Dear Blog – That’s Entertainment Folks!

That’s Entertainment Folks!

Suze and l were out for lunch today with her cousin and her other half at one of our favourite haunts The Rose at Wickhambreaux – you have heard me make mention to it before in the Dear Blog series. It is fast becoming one of our top five pub restaurants to go to lunch.

Suze’s cousin is always a good laugh very funny, witty. Her other half is on the spectrum like l am with Asperger’s, so we tend to speak the same witty language much of the time also – two Aspie’s together always good fun!

There are many reasons for the entertainment – 1] the excellent company, 2] the excellent location and 3] the excellent food and if pushed for a 4] have l mentioned the excellent company yet?

Suze’s cousin is slightly batty, her other half is as said an Aspie, l am an Nutty Aspie and Suze well, Suze lives with a nutty Aspie so this makes her slightly batty and when the four of us are all together  – well, that’s entertainment folks!

It was the cousin’s birthday last week, and so we were all meeting up to celebrate that event – it was nice to get out for a while – l had injured myself during the course of the last week being a Numpty in the garden – okay l hear you say to yourself – what the hell is a Numpty?

Fair dos, fair question – originally it was Scottish and meant ’empty headed’, after the accent and various dialects is added it started to sound more like this … ‘umpty heid’ and after a while it was simply shorted down to Numpty.

As said l had been a total numpty – what have l done? Well l have injured an old injury which is my diaphragm – which l originally injured back in 2005, and some of you may remember reading about that incident here One Way or Another! 2005 when back then l was also being a numpty!

What l did to injure it last week, was attempt to lift 60kg of concrete earthen ware container upwards from a position of 18″ off the ground to a position of 60″ off the ground, or rather to lift a further 42″ from the top of some logs to the top of the pallets. The image below shows what l mean –

In the two images above taken ironically the same day, just between sunny periods – the yellow trough is in roughly the same position that the concrete basin [sitting at the very top of the pallets was.] I say roughly because the basin container was actually lower than the trough and sitting on top of the upturned logs behind the palm tree.

A fifty year old me would have been able to do that all day without thinking twice, but the 57 year old me can’t do it! I keep forgetting that l am 57 this year. That as l am ageing and therefore getting older, whilst my mind is still young, my body is ageing faster than the grey matter. At times l don’t think – hence the term numpty- and do stuff and then regret it!

My argument of course, is if it has to be done, and l am the only one to do it because no one else is present at the time, then ‘hello’, it gets done! Last week l had a seriously bad muscle problem behind my right knee and thigh, where l stood on one leg [left] and using my right knee held the 60kg in place and then hoisted the damn thing into position using right knee, thigh, stomach and chest. I felt the strain at the time in my chest.

From Monday till now, l have been suffering – it has felt like someone has been sitting on my chest. Strain was terrible, l couldn’t bend. Even sitting on the toilet was painful – so the break to the restaurant was very welcomed!

But of course, two Aspie’s, a Batty and a Nutty Aspie partner all together in one restaurant meant most of us spending the time howling in laughter … okay, me, l am the howler! Suze was laughing hard and the Cousin and other half were also laughing – our table is the laughter table!

Sadly, we don’t have a photograph of Suze today on account of her taking the photos, although we do have her meal …. of the three people images, we have the cousin’s Aspie partner, yours truly trying not to laugh and the batty cousin ….


….. and Suze’s meal!

We had a fabulously good time again … a good laugh, great company and great food for a Sunday is always good and we had during the photo session some sun … then for the remainder of the meal it hammered down!

One of the problems we did encounter today well in fact there were two problems … 1] was noise, we were positioned in-between the music system of the pub and the door out, but although closed we were sited right next to the through fare of the pub. The noise levels at time were so loud that none of us knew who was saying what and to who, why or when? Once the noise of the pub started to rise from regular patrons who were drinking there on a Sunday afternoon to the diners who were eating their Sunday lunch it was like a giant noise race had started!

For a full five minutes as we tried to talk the madness was crazy with a capital K. All we could do was go ‘Aye, sorry, pardon, you what, are you speaking to me, aye, what, sorry, pardon?” Eventually the noise hit a volcanic level and started to naturally quiet down!  Of course, all the way through that madness l was howling with laughter and the absurdity of it all and l have an infectious laugh so soon the table were laughing with me, not even knowing why many a time!

The 2] was the table was too small for four people sat around in and it had bigger chairs than table!!  This meant that in order for Suze’s cousin to get into her position, she had to reverse all the way in even with the table moved out … it was so funny watching her try and get into her seat … but l shouldn’t have laughed, my own foot got stuck between a chair leg and a table leg and l nearly fell out of my chair. The other problem with that is that with this diaphragm injury l cannot really bend that well – so as funny as it was, l was dying with laughter and pain of trying to get unstuck!

The cousin recently has come back from a trip to Germany with her other half to visit his grandchild and instead of flying they opted to travel by train, something they said was the ‘worst’ decision ever.

From Canterbury, Kent they had something like 24 different connections before they got to their part of Germany. It took them two days and then there were fifty shades of delay – everything they could encounter, encountered them! One particular incident set the howler off in me and that was when she and he were on a train heading towards their final destination of Cologne and they had the unfortunate luck to have a couple sit next to them who were very ‘sharing of everything’  – their food, their ways, their culture and their mm, itchiness!

The cousin found herself sitting next to a lady who offered her food and at the same time offered her the contents of her recently scratched head!! Every time the passenger offered her some food, she would then randomly scratch her head and shake her head so that everything fell out over table, food …

The cousin said they declined all the food offered, and  whilst the couple were very friendly, she said she tried to slowly inch her way towards the window and every time she slid over her seat sharer followed suit and in the end was practically hugging into her. The cousin said towards the end of the journey she was almost eating the window glass. The passenger fell asleep on her but even in her sleep kept on scratching her head!!

Suze and l were both dying with laughter at this time, and it was during this time that as much as l laughed my pain intensified … l was eating dessert and being naughty with chocolate cake and toffee and butterscotch and cream and trust me [l know that will come back to haunt me later on!] But l was trying to get the last bit of the cream with my spoon. The cousin’s partner passed me his straw, so l started on that but a bit of cake hit the back of my throat and l started to choke and laugh, Suze quickly passed me my lime and soda, and as l drank a bit of ice shot back to my throat and l choked again ….meanwhile my diaphragm is having a laugh at my expense …

Ah it was soooooooo funny … we always have such a good laugh. The last time we saw them was on December 23rd – you may recall – Dear Blog – “Three in the bed and one on top!”which another seriously funny time. Today is eight weeks since Scrappy’s departure and it’s still very hard to see time travelling so fast. But good days like this, make the journey easier.

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch you soon.

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Dear Blog ……

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  1. I’m so glad to read about your lunch ‘date’! You’re due for an afternoon of hysterical laughter! You & Suze both.

    We had a 90 minute meltdown day. It happens🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. That was a fun read.
    Thanks for sharing your day out with us.
    The noise in some restaurants can get a bit much. The problem is, when you try to make yourself heard above the noise you’re adding to it. It’s a vicious circle.
    Hope your diaphragm is better soon.

    1. Cheers my friend, the problem is we each and every one of us need a laugh, as l am sure you do too and Son … life is always so serious now. When did life become this serious.

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