings.

This year, l am also planning on planting vegetables into the ornamental garden side – something we haven’t done before. We have a herb plot near the house, but l am going to be more adventurous and maximise the space we do have with the movement of the sun around the environment. I will be writing about this in Part 5  – Potagers and Ornamental Garden Beds sometime this week.

Seed Report

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March seed sowings are doing pretty well, l do have to replant some cucamelons and hot peppers that were damaged when the flooding hit earlier this month, but in all, most are doing seriously well. The runner beans are currently speeding away and the newly sown French beans are next in the challenge everything else is slowly catching up – although some are still under my scrutiny as they were victims of mass flooding and are very slow indeed.

I still have quite a few varieties to plant out, most of them next month, but by then, the first of the transplants will be under cloche outside and getting hardier and hopefully spring will be properly under way with a brighter future ahead for the season.

Shed Clearout

Sunday was cold, windy, damp and overcast and grey all day, but Suze and l were on a mission – ‘Finish the Shed!’…

Dismantled the remaining cupboard units which were the old kitchen units the original owners had put into the shed in 2000, take everything out, sort into piles of rubbish, sell on or recycle, clean and tidy up and rebox into the new plasticware and stack and site. All done. The shed is now 100% functional with a very clear access from front to back.

Many of the empty boxes currently being stored here will be utilised later this week when we start emptying out the loft and storing in the containers. This new shed space will clear the way for oversurplus from the greenhouse so all is well.

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Suze modelling the latest in shears and mobile shredders!

The mammoth task of sorting out by the Controller …

“Really? Are you going to be photographing everything?”

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However, after 6 hours of ‘joint’ yes joint work – the job was completed!

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I then started stripping out the greenhouse, ready for today’s dismantling … and now l see as l finish off this post that Suze’s brother has turned up to assist with that very job.

So l must go and help. Thanks for reading, catch you next episode – stay safe folks!

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