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Season 10 – Series 6

For March The Hello Music choices are changing – as you can see below the grid line up is different – this time instead of offering you selected choices, you tell me what you would like to hear and from which era  – and don’t forget the quote topic please.

Additionally is the new Bonus Feature  – this can be a sixth song or an album from the chosen era you would like to listen to – just let me know – The Hello is a dedication post to the “Morning Guest Star!”

Don’t be shy – you can have as many dedications as you wish – we have a whole year ahead of us filled with lots of days!

Many thanks Rory

5 Songs from the 1940’s?

5 Songs from the 1950’s?

5 Songs from the 1960’s?

5 Songs from the 1970’s?

Your Choice

Your Choice
Your Choice

Your Choice

5 Songs from the 1980’s?

5 Songs from the 1990’s?

5 Songs from the 2000’s?

5 Songs from the 2010’s?

Wednesday Scales Its A Beautiful Day

Here’s wishing you all a bouncy Humpday Wednesday!

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Kritika of Undressed Thoughts

Kritika’s Quote Topic is …

Kritika’s 5 Song Era Choice is …

Adele’s 2000’s!


“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Dr. Seuss

Hey Kritika , here’s five fantastic songs from Adele celebrating her career so far and a superb bonus feature!

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23 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Good Evening 🎊🥳
    Love and Adele ❤
    Awesome quote. Thank you friend 😊🌟
    You are amazing. Thank you for the sweet cupcake. 🙂🧁

      1. They might be regional issues Kritika – it’s getting harder and harder to know which videos play and where they do so Internationally.

        Vevo doesn’t play in the USA, but W does and the list goes on for the different countries … l find it hard to keep up with – for you – great that the ones that do play and sorry for the ones that dont 🙂

        1. I didn’t knew this. Thank you for this information. Don’t be sorry. I am happy for the post 😊😁.

  2. Happy Camel Day JB! I hope, as always, it’s a two-humper!🐫

    I’m having a break between Tsunami Ben and Pump Fill & Errands.
    At least the sun is shining out there in peopley public spaces.

    1. Hey Grandma – we had sun this morning till two hours ago, l was up early and out in the garden from 8 till 11am and got a lot done, then did the adult thing and called my three hours a day instead of pushing the boat too far out from docks 🙂

  3. Great quote! Stimulated a nice conversation about Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel). His pseudonym was derived from the fact that his overbearing mother wanted him to become a doctor and Seuss was his middle name. I know this because Bud looked him up on Wiki. 😊

    We had neither one heard Adele previously and both enjoyed her music. Thanks to you and Kritika for the intro!

    As for requests, Bud would like to hear songs from the 60’s and his quote topic is Art.

    Hope your day has been pleasant and you and Suz enjoy a nice evening, Rory. 🙂

    1. Hey Betty – howdies to Bud and the feathered gang – pleasure and will do, choices noted 🙂

      Adele has a seriously striking voice doesn’t she?

      I had read before out Seuss’s mother – she was a handful for sure 🙂

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