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There Are Many Ways to Garden Your Plantings….


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E13 – W10

During yesterday’s lunch out with Batty and Aspie one of the subjects raised and discussed was how was the gardening coming along? They both know it’s an occupying activity of mine so were curious as to whether l had encountered any hiccups? Of course, l had, so l told them about the calamity involving the deluging of the flooded greenhouse that week which had caused a great of damage to the early seedings and had set me back of sorts as well as the injury l had sustained whilst laying the garden out for this year’s season.

Batty [Suze’s cousin] asked if there were alternatives to growing plants/vegetables other than the greenhouse and when l answered that l was only using the greenhouse for seedling growth and marginal vegetable growing – like for the sweet peppers she then amended her question to reflect this one…

How many ways are there to grow vegetables in your garden?

I answered her with the following – but it was such a cracking little question … l thought l would create a series of easy to read posts for this week dealing with her question and related points of interest to it too.


Perhaps twenty years ago there were very few ways of actually growing vegetables in your garden or allotment if you had one of those and those were ‘direct to soil’ as in a ‘plot’ of ground in your garden or growing in your greenhouse.  Back then you were considered a die hard hobbyist if you attended to vegetables in your garden that is if you were not just considered old fashioned.

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In the 70’s and the 80’s backyard farming wasn’t really a popular trend to be following – as l have discussed before backyard farming was very popular for the 1940’s till the mid 1950’s … but with the availability of commercial vegetables, farming for your own sustainability fell by the wayside quite a bit due to the impracticality and inconvenience to it all … so those who continued the practice were mostly seen as enthusiasts or hobbyists and not true vegetable growers.

In the mid 1990’s however growing your own vegetables became popular again and at that point it wasn’t just old guys in their 60’s that enjoyed it. The popularity in this country peaked out by the turn of the millenium and once more backyard farming was back to a few enthusiasts.

But in the last 15 years alone, growing for the table has again become a thing to do. As more and more people become aware of climate issues, environmental concerns, agricultural chemical abuse and so on – more and more interested people are starting to see, understand and reap the benefits of growing their own. This time however it hasn’t peaked and troughed … this time – more and more people are joining the bigger cause and sticking to it. They are starting to take control back as well as taking back the control of what is or isn’t added to the food for their consumption.

On the new progressive side to gardening as in the popular ways and methods to growing your own, you no longer have to specifically restrict yourself to plot farming or only growing tomatoes in the greenhouse – now there are many alternative ways to gardening your plants for the table and living a healthier chemical free lifestyle.


The beauty of growing vegetables for your table is that you are spoiled for choice today with varieties – no longer are you only having to grow this or that and maybe some of the other – these days you can if you know what you want to grow, and what space you have allocated and how you have defined that space – the world is your oyster with regards your actual vegetable growing choices and growing methods.

You can now grow specialised vegetables, hybrid varieties that can resist certain plights or blights, you can grow organic varieties, baby or miniature vegetable varieties, you can now plant out herb varieties or unusual and exotic varieties .. the choices available to the keen grower are many.

With many new varieties of vegetables available, so too is the grower introduced to varying methods of actually growing the vegetables, fruits and herbs then ever before … no more does one have to only contend themselves with purely a plot in the back garden or their greenhouse and a couple of growbags.

Now …. well now, we live in the world of eclectic choice and diversity and gardening is no longer just a pottering past time for granddad for a few carrots and a handful of spuds on a Sunday afternoon for the roast! Now there are many, many ways to garden your plantings!


Catch you later, thanks for reading and see you in part 2.


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9 thoughts on “366 Days of Gardening! E13 – W10 [1]

  1. That video makes everything look so easy. I mean, it not rocket science, but perfect seeds and perfect conditions dont always exist. 🙄as you well know.
    Pretty cool tricks, sorry…hacks.

  2. Finally started yesterday. First couple of early potatoes planted. Few onions. Strawberry seeds. Rocket.
    The other thing about home gardening is something key to my parents. Sometimes you just couldn’t afford to buy products so had to do grow your own. Maybe the current unpleasantness with this virus will remind people to not become 100% reliant on ASDA and Tesco’s for everything.

    1. Well done Gary – l know how hard it can be when the ground is wet, the weather is horrible and motivations are down – so well done 🙂

      As to people understanding over reliancy, totally agree with you. It’s not just this virus, but people have long over abused consumerism, they think they are entitled and life owes them something – this virus and the fears and scares should curtail their beliefs and yet we see food rationing already occuring as people are panic buying … the whole shit bang is never ending.

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