My Top Ten Books of My Life of Reading Are?

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Welcome to “What Are You Reading Then?” This is a new features series concerning the books we read, the books we review, the books we buy and generally why we have bought them or read them. What we think … but equally it’s a bit of book fun with some topics and quizzes thrown in.

I mean, principally that’s the main reason we read isn’t it? 

Entertainment – we want to be entertained, we want to learn and we wish to acquire knowledge. Then on the other side we seek high adventure, escapism and stimulation for the ol’ grey matter. As bloggers we read to encourage our brains to create new ideas and to help us move forwards, to become better thinkers, to become better writers and reading books encourages and motivates that further.

This series is part of a new series titled Bloggers Glossop which starts later on this year, but more on that in the next couple of months, for the time being let’s look at today’s episode and a bit of light hearted entertainment.

I should imagine like me that you have throughout the years read hundreds of books – these books will have inspired, motivated, enthused and maybe driven you. They will have endeared you to the authors, awarded you entertainment and escapism and many will maybe have created you, moulded your personality, made you understand you on a different and deeper level …. ?

So, if l asked you today to list 10 Books that over all your years of reading you would not hesitate to pick up again and read for the umpteenth time you would list … ?

My Top Ten Books of my Life of Reading Are:

Creative Imagination

The Magic Faraway Tree – Enid Blyton – 1939

Bimbo and Topsy – Enid Blyton – 1969

Smokey Joe the Fish Eater – John O’Grady – 1972

Harry Potter Book Series – J.K. Rowling – 1997 – 2007

Impactive/Thinking Reading

Lord of the Rings – J.R.R. Tolkien – 1954

Gorrillas in the Mist – Dian Fossey – 1983

Catch 22 – Joseph Hellier – 1961

The 120 Days of Sodom – Marquis de Sade – 1904

Motivational Reading

The Art of War – Sunzi – 5th century BC

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck – Mark Manson – 2016

So there we go, obviously NOT a definitive list and very broad genre wise, l am not sure if a listing of 20 would have me covered properly, perhaps 50 would describe my life significantly – however – these are ten that made an impact on my life  for various reasons. But maybe somewhere further into the series we can look at the Top 25 books that made you the writer you are!

Those are mine, what would your 10 look like?

Let me know below in the comments section or should you wish create a post, be sure to drop me a link – so l can read your reading list too!

However, catch you next episode – thanks for reading – Rory

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18 thoughts on “My Top Ten Books of My Life of Reading Are?

  1. Not a complete list, but many more than 10 books…

    The Lord Of The Rings
    The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
    Farenheit 451
    Kent Family Chronicles by John Jake’s
    Xanth series by Piers Anthony
    Catch 22
    The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

    1. Ah l see Catch 22 made a madcap moment impact for you too Grandma 🙂

      Plus LOTR 🙂

      Admittedly F451 and 1984 were faves of mine – but maybe of the Question to Craft a Writer’s Mind we can list them 🙂

  2. I don’t read as much as I did, but my list would include (with authors if I can remember)

    Where the Rainbow Ends : Clifford Mills
    Bad Luck and Trouble : Lee Child (before Tom Cruise was cast as Reacher)
    Absolute Power : David Baldacci
    Remember When : Judith McNaught (wore all the gilt off the cover title on my copy)
    Dances With Wolves (excellent 3 and three quarter hour extended edition movie)
    The Abyss (likewise as above with extended edition movie)
    Winnie the Pooh: A. A. Milne
    Little Women: Louisa M Alcott
    Any of the Alien franchise
    Precious Time : Erica James
    and two in particular by Sandra Brown:
    Breath of Scandal
    The Silken Web

  3. My blog post:

    My personal “have read and greatly admired” list is so long I couldn’t include it AND the ones I did choose were to fit your categories more than my ‘top ten’ as such. We’d be here all day if I tried to figure out which were absolute favorites. Two which pop to mind (which I didn’t list on the list) are “To Kill A Mockingbird” (I read that at least once a year) and “A Christmas Carol” – I do read that at least once a year – the original text too. Love me some ‘archaic’ (old) language books – I love original Shakespeare the same way — I can read his plays and be so fulfilled! Thanks for this great budding series Rory! I see wonderful success with it coming your way! 😀

    1. To Kill a Mockingbird is distinctly clear message book with an excellent tale – l too have read this a few times over the last twenty years 🙂

      I had written a much longer answer to this post Melanie, sadly however for some reason WP ate it … 🙁

      So here’s is now my shorter response 🙂

  4. I have read not hundreds but probably thousand books. But for the life of me I cannot recall titles!

  5. I’m cheating on the first few
    The Lord of the Rings – Omnibus
    Elric Omnibus – Michael Moorcock
    Any Terry Pratchett book
    Any Patrick Moore book
    Any Spike Milligan
    The Trickster – Muriel Gray
    The Boys of Everest – Clint Willis
    Cosmos – Carl Sagan

    1. That’s an excellent list … reminds me how l used to read Carl Sagan and Eric Van Lustbader side by side as a kid growing up and discovering the inner self.

      I read through Terry Pratchett’s entire collection [as it stood] one summer in 2007 – awesome writer!

      I used to read [and watch] Spike Milligan as a youngster, another wonderfully funny inspirator and writer, …. brilliant list.

      10 is nothing to readers as a number , l have read hundreds/thousands of books since l turned 5 and started reading Ladybirds collection books for myself.

      I was trying to think collectively last night of a number where you could say you would travel from one point to the other where upon in that period of time – which books defined you?

      From 5 – 15 l read Ladybirds to Pan Horror – the latter defined me during my teenager years in such a way that l started writing horror stories for a hobby and made extra pocket money.

      So during those ten years it is safe to say that the genre of horror ‘defined me’ … and yet l read some weekends from the age of 12 – 17, 6 books in 2 days, plus 12 books from Monday to Friday ha ha – so yes, 10 is nothing as a figure in the world of the reader 🙂

  6. Wonderful question! I pondered a while yesterday. So, let’s see –

    Winnie the Pooh, Milne
    Harry Potter, all
    The Little Prince
    A Gift from the Sea, Lindbergh
    Alexander Stoddard, she is one who lives not decorates
    On Chesil Beach, McEwan
    Cannery Row, Steinbeck
    The Fires of Spring, Michener
    Beauty, John O’Donohue
    Elizabeth and Her German Garden, Elizabeth Von Arnim

    Too many to count really and so hard to narrow down but these are all defenitely favorites that have affected my thinking. Thanks for the great question 😊

      1. Kind of an always growing list, right 😄
        Oh wait-one more 🙃
        You’ve mentioned Enid Blyton before and I’ve never read her so when I ran across The Enchanted Wood recently I picked up. 😊

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