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E15 – W10


Project Garden started Sunday just gone – there is no need for any fancy name for it except ‘Garden’. It’s a huge clean up project and there are a lot of tasks that need to be performed ranging from the shed cleaned out although gutted might be a more appropriate word, greenhouse taken down and the new one constructed, the back of the garden behind the sheds tidied up, the soils and mulches moved to their new location, the decision on the state of the shed determined [landlord has said if the walls are bad [which they are] she’ll buy a new one for the garden].

The new water butt system for the back of the garden needs to be set up, the lean to at the back of the sheds needs to be taken down, all the stored winter woods need to be shredded, the two seater needs a paint and repair ready for summer, the old water butt system needs to be fixed and moved to the front of the back garden and the conservatory needs to be stripped out and made ready for Suze’s new workshop.

In addition to all that – the 2020 season for gardening needs to start too.

Suze is off for ten days next week and she’ll have a busy ‘holiday’ week, although admittedly l have started early this week. I ordered a skip last week and that was delivered Monday and l started filling it with the rubbish on Wednesday.

IMG_3751 (2)

Suze in good spirits on Sunday starting the shed clear out.

IMG_3757 (2)

The shed has been used as a back up for hoardings – Suze has always wanted to work this this and craft that and they sort of never took off – so l told her that we really had to off-load unwanted surplus – here we have huge quantities of glass  jars set for recycle.

But after just an hour  we had both made a good start to this and it will be finished this coming weekend. The shed walls are hopelessly rotted, ironically the shed roof fixed two years ago is in brilliant shape, but it’s just another aspect of this garden and previous tenants not looking after things. I know this shed will have to come down, but at least we will have our stuff protected and properly sorted.

We started the shed clean out last Sunday and slowly things are starting to come together. Thankfully, this week has not suffered from torrential rainfall, although we have had showers and so with the sun and the wind at my back, l have managed to make a good headway.

IMG_3786 (2)

The current state of play ‘sown seeds wise’ in the conservatory.

In addition to clearing out, l have been managing to sow a new tray of seeds ready for planting out in the coming months per day, so l am on track, thank goodness and the seeds which are already sown in trays are starting to come good … we still have a few that are somewhat reluctant to show themselves but the majority are coming good.

Here l am – Thursday – absolutely shattered after just two days at a total of 6 hours work – but it’s been hard graft. I worked out yesterday that l had walked just over three miles carting stuff from the back of the garden behind the sheds to the front garden where the skip is parked on the lawn. Being a geek for figures l had to pander to that whim and work out my mileage and l was impressed with the results!

Behind the sheds yesterday before l started clearing out and tidying up.

IMG_3806 (2)

The skip yesterday after l finished. It is a 4 cubic yard skip and already is half filled!

From the front of the garden to the very back of the sheds – just one way is 75 steps and each of my steps measures about 30″ – so by the time l have done a double journey  l have covered 150 steps which is 4500 inches! I walked that journey yesterday alone 51 times which is 228,500 inches roughly! In feet 19,125 feet and then being the nerd l am l then calculated that into miles! One mile is 5280 feet so yesterday alone l walked 3.6 miles just in my garden!! I certainly got my 10,000 steps for the day! Already today clearing as l have done, l have walked 2.3 miles! So l am pretty stoked by this achievment.

The state of behind the sheds today. The right side now has been totally cleaned up and cleared. I just have the left side to do; the new water butts positioned, all the wintering wood shredded and the lean two internal cupboard taken down. I will keep the lean to as this is a great cover  for the water system as well feeder and will award some much needed practical space for storage.

IMG_3815 (2)

The skip as it is now … today in rubbish disposal, you have to keep things balanced and even loaded and this has meant in order to be more efficient to not simply throw pallets on board which eat lots of space – so it is a case of dismantling into smaller pieces so as to still be able to fit more debris on top. There isn’t ‘that’ much more  … but if there is, at least all l need do is hire a Hippo bag or something similar which will take up the last piles of rubbish.

Today has been different, more hard labour as in sawing and crowbarring pallets apart, sweeping, raking, carting slightly heavier objects as opposed to yesterday’s just carting to and fro debris!

However today l now have stage one of the space behind the sheds in a much better condition than it was before l started the project. Tomorrow l can finally shift the remainder soils and Strulch around the back and store them more efficienctly on stout pallets.

After l finish this post l am going to have a spot of lunch and then go out and sow the final March seeds to a tray and feel good that today has been very gratifying.

Tomorrow is another day like today as in sunny periods, cloud and small showers and l can start to get the garden ready for the final layout stage.

All in all, l am very pleased with the two days so far and l even had some time to take some photographs of the garden which is just starting to colour up for spring.

IMG_3789 (2)

Anyway, the last job today is to go and sow the final March seeds. So l’ll catch you next episode. Thanks for reading.


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  1. YAY!! Very happy for you! Great progress and you’re remembering to eat😉 Don’t push too too hard and knock yourself out with another injury. It makes me happy to read about all the works you’ve accomplished.💃🏼💌

    1. Yay l am pleased and yes, l am remembering to eat … l have learned a lot in the last year. It certainly coming along, but l am shattered and falling behind with my reading … my life has just launched into a new turbo speed and trying to balance is hard work 🙂

      Getting there slowly.

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