The Great Word Blogger’s Prompt

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I have missed a few of my favourite ‘word’ prompts in recent weeks due to being busy with life, gardening and business study so l decided to provide the readership with another omnibus and utilising words from some of my favourite prompters most notably as follows with their words .. [see bottom of post]

The Great Word Blogger’s Prompt

The big day of the year..
… had finally arrived,
It was here …. a night of knee jerking fear,
Where only the hardy surive!
Contenders from countries far and wide..
… across the globe lined up to start the battle,
The air was thick with boistrous pride,
Like dairy cattle mooing their prattle,
As they do when gathered together in herds!
…no different to the word prompters and their words!

I had been here before, l had seen the state of play..
… knowing what to expect, and how to behave,
If l was to get to the end of the hostile day,
In one piece – l’d have to be brave!
This is no place for those who are timid and shy,
Words are like gold tipped ammunitions,
Prompters are armed to the teeth,
Their arsenals bristling with fabulous diction!
You must be resilient in your strategy..
… and fluent in your wordery and wisened flattery!

To grace the boards of the Great Word Blogger’s Prompt,
.. which has to be said, is indeed a mighty event!
Filled to the brim with those who wish to stomp,
Upon your efforts and place you into a predicament!
Where upon you are literally lost for words!
That you forget where you are in your mind!
… they’ll laugh and spake mockery and crumble your cards,
To the point where upon you fall behind!
They’ll bait you and tease from you your waffle!
…. and cause you to lose the plot which is just awful!

This game, is not just a game – it’s a warring conflict,
… of open wordery, and intellectual pieced colloquy,
Those present, are true masters of the misguided confabulation gift!
…. you can’t stumble around in a daydream styled psychology!
You must be shrewd and alert and ready with a clever opening gambit!
That sets the pace on the board, for words here are everything!
… they are the height of intelligent discussion and must transmit..
… your intentions and witty whimsicals and display you are king!
That you are here, ready to to fight the fight and draw first blood!
… and rip open wounds in the chit chatting silence with a resounding thud!

You are present, with your mentally skilled and highly adept thesaurus,
… and are not here to be polite, or even simply adequate!
Here you are no one’s friend except your own, you are the wordery walrus!
… you are here to face off the masters and battle all the candidates!
For today, you’ll show them a display, like none seen ever before!
Letters and words will fly from your hands upon the tiles,
They’ll cause sparks of passionate embrace and fans will come to adore,
… your bounty of one stepped expressionisms and articulate styles!
You’ll show them, your words have power and plenty of kick!
That the devil is in the details of selection and the mind of the quick!

Here, if you faulter you need to be able to recover fast,
,,, and not fall, but gather your momentum and visualise..
~ your success, remembering you are top of your class!
That it’s your duty, to not be snooty nor display fearful eyes!
One sniff of your reticence to proceed and the prompters will combine,
… their efforts to knock you off your grandiloquent nest!
They’ll subject you to treatment unbefitting lyrical rhyme!
Causing your predicament to bottom out and be barefaced cheek possessed!
They roast and toast you, burn you to a crisp, paw you out!
Your anger will be pointless, your limerence for words a washout!

So no, in order to survive this prestigous event there can be no accidental glitch!
Your gift of the gab, your cleverest words are your entrance fee,
… and only a few of the best, make it to the grand ceremony to cast their pitch!
In front of the audiences, the readers of words, those not easily impressed!
Wordsmiths, scrabblers, fellow walruses alike are but transients,
To this wonderous of nights, The Great Word Blogger’s Prompt..
… the time of lyrical and journalistic literary orotund ornateness!
When fingers and minds combined create magnificence which are plopped,
Onto tiles, to create words of flamboyance and greatness!

My time is here, my time is now, l see the other three of my team!
We are to enter the arena and give it our very best!
Di , Kristian and Fandango are all masters supreme!
… and so now we’ll all be put to the great prompter’s test!
Wish us luck, fellow readers and audiences alike,
For creating words and designing wordery daily is no easy task!
… and trying to find ideas and imaginative mastery for others to belike,

Is sometimes one of the biggest asks!
However, it is something we do, and something we are good at..
… just as well, we’re all wordsmithing walruses who love chit chat!

© Rory Matier 2020


I haven’t held the links of all the words as the configuration wouldn’t hold in a decent format with my blog publisher.

FOWC with Fandango of This, That and The Other

Visualise, Combine, Predicament, Glitch, Top, Ceremony, Gambit, Snooty, Transient, Daydream, Adequate, Polite, Treatment, Momentum and Few

15 Words February – March

 Three Things Challenge with Di of Pensitivity 101

#167, #168, #169 and #170

Fight, Wound, Blood, Anger, Roast, Bottom, Paw, Cheek, Knee, Fault, Hostile and Friend

12 Words March

Word of the Day Challenge with Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian

Gift, Nest, Everything, Country [Countries], Limerence, Mockery, Year, Waffle, Resilient, Predicament, Forget, Details, Kick, Bounty,  Pride and Whimsical.

16 Words February – March

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    1. Hey Di, many thanks – l am glad you enjoyed it – it’s a serious salute to all word prompters and the fantastic job you do – so thank you too 🙂

    1. Hey Fandango many thanks, genuinely glad you liked it and many thanks for the daily prompts which alongside Di and Kristian, always inspire 🙂

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