Dear Blog – March’on now that February’s Gone!


March’on now that February’s Gone!

What a month! I should be pleased that February’s gone and now we are fast approaching the new Spring – the clocks are going forwards soon, longer daylight hours – more ‘sun’ and less storms … well there is no guarantee of that is there? We have had storm after storm hit this small island over the last six weeks – it has been battered and blown, troubled and torn and flooded and fucked!

BUT, l am to be more positive – we have been very lucky here in this part of Kent – we have not been flooded, lost our home, our lifestyle or even our lives, we are lucky on that level and because of that l have no rights to complain. But of course complaints like stress are individually reflective.

I do not live on a flood plain, l live on a hill – l used to live on a flood pain many years back – but we thankfully never saw any flooding. However whilst there has always been an environmental issue and there has always been climate problems  – the world hasn’t seen the recent climate problems before – no country has been left out – no one – everyone is experiencing new environmental climates and it’s only going to get worse not better.


Scientists are already concerned that tipping points have been breached. Even if we stopped shitting on our planetary doorstep today – we would have centuries before the world could start to remotely correct itself – already our climate problems are on track to set and establish a new state of being, whatever we do now.

Of course it’s NEVER too late to limit and rally behind damage control, but it appears that not enough powerful figureheads are coming to this understanding … damn but isn’t greed, fuckwittery and powermongering a strange beast?? But hey, maybe one day in our futures …. we can all agree at the same time about the same things and start to do something about it instead of constantly battering our heads against walls for different reasons!

Although maybe l shouldn’t be that concerned about the climate and maybe l should be looking at the Corona Virus which is now firmly in the UK …. so if Ciara, Dennis and Jorge dont sink us like Venice .. well maybe something else might wish to take a swipe! That’s not me being unsympathetic to the victims either – this thing has taken lives and a lot of them. Looking at recent figures ..

Just under 90,000 cases, just over 3,000 deaths and only nearly 46,000 recovered! Those are scary figures there – this is no longer a small incidental – this is fast become a major problem – very worrying! Time will tell on this one l feel … there is already talk of a huge recession in Europe because of the Coronavirus ….  sheesh!

I thought this problem with my damn stomach parasite was bad enough – as it is – it is so bad for me now that my diet has had to be stripped right back to basics, it’ll not be long at this rate that l am on just crackers and filtered water only ha ha!


Hopefully, we will have a nice summer and the rains will ease off so l can get stuff done, l have only managed to get bits done and small bits at that. The recent weathers have caused more problems for the garden and the house alike. No we didn’t flood but the winds broke things. Mm, Broke Wind! Ha ha!

I now have to buy a new glasshouse whether l want to or not, the winds have cracked way too many of the panes of glass and now everytime it rains it floods and leaks on everything. Bit defeatist really. I have opted to go for a new polycarbonate glasshouse – which is way better for the landlord in the long run and excellent for me in the short trim period of being here. I don’t want to buy one, but if l want to get things done – l have to. So hopefully in the week that Suze is off work, in two weeks time we can get the old one down and the new one up.

Outsunny Clear Polycarbonate Greenhouse Large w/ Slide Door

It’s going to be busy on her ten days off, full on with the amount of jobs we now have planned in for the garden and the shed and now the greenhouse. I have seen a model l like priced at £289 which is not bad a price really. At least it will be dry and less windy and more reliable in both the wind and the wet. But with all the big jobs we have planned March will be busy – shed stripped out and cleaned and all content boxed, hopefully externally painted, the two seater painted and repaired, the huge pile of branches can be shredded, the conservatory cleaned out  and the greenhouse set up. Never mind all the mainstream gardening jobs planned in.

The winds and hail on Saturday night smashed our side gate to pieces and that has to be replaced – one good thing is the landlord is covering that expense – sadly a new gate could well cost with labour almost the same as the greenhouse!!? It’s a six foot high gate.

But hopefully the weather will be nice when she is off, as we are just so horribly delayed now.

Spoke to the neighbours about the sixty foot beech tree that is now shading our south facing garden … can not be trimmed it has a TPO on it apparently! A Tree Protection Order – l am bemused by this – but l have always thought this damn council is a bit corrupt in their ways!  But hey ho, it just means more restrictions on the vegetable growth for the season It also means our neighbours will not be getting vegetables this year – BECAUSE TPO’s are requested! They must think me a muppet!

They could have avoided this years ago when they planted the tree when they first bought the house. As the tree grew they developed a rift with the owners of this house who requested it be trimmed for the same reasons l want it trimmed. So, they did the logical thing – they requested a TPO and the council granted it! A beech for goodness sake!!  Now it can’t even be trimmed! I can’t even trim any overhanging branches!! Oh well, get over it Rory!


Suze and l are seriously stoked [happy and enthusiastic] about the new digital business we are in the process of starting and by the time our studies and research and investment learnings are finished which l guess will be end April some time we are very eager to start that. You’ll be reading about that when it starts – and l will will start journalising my progress in the new The Studio Workshop – worry not.

I’ll not bore everyone with my endeavours, most of that series will form The 13th Post and will be password controlled, so only those who really want to know about it can read the series.

But l am pleased that finally Suze and l have started this, it was originally set to be studied way back in Agust of last year – but hey with life and all …. you know?

The other good news is that l am finally getting my blog into the over all shape l had plans for it to be last year, so slowly that’s coming together now, some of the new projects are even ahead of schedule so that’s all cool too.


On the 10th of this month, so just over a week away now – l have an appointment with my dentist – l had to bite the proverbial bullet and book privately as the national system was taking too long. But that private consultancy was booked three months ago as was! So now it’s here, three months later and three months later of horrendous discomfort! I am looking forward to this and l am not …. because despite keeping good oral hygiene my jaw has never been good ever since that train door hit me in 1989.

Australian dentristy in the 70’s as a kid didn’t help either and also being terrified of the dentists. When l was 15, an English dentist lifted two teeth that didn’t need to leave!

Suze and l have calculated that l have close on to £60,000 worth of damage in my mouth so who knows what is going to happen with this!? Again, another time will tell l feel…


In closing, some good news … Suze on the 29th February did propose to me – not marriage but a civil partnership which was introduced finally last year from 2004 and l of course said YES – so we will get that sorted sometime this year too.

Civil partnerships: What are they and how are they different from marriage?

So there we go folks … a busy month again – let’s all hope, that the months ahead are kind to us.

Thanks for reading, catch you in the next episode of … 

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13 thoughts on “Dear Blog – March’on now that February’s Gone!

  1. Congratulations to you both! I was absolutely petrified of the dentist, but now I love going there! 💚

    1. I am terrified of what is coming up Ami, in order to fix my jawline they have to break my jaw in various places to get it to set properly and that’s all before they start work on my teeth.

      Many thanks for the gratz 🙂

  2. How cool! Way to go Suze, on Leap Day too🎉🙌👏💃🏼

    Younger daughter is down in Mexico having a tooth pulled today. $20.00 for an extraction in a clean, sterile facility. The dentist is fully trained too. Lots of people go to Mexico for dental.
    I actually read an article not too long ago about a town in Mexico that grew up around dental clinics. People fly in from all over the place, they have hotels and transportation services.🤔

    1. Mm, long way to go for teeth extracted as in from the UK 🙂 Wish we had dentists like that over here, but we sadly don’t.

      Yes, Suze did hint at it earlier this year 🙂

  3. A busy month indeed! First of all congratulations to both of you! Wish you all the best, health and respect! 💕🤩
    Is never too late to start caring for this world…what is going on all around the globe is really upsetting…and what is even more dangerous is that people don’t care…☹️
    Stay safe from the virus and good luck with the garden works 😉

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