The Musical Galleria of Life!

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The Musical Galleria of Life!

I have been cordially invited to view,
The musical artistry of Mesdames Sadje and Paula,
Which premieres tonight in the brand new,
Galleria of Light and Magnificent Flora!

It is rumoured to be quite a spectacular display,
Of aesthetically pleasing abstractum and surreal…
… energy, quite unlike anything seen before this day,
So, admittedly l am filled with an enthusiastic zeal!

It is not so much the artistry that is to beckon to the eye,
But apparently the deliverance from wall to mind?
That each piece will lend itself to you and personify ..
… your brain, whilst teasing your brain to the design!

The philosophy of the concept alone is enough to tickle my senses,
… and motivate me to desire to see more,
The pamphlet describes the experiences…
… as a form of inner tranquillity discovery and explore?

The art will not just speak to me, but seduce my intellect,
Whilst taking me back in time to my very own yesterdays,
In an individual journey that will allow me to reconnect,
With a mixture of induced hallucinations in a misty haze!

As l arrived at the Galleria … l noticed first,
… an eclectical electrical resonance of sound,
Which danced around me like a cloudburst,
… of exquisite miniature symphonies bound …
For my eyes to begin their voyeuristic pilgrimage,
Through the minds of the two artists who themselves,
Were nowhere to be seen, perhaps off stage,
Maybe watching us all as we delved …
Through the canvasses that lined the walls!

I was fascinated by how the composers of these works,
Managed to mesmerise the eyes and ears alike,
To force them to align cryptically with the quirks,
Of each piece as if created magically and …. dreamlike!


45 twas just a ship in a bottle floating on the calm of blue,
Yet the sprinkling of fishy flashing colours made me think,
… back to my time as a boy, when the seas saw me through,
Hardships of growing up but also of India ink?
Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce accompanied this display …
… and yet again l found myself travelling back to my first love,
It was a sweet memory into my yesterday,
And the two fitted together like a hand and a glove!


The lonesome teddy bear of 17, stopped me in my tracks,
Sitting on a vibrant covering reminded me of my own quiet,
… we move so fast these days, hardly do we stop to think back,
… and yet,
I did just that as l watched and saw the slightest of smiles,
Upon the furry face, and remembered too of my own joy,
…of being young once and the miles,
My bear and l travelled as a boy!


The two foxes in 43 were paired with the great Hendrix,
Singing Foxy Lady and the pulsating rhythm,
…. Took me back a way into that night of debauchery and tricks!
When l hooked up for a wild and abandoned threesome!
Oh yes indeed, they were the days of the carefree in me,
When time mattered not!
… the days when swinging and loving were free,
Are the days l have not yet forgot!


The calmness in the next frame 19, took me to the serenity,
Of discovery … when l was exploring life,
Days of revelation and determined evolution, of identity!
… of encounters, unearthing’s and tribal strife!
When a man first walks and takes steps towards control,
… and must journey into the unknown,
With no sense of direction and likened to entering a black hole,
Yet emerging as someone with a backbone!


Next to that was the distinctly profound 20,
… the footprint of life itself!
The calculation of invention and learning plenty,
Not just from the world but from the shelf!
When books became like a lost companion,
… which took me into worlds of fantasy and dimension,
Reminding of everything before this night, that l had done,
… as well as those that l hadn’t but still had the passion!


46 heard me listen with a smile to Rod Stewart,
… and his Rhythm of the Heart,
Which brought me back to my love of musical art,
… hence why l was here, my memories taking part,
In this performance of vibrancy and surprising event,
… where sounds and colours and abstract surreality,
Magically moved my body and soul, from past to present,
in a time warp style of reality and actuality!

The last two pieces caught my attentions at once,
47 and 18 both spoke to me aloud about Life and Time,
Games and Moments and Occurrence and Reoccurrence,
… about how we have but one life to lead and live prime,
To not waste and abuse, because although time is infinite,
… we ourselves are not assuredly definite,
So, we must where we can appreciate and love and cherish,
For life in the blink of a second, an eye or a moment can perish.

I know not how long l stared at 18 and 47,
It may have been moments, minutes or even hours,
But when l left, l knew the musical art had made an impression,
The artists themselves obviously possessed secret powers,
Of illusion, that could affect my mind and soul in such a way…
I never met the two ladies of the show that night,
Nor in the days afterwards, but their artistry,
Beautifully displayed on the walls of the Galleria of Light,
Long and forever sat in my heart and stayed with me.

© Rory Matier 2020

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13 thoughts on “The Musical Galleria of Life!

  1. What a brilliant and fantastic journey through all the prompts. It’s both profound and whimsical love it Rory. Perfectly done.

  2. Beautifully accomplished, Rory! Thanks! I enjoyed the observation of your skilled maneuvering through the rhymes and rhythms of your discourse so much! 😊 (As I’m sure I must have mentioned before, I LOVE the way your mind works!) Just brilliant!

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