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Season 4 – 501 –

Had to take the oven out, and the chap said,

‘You know it might be wiser before you unscrew that to turn off the house electric?’

Funny, never thought of that l said, l am not very practical you know?

Really, you hide that well .. was his answer

Rory Matier 2013


“So the key is doing something that sets you apart forever in the minds of regular people.
Something that matters.”

Matthew Quick,


I know a lot of weird and wonderfully creative people!

They have a skill set unique to themselves, be this in a craft, humour or philosophy – trust me if you asked them the question of if they had the choice to be different or normal, l know what they would answer.

Be proud to be different, be unique, but above everything be you, and for the love of all things sane, stop trying to be so fucking normal!


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