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Gifting the Compliment

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NB: l am currently behind in my reading by about ten days due to how things are busy wise in my life at present, however l am in the process of catching up.


This is a compliment from my blog to you and yours …

It’s an appreciation of your published content – your creative talent, your imagination, your thought process, your inner workings and mind’s eye production of  inspiration and motivation that you chose to present to your readership for their viewing. It’s to celebrate you as a creator, a writer and a thinker – as a presenter, an imaginator, a poet, a fiction writer – it’s to celebrate you. That is what this compliment is all about – it’s in its simplest form a small gift from my blog and l to you and your blog. 

I am always dreadfully behind in my reading of those that l follow and their blogs. Some weeks are better, l might only be a few weeks behind, other weeks l have lost the balance foothold again and l might be a month and some behind. 

It’s rare if l am all caught up – but anyone who has a large readership and follows a large readership l don’t think can ‘ever be truly caught up’, it just isn’t possible? You could spend  24 hours a day seven days a week and if you have large readerships – you are NEVER going to catch up! Never be on top of the pile of blogs that create wonderful literature each and every day!

These days, l no longer try and obligate myself to a strict reading routine, l would go nuts – instead l just go with the flow – l will get to all my readership eventually and l will spend time with each blog as is so required be this 15 minutes or an hour or so and l will read the last few posts written and published.

It’s all l can do – so when l read a post of yours and it touches me with emotion or humour or that ‘wow factor’, then l make and take note and store it,  and then present the writers with a compliment when a new ‘Gifting the Complimented’ is ready to be created.

I enjoy NOT racing around like a headless chicken with the rat race desperately trying to read everything written in that week or day – l don’t manically LIKE everything with a pulse either – I like what l like and l only like it if l have read it and liked it, and if l loved it for whatever reason, then l am going to want to gift you a compliment. I will share it again with my own readership and feel sure they will love it too.

Gifting the Compliment - Flower Version JPEG

Gifting the Compliment is simply my way of saying to you ….

‘Hey I really liked that post you created and l wanted to let you know with this compliment!’

There is no need for you to do anything else – you don’t have to respond if you do not wish to, l am not fishing for compliments back – l am complimenting you for the great content you have produced –  you don’t even have to acknowledge it, if you want to say thanks – great, if not – great– how you respond and react or not is down to you. 

Although the ‘Compliment’ is not an award, l have noticed that at times the ‘internal WordPress’ notification systems do NOT work and those that l am complimenting are not even aware of this post presence or that they have been complimented.

There is no ‘ceremony or pomp’ attached to these Compliments – there is no call to action to respond – there is no additional tagging, no questions to answer – it is just a compliment and purely a gift of thanks.

However, what is the point to being complimented if you don’t even know that? So, in addition to this published post, l will leave an additional comment on your most recent published post before l close my blog down for the day at 10.30pm UK time just to say  ‘You have been Complimented’ with a link to this published post in case the notification has landed in your spam or you haven’t seen it.

Rory Matier

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35 thoughts on “Gifting the Compliment

  1. I always like this feature because it introduces me to new blogs..So thanks times 2 for the compliment and for some new blogs to read

  2. Ah, there’s the sunshine you always bring me JB!🌞🌠💃🏼
    We got “the call” this afternoon…Ben’s school is closed until April 6th.😱🤪😭

    Thanks for always cheering me up! I look forward to reading the other posts.

      1. Yep. We had 5 cases reported in the COUNTY yesterday and everyone is freaking… I can understand his school’s caution. It’s a risky group as far a hygiene goes and a lot of the students have medical issues too.
        But, dayum…..

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