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The Things People Say!

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Series 1 – Game 5

The nature of this game for the writer is to Create and Flash Fictionalise a story of no more than 300 words on a snippet of eavesdropped conversation that l provide.

The last Games ‘snippet’ back story …

“Mm, that’s a little disappointing – all that talk and l thought it would be bigger than that”

This conversation snippet was overheard when l was in a busy but small family run equestrian store in Spalding in Lincolnshire in 2012. I was there buying ‘Wellington Boots’ as l was working at that point as a Stable Manager and the one item of clothing l got through very quickly was boots.

As l was sitting there trying on the boots and talking to the lovely sales assistant, we both overheard this conversation from the dressing room behind us.  There were two people in the stall one male and one female and well you can l am sure imagine what my thoughts were. The sales assistant was trying not to laugh when the conversation continued as such …

“Mm, that’s a little disappointing – all that talk and l thought it would be bigger than that” [Female]

“Yes well, sorry to disappoint but l think you’ll find it’s always this size more or less – you could try pulling it harder and you may get a different response perhaps? You don’t want something too big so it’s all floppy and loose do you? [Male]

“Will it work if l pull it, what happens if l pull too hard and l break it?” [Female]

“I don’t know, l am always tugging at mine, l have never known them to break or drop off, but l suppose it might if the weather turned cold?” But it does have some leeway.[Male]

“But there is always a first time for everything is what you are saying then?” [Female]

“There is always a first time for eveything and anything anywhere ha ha ha!” [Male]

“Should l bend down and try it that way, do you think if l bend down or maybe get on my knees l could test it, l mean how do l know if it is any good or not if l don’t test it, look l am bending over can you see anything different, does it look better that way?” [Female]

It was at this point that l came to realise that myself and the sales assistant were NOT the only ones aware to this conversation .. the entire store had stopped what they they were doing and were now tuning into the dressing room’s conversation to the two occupants completely oblivious to the crowd outside … worse than that the manager of the store had turned down the store’s music!!

“Err, mm. yes, yes, it looks nice actually….” [Males]

“Harry what is wrong with you?? Don’t look at my bum, look at the stretchiness of it!” [Female]

“Well Jenny, you have a nice bum, it’s hard not to look at it, you know, but as to the dungarees yes they are stretching very nicely over all your curves, l act…..” [Harry] Harry had at this point stopped talking and then … “Err Jenny, when we came in to change here, was there music playing in the shop? I am asking because it’s very quiet?”

A pause followed by much shuffling … “What do you mean, no music, yes l heard something … but it is very quiet, have a peep outside, it’s not closing time is it and we have been locked in??” [Jenny]

“It can’t be, my watch reads 4.35pm …. why is it so quiet??”

That panic when you realise things are about to change suddenly swept through the store, l started talking to the assistant again, she nodded, people started to pretend to shop again and the manager turned the music back on, so that when Harry and Jenny stepped outside with her new pair of stretchy denim dungarees – whatever they thought had happened was merely a glitch in the very fabric of time ….. no one knew any different and it’s not like the store was listening to two people trying on clothing was it?


So how well did you do?? Sadje played and came up with the following story … Mm, that’s a little disappointing … Sadje – Keep It Alive

Today’s Eaves Dropped Conversation Snippet is … from 2007

“Oh well Terry’s friends came around last night and it wasn’t long before we were at it all night!”

… So, what can you do with this – if you didn’t know the story?

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21 thoughts on “Game Day -The Things People Say!

        1. Ha ha yep, instead of just thinking they should be embarrassed ha ha – their faces were classic when they did come out and you could see Harry looking somewhat baffled and Jenny a bit confused. All the customers including myself had suddenly become very very busy!!

  1. I bet those two in the booth had red faces when they realized how their *innocent* conversation sounded to the general public! Hilarious!! Now here’s my contribution for this week’s challenge. I had meant to write something for the last one, but it just never happened. Sorry about that!

  2. I am reminded of a friend I had in high school. She had an older brother named Terry.
    The family had a pool/billiards table in their garage. One night the friend and I were playing a game then the brother and friends showed up and, yes, we went at it all night…shooting pool that is. There were drugs involved too. The 80s were a wild time.

      1. Indeed, I miss overhearing conversations, nevertheless this just makes me enjoy your snippets even more! 💚

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