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These are some of my favourited things!!

Eclectism Monkeys
Nippling Fuddles
Oopsy Daisies

Rory Matier


Many scientists think that philosophy has no place, so for me it’s a sad time because the role of reflection, contemplation, meditation, self-inquiry, insight, intuition, imagination, creativity, free will, is in a way not given any importance, which is the domain of philosophers.

Deepak Chopra


People, from all walks of society constantly ask and argue about the philosophy.

‘What’s the point to your words?’ They cry.

I laugh in their faces and yell “Seek not the philosophy of my words, for there is none!  For goodness sake, you are talking to a man who uses the words cattywampus and nippling fuddles how can you think there is depth in my philosophy? But if it helps there is ‘reality’.

Rory Matier


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9 thoughts on “Random Quotes 514#

  1. Cool tunes! And I love your words! I’m a fan of making up just the right word to describe feeling or situations.💃🏼

    Did you know a “Ka-Dunge” is a dent or crack? It can also be used as a verb, as in “I Ka-Dunged my knee on the corner of the table”.

    Philosophy is one of my favorite things🎶💃🏼

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