Speaking of Friggatriskaidekaphobia …

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Speaking of Friggatriskaidekaphobia … how are you?

Suze was out tonight and l was here at home sorting out my dinner and 10 Happy Points to the person or persons that can tell me what that was … it is my favourite! As l was preparing the ingredients, the little extras you put on to ‘pimp it up a bit more’, l accidentally crossed two knives and l inadvertently uncrossed them because of superstition … not my superstition, but Suze’s – apparently two knives crossed means an argument between two people or something of that kin anyway! I stopped at that point and asked myself WHY?

Why did l do that? I am not particularly superstitious, actually l am not full stop. However living with Suze and l have picked up some of her ways … l think that happens in relationships, doesn’t it?

She doesn’t specifically call them ‘superstitions’, but rather ‘Grannie’s Myths!’ Things her grandmother used to tell her and they have stuck.

Now you will have noted also, that for me in the UK, it is still Thursday 12th, although for some it is already Friday 13th and the astute amongst you will also notice [how can you not?] that l have the image for this post set at Friday 13th. I have done it now, so that those who are still on Thursday do not get spooked by this question landing on Friday – however to those already on Friday – if you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia aka a fear of Friday 13th – don’t OPEN this post!

“Sorry? What? You didn’t know and l should have had a disclaimer at the top? Oops my bad. But l think the image may have been a bit of a give away?

Before Suze l didn’t have any superstitions, l was just naturally unlucky or clumsy or klutzy, some have said it comes with the territory of Aspergers and autism – l am not too sure of that one, because l know lots of people who are not specifically spectrum orientated that are like … accidental!

Suze has some funny things – quirks and superstitious idiosyncrasies – like ‘don’t cross the knives, don’t put new shoes on the table, don’t walk under ladders, don’t have two mirrors opposite each other and a host of othersΒ  .. like don’t play with scissors! Well duh, even l know that one! You could cut off a finger!!

However, just because l am NOT naturally superstitious doesn’t mean that others are like me, perhaps some of you are like Suze – maybe even worse?

So tell me, superstitious or not?

If you are .. what are some of your …

“Don’t DO That!’


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16 thoughts on “Speaking of Friggatriskaidekaphobia …

  1. I am clumsy! Understatement of the century. But I am not superstitious. Well, only one. Don’t say bad things because….. well they may happen. But other than that whatever happens is due to my own clumsiness and not bad luck.

  2. Yes, is Friday for me but I did not realise is 13th…but I guess just because I don’t care…important is to be Friday πŸ€ͺ
    I guess is obvious I’m not superstitious πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

  3. Definitely no shoes of any kind on the table. I’m pretty sure I have a boatload more except I think of them as ‘traditions’. Today, Friday the 13th has been super duper wonderful (even if the grocery store was super crowded and the shelves were mostly bare).

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