How Socially Conscious Is Your Blog?

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How Socially Conscious Is Your Blog?

I read a comment on a post in Facebook recently which basically implied that the original poster’s topic of being ‘socially aware’ was making them as an individual ‘unpopular and unhealthy’  with their readership – and that if they wanted to be improved in both areas then they had to stop writing against the grain of who they were and start writing truthfully even if it did cause controversy and upset lots of people.  By writing with empathy towards readers – they were causing unnecessary stresses to themselves and their other uncaring readers!

I had to double take the response in truth to make sure l had read it correctly – once done l then sat back and tried to configure it … what was the commenter really implying?

That the original poster SHOULD not write in a caring and empathetic manner and by dropping social awareness they would make themselves and more of their readership happier?

So does this mean therefore that what is being said is that with regards being ‘politically correct’ and ‘socially aware’ and ‘displaying empathy in the written form’, that this is not being true to our personal identities and more so if we are only writing falsely to begin with?

I was always under the impression that it was considered polite to NOT be rude to people with deliberation – if it was accidental, then that was not considered rude or hostile but purely an error  ….

Is being politically correct and socially aware to another’s needs not just displaying empathy but maybe being false? Are we being too polite in our cautions to NOT upset society that the reality is that we have forgotten who we are?

I know when writing posts that l make  the conscious decision to ensure that my writing doesn’t cause offence with deliberation and intent. That whilst l am aware of what is acceptable and what is not, where does one draw the line?

Last year someone emailed me and criticised me for using certain language in one of my posts concerning how my father treated me as his son in the 70’s and the colourful language he chose to call me then. The inclusion of the term ‘retard’ from my father to me was pulled up in reference by my emailer who demanded that the word be extracted from my post! I declined on the grounds that those were the types of words my father used towards me in the 70’s.

I reiterated that l personally, do not use those words myself. But as it was not written with the intention of offending anyone else l would not extract the language of my yesterdays’. I suggested that if the reader was outraged and upset by language l used then maybe they were better off not following?

On other occasions l include disclaimers on the top of posts especially if it is read as erotic or concerning taboo subjects – that is just being aware of the sensitivities to people’s reading habits. I still would class that as politeness and not specifically being too politically correct.

But l cannot deny that when in the throes of writing in my style that l am very conscious of words and terminologies that l use. Yet, l still write in a good 95% personality that is my own.

Has the political correctness trend gone too far? Are we becoming  too scared now to write as us? Before readers deny this and say they write as they are … l would say ‘think hard how you respond’, because l have seen writers here declare thay write as themselves and yet l see that they too walk cautiously along some paths despite what they write elsewhere?

I think there is a huge difference between ‘being  socially aware’ and ‘being politically correct’ but am l wrong? Are they one and the same now?

Has the Freedom of Speech had its heyday? Is it EVEN really ‘Freedom of Speech?’ I mean we should all exercise caution when commenting should we not … isn’t that just the first rule of politeness?  I don’t believe there is such a thing as the Freedom of Abusive Speech ….

Or …. is it time to simply accept that some conversations, subjects and topics are now forever going to be considered antiquated and taboo, that under no circumstance can they ever be discussed because the content may just cause too much upset?

Is this what some may consider a taboo question just by asking it?

I had a conversation of a similiar nature with a few people at a garden party, ten years ago who at that time were ten and fifteen years my juinor and they considered me terribly old fashioned for even broaching the subject!

I am classed as Baby Boomer ….

Which Generation are You?

If you get a spare moment you should check out the link itself as the article is really astonishing reading and informative too.

Generation Name Births
The Lost Generation
The Generation of 1914
1890 1915
The Interbellum Generation 1901 1913
The Greatest Generation 1910 1924
The Silent Generation 1925 1945
Baby Boomer Generation 1946 1964
Generation X (Baby Bust) 1965 1979
Xennials 1975 1985
Generation Y, Gen Next
1980 1994
iGen / Gen Z 1995 2012
Gen Alpha 2013 2025


So – all this aside back to the original question …

How Socially Conscious Is Your Blog?

and ….

Is the term socially aware or politically correct – is there really a difference anymore between the two? Is one only about displaying empathy to others or have we become too afraid to voice our true personalities?

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25 thoughts on “How Socially Conscious Is Your Blog?

  1. Though I never intentionally try to offend anyone, I think PC is killing us. It’s killing our creativity, our productivity, and our freedoms. Sometimes we NEED to hear the things we don’t want to hear. That’s how we learn and grow. Often times, the truth hurts, but it is through that hurt that we grow better and stronger. I do my best to follow The Golden Rule, and Do Unto Others as I would Done Unto me. I also believe honesty is the best policy.

    1. Good philosophy, l think PC is killing us, but then we are literally of a different time to those born in the days of today – they have grown up in many ways l feel a restricted life – they haven’t seen much of the world as we grew into it, rightly and wrongly.

        1. Sadly that is exactly it – they only think they know what is best – by their teachings, their learnings and their observations in a digital world – but Jeanne, we are now the ancient ones when our gens are gone, they’ll never be replaced – so the experiences of life we have are invaluable and yet are being treated with contempt.

          People say they hate History, you don’t hate history, you can hate your history but everything is a big learning curve, you can’t keep punnishing yesterday for today we all have to make Today better – age and wisdom know that … but a younger age and inexperiences doesn’t….

            1. Now, it’s the way of life Jeanne … somewhere in their own futures they will like we all have learned, that things discussed by our elders were in fact based upon facts. That learning life outside of the computerised and digital platform is actually the way to go.

              But this is just one aspect, many people don’t help others today, they think of themselves only, they think they know better, they think everything before them is stupid or wrong or broken. They want to break things and have them fixed their way instead of accepting somethings are JUST that way! They think that social media is the answer to everything their highs, their lows and their woes.

              They think they have the power to change things just by saying something and that … sadly is the way our world is going.

              I remember as little as ten years ago that if you wanted to have something heard, you had to raise a petition and they used to have a requirement of a 100,000 signatures before they were read.

              These days, because of abuse of social media, businesses, companies and so on are afraid that if they do something wrong they will be trolled and roasted on social media [which is the case] before getting a fair trial… there are too many issues at hand to discuss.

              Not everyone is to blame from one gen to another but gens learn the good ways and even sadder the bad ways from new gens and adopt them as their own.

  2. Like you, I write what I think. Sometimes I am a bit repetitive but that’s how I am. I never use language that I wouldn’t use in real life, like swearing of rated language.
    While commenting, I’ll admit to be careful so as not to offend people because it’s their space not mine.
    From my point of view, I think this is fine. On my space I write as I please.

  3. Hmmm, wonder why I use a name that’s not completely my own (it sort of is)? I wonder if the social restrictions (whether pc or otherwise) relate more to the fear of being lambasted by trolls or other forms of feral critters? I wonder if we can ever truly be a person without a mask?
    In all forms of community, we think and learn from the internal culture about what is acceptable and what isn’t, and sometimes, we try to impress our ways upon others. Or others try to impress their ways on us.
    Whatever, we do what we have to in order to protect our butt, stay safe and out of the way of emotionally or physically unstable situations.
    It’s a question that would take a lifetime to answer, I’m afraid, so I’ll go on being careful to avoid most political, religious and other contentious chit-chat.

    However, if someone were to tell me I couldn’t write in a male voice because I’m not male, or I can’t write as a mother because I don’t have children, or can’t write a story from the perspective of another form of human because I’m not ‘one of them’, I’ll rant and rave and continue telling stories, because I write them from the internal me that has experienced life in a lot of different situations, and skin or language or gender doesn’t come before who the character is – I tell their story through my life experiences and emotions, and I am more than the surface presentation.
    Ask an acter if the roles they play are dictated by their real world persona. No, they use what they know to become the person they are presenting to the world. They bring all they are to show the true depth of that becoming. In many cases, especially with film, the original story has a male character and it ends up filmed with a female character (or vice versa), or a white man with red hair becomes a black man with grey hair, or …

    Sorry, could easily get carried away with this …

  4. I’m a boomer (1961). I say retard and retarded when joking with some people, but I don’t write it. It makes you sound stupid and thoughtless and shouldn’t be put in writing. That said, I disagree with the convoluted reasoning of why it’s “hurtful,” which literally makes no fucking sense. We no longer call mentally challenged people “retarded,” so when we call a friend that as a joke, it doesn’t hurt some poor guy in an asylum. The same people have no objection to idiot, but they should, since both idiot and imbecile were also classifications of mental handicap. But you can’t expect logic from the PC police any more than you can from racist trolls. Oh, I swear a shit ton in person and in writing; however, I don’t do it when I know it offends people I like because I’m not an asshole. 😂

  5. I write whatever and however I want on my blog. When I comment on other peoples blogs I try to be aware of their readership and whatnot. It’s just being polite🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m a Gen X-er. (Very interesting article BTW) I knew that already. Apparently the Gen X motto is “Whatever”😂
    Social awareness or PC, whatever you want to call it, comes down to the same thing… being respectful. Words that used to be common aren’t okay to use anymore. It’s the evolution of language and what society finds acceptable. I’ve been ‘schooled’ many times by Younger Daughter over the way I say things. It’s difficult at first to adjust to using ‘they’ as a pronoun for one person, but I got used to it when daughter was dating someone who identified as non-binary. It goes back to being respectful.
    It DOES get a little ridiculous sometimes. It seems that some people are looking to be offended or they’ve nominated themselves as the [insert cause] police.
    Back to blogging… write whatever you want to write. Be controversial if you want to, but dont be surprised if people react. We’re living in some very divided times.

  6. I just met a guy the other day, seems a decent gent. He was quite happily working in the craft beer industry until he came out with one certain beer name and label that someone took offense to. He showed me the label, which was a very clever food-sex innuendo and play on words. It was cartoon food with stick figure arms, legs, and – clearly happy – faces. A widely read beer blogger used some very horrible hashtags accusing him of being some terrible person, it got others wound up, and it all but ruined the guy in the end.
    This label being something I would buy or at least snap a pic of just to share with my girl for laughs and arousal. All I can think is some sadly high percentage of people are missing out on quality life experiences. Seems it leads to acting like a child, even in an adult industry where you’d expect everyone to treat each other like adults. Things are going to be said that don’t sit well with you, but there are mature ways to address them.

    1. Very very true – the world seemingly is on a mad phase.

      Strangely enough l have noticed a turn in the ol’ sexual trending as well. I worked the adult industry for a few years and when l look at some people today, yes they are younger than me – and no, not being ageist but observing how very prudish and judgemental they are almost as if flirtatious behaviour and innuendo and let’s say it as it is sex – is taboo or forbidden – it’s a very strange world we live in sadly.

      I feel sorry for the craft beer guy because experiences like that are not just damaging and ruinous but can be very long lasting 🙁

  7. For me what I feel is socially OK, may not be what another individual feels. Or my Government even. I think of our treatment of refugees particularly!.
    Politically correctness is in some cases a bit over the top in my personal opinion, Imagine the movies and books, the News articles that could not have been stated. No one forces you to read my blog or anyone else’s. If you disagree with anything I write and wish to comment about that I am fine with it. As long as you accept I am very unlikely to change my opinion or words. As I usually am a very accepting person. If history was written as some younger people would like it would be full of lies.

    I feel so many people have lost a sense of humour yet I am very aware of the fine line for many in the sexual innuendo and humor.
    As a woman I see so many things that have been seen for so long as suitable humour of a sexual nature (and I am definitely not narrow minded or a prude) that can be laughed at by men which actually can perpetuate how woman are viewed.
    As a nurse who worked for many years and at the times when younger having seen how nurses were portrayed in not only humour but movies and dramas as often being easy, and not so bright. It took a long time for this to be changed and the women working in the role as professionals.

    As to what you post on your own blog that is in regard to how or what was said and how that is your story and I feel that you have to be able to write your truth.

    I do not have many young people in my life. So I am not really able comment so much. I am aware of the increase in Pentecostal religious power in my country drawing younger people in. It does seem that there is a movement in my government to try and control free speech.

    Im a Generations X but at the beginning of the years that group

    Where do we draw the line on things. Just because we grow older, does it mean what we have accepted in the past remains resonable and acceptable today? I don’t agree, if so woman would still be not allowed to vote, Epstien would still be molesting and raping woman through his power.
    Apartheid would be still accepted and black face. Slavery all sorts of things. I personally feel the world is currently going through a big change as woman are speaking up more about what is not OK and what our boys should not be encouraged to do as for so many it allows them to get away with to much especially when power is also there.

    I do feel I am one very fortunate with the younger people I meet in my life so many are wanting to know about how things were done in the past, and not as glued to the internet or mobile phones etc.

    Having parents and grandparents who lived through world wars, great depression and so many things that most younger people in western countries would have very little real understanding of. Yet poverty is rampant in our societies, and self obssession with so many bloggers and making money on talent or no real obvious talent just ot make money think kadashians.

    I do have one example of generational social conscious that happened between my father and I. My father sister and I were all in the car, us girls in the back seat. We were talking between ourselves about boys and I can not recall which of us said about a male at school. Oh He is a spunk. Next thing my head swings sideways and my cheek is hurting and burning. My father whilst driving had given me an almighty back hander. Both my sister and I were in shock! (she did not get a hit) I was crying and screaming why did YOU DO THAT? He yelling back dont ever use that word… my sister somehow managed to get him to understand what the word meant in our generations language. Handsome goodlooking…not sperm as it meant to him.

    Okay I am rabbiting on and could continue. I feel you have got my jist.

    1. A fabulously detailed and insightful answer – many thanks for taking the time to comment – l only see you as an Anon, so l cannot thank you personally – but my thanks to you 🙂

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