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Today is Thor’sDay – and it’s indeed Angie of King Ben’s Grandma that would like to wish alongside myself everyone a totally awesome day!

Now you too can have a day of your own dedicated to you like soon to be seen Suzanne of Ellie894 and  Sadje of Keep it Alive days – see the bottom of the post!


Season 10 – Series 6

Let me know which musical era you would like to hear five songs from – your choices are the … 40’s,  50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s  … you get the jist! Also let me know your quote topic … so your request as an example would look like this ..

“Hey Rory, l would love to hear five songs from the 50’s with a quote topic of Groovy!”

 The Hello is a dedication post to the “Morning Guest Star!”

Don’t be shy – you can have as many dedications as you wish – we have a whole year ahead of us filled with lots of days!

Many thanks Rory

5 Songs from any era between 1940 – 2020

Your Choice Quote Topic

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Lisa of The Road Back to Life

Lisa’s Quote Topic is …

Lisa’s 5 Song Era Choice is …

Positive Vibes

Hits from the 1950’s


“I say looking on the bright side of life never killed anybody.”

Jenny Han

Hey Lisa, happy Thor’sDay to you here’s some cracking positive vibes from the 60’s – have a terrific day!


Universal Greeting PNG-5

If you had a choice to give another name to Thursday … what would it be? But how about Saturday, Friday, Sunday or any other day of the week? Let me know your ideas below.

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  1. Excellent tunes & theme on this rainy Thor’sDay🌧☔💃🏼 I guess I’ll be singin in the rain🙊🤣
    Hope you’re getting a peek at the sun!💌

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