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Season 10 – Series 6

For March The Hello Music choices are changing – as you can see below the grid line up is different – this time instead of offering you selected choices, you tell me what you would like to hear and from which era  – and don’t forget the quote topic please.

Additionally is the new Bonus Feature  – this can be a sixth song or an album from the chosen era you would like to listen to – just let me know – The Hello is a dedication post to the “Morning Guest Star!”

Don’t be shy – you can have as many dedications as you wish – we have a whole year ahead of us filled with lots of days!

Many thanks Rory

5 Songs from the 1940’s?

5 Songs from the 1950’s?

5 Songs from the 1960’s?

5 Songs from the 1970’s?

Your Choice

Your Choice
Your Choice

Your Choice

5 Songs from the 1980’s?

5 Songs from the 1990’s?

5 Songs from the 2000’s?

5 Songs from the 2010’s?

Thursday Neon Its A Beautiful Day

It’s Thorsday – NO, not Thursday, that’d be just way too conventional, am l right? We are are NOT conventional are we folks? On that note, have yourselves a cracking day in all that you decide to do!

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Betty of Guideline’s Web and Bud and the Feathered Crew!

Betty and Bud’s Quote Topic is …

Betty and Bud’s 5 Song Era Choice is …


Hits from the 60’s!


“Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.”

C.S. Lewis

Okay Betty and Bud here’s your five songs and bonus feature from the 60’s – l hope Lulu and Oliver can tweet along too! Here’s wishing you all a totally fantastic Thursday!


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Ps – Hey Betty here is the design l had made for my friend as a bit of fun with regards when l am old l can wear purple.

w biggerb


24 thoughts on “The Hello

    1. Hey Gary, very much so, memorable tunes – so much of today’s music just doesn’t hold anything remotely desireable about it. In five years will people be humming and whistling the tunes of today like they were and still do for the 60, 70’s and 80’s? Probably not.

          1. Nice directory! Very easy to scroll around, makes me smile to see all the sweet people in it. 😊
            Thank you kindly 🌷

  1. Happy Thor’sDay JB! Are you getting some sunshine today?
    I got Bounced at 3:30am again☹ At least there are some great tunes to cheer the wee hours💃🏼

    1. Ah, mm, so what you are saying then Grandma, is that it’s always good to bounce with great music ….. 🙂

      As to sunshine?

      Sadly not, it’s been raining since 8am 🙁

      Have a lovely Thorsday 🙂

  2. Hello, Rory. Sorry we’re late in letting you know how much we appreciate the dedication! Thank you for your consideration!

    Really busy day yesterday! However, we did get to enjoy the playlist with our lunch and yes, the winged duo did tweet along. 😊 We both found the quote profound and Bud said those were some great songs you selected! Of course I liked them, too, but he is the real music buff in this household. As we listened, he checked out Otis Redding’s Bio, which brought to mind the of memory of other musical artists of that era who also died young in plane crashes. Bud really liked the Beach Boys as a teenager growing up in California and I enjoyed Dick Clark’s Bandstand every weekday afternoon after school. Remember seeing Chubby Checkers live on that show when Let’s Twist Again was first released. Thanks for the memories from us both!

    I do hope you’ve had some sunshine today and enjoy a lovely afternoon and evening! Wishing you a most wonderful weekend as well! 😊

    1. Hey Betty always a pleasure and l am super glad and pleased all ; images, quotes and musical choices hit the keys for you all 🙂

      Many thanks for the weekend greetings and well wishes and always back to you all too 🙂

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