Aloe, aloe!! Where does one start?

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Aloe, aloe!! Where does one start?

Planting with Intent! [Episode 11 – Week 8]

It’s Wednesday 26th February 2020 – the day started pretty sunny, but is now clouding over and looks like even more rain!!! I have a shopping delivery set to arrive between 11am and 12pm which means l can’t go out into the garden and start working just yet in case l miss it and yes it does irk me immensely – but what can you do, we need the delivery! As long as the weather office have their information correct, l should have a good few hours in the garden after the delivery to start the seed sowing.

I ‘don’t specifically’ need to start sowing vegetable seeds today – l could let that go to the middle of March – if l was planting outside, and with the weather the way it has been l would probably not even sow until the end of March beginning April. I mean we could still get frosts until May – l have seen that happen before. Mind you l have seen snow fall in this country at the height of summer in July – so it stands to reason that weird shit and weather can happen any time. But if you base your growing on that – you’ll never plant anything out!

But l want to sow some seeds today so they have a great starting point and will be ahead of the game and more importantly will be stronger healthier plants.


This year is going to be different to the previous seasons for a couple of reasons 1] most notably l will be enjoying my first full vegetable season since 2016/2017 and 2] because l am starting a new venture or project for the 2020 season in so far as l am going to be maintaining a 366 day gardening season on account of it being a Leap Year! I am pretty stoked about this really. To have vegetables for a full year in the ground is quite adventurous for me.

This year is very different,  time wise in consideration to other years and l am on occasion clueless as to whether l am coming or going most days now at least until l start to stabilise certain routines – l have a lot on now which whilst expected for this year, just swung around quicker and into different angles which l will probably discuss at some point in a Dear Blog episode in the future!

So l am having to really quantify everything going on in my life.

Someone asked the other day why l spent so much time with what is basically a hobby? They were referring to the gardening. I was a little aghast at this suggestion and had to correct them – currently l work in the garden when l can and weekly l guess l have enjoyed maybe 9 hours total per week with all the jobs inside and out.  I have been inside more because of the weather conditions … and that makes gardening virtually impossible. With the weather improving and hopefully these storms easing off … l will be out in the garden probably for a good six hours a day for the first few weeks. That’s NOT a hobby, that’s a job.

This year, l am planting with intent – which is to have a garden that produces with specific deliberation and planning product for consumption. It’s not something just to look pretty  like flowers – it is to be 100% practical  – so l told them, that this was to be for this year very much a full time job and in truth vegetable gardening wasn’t so much a hobby, but an activity more like work and days at the gym! But then hey, they buy all their vegetables from the supermarket! What am l to expect?

I have a full compliment of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers set up for sowing seed and slips and plugs and then transplanting to the ground, maintaining , sustaining and then finally harvesting for the next twelve months. The last time l had a garden planned like this was in 2017 so it’s going to be full on.


Because l have learned so much from over the years in this particular garden, l can to a good 70% predict how things will react to certain weathers and so this year l have placed more emphasis into the preparations and worked on systems that make the job easier for one person over that of two. I need it to be where possible – even more enjoyable and relaxing.

What l am going to do for the remainder of this episode is simply outline to you what my garden plan comprises of this year and then as the ‘season starts’, l will go into more details concerning the vegetables themselves – sowing, planting, transplanting how well they fare or they don’t.

So on that note and in no specific order of planting this is what is set to be in the garden for 2020/21

Vegetables/Fruits/Herbs To Be Grown

Vegetables/Fruits/Herbs To Be Grown



Sweet Potatoes

Courgette [Zuccini]

Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Black Cherry Tomatoes

Climbing French Bean

Runner Bean

Spring Onion Purplette






Vegetables/Fruits/Herbs To Be Grown

Vegetables/Fruits/Herbs To Be Grown


French Radish

Hot Pepper

Rocket [Salad]

Aubergine [Eggplant]

Oriental Salad

Pak Choi



Sweet Pepper


Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli





Butternut Squash









Kohl Rabi

Experimental 2020





So as you can see, this year requires a lot of planning as the menu is quite full. That’s not even really the full list due to some of the additional herbs being sown for inside growing only, but it gives the reader a fair idea of what to expect in the coming episodes.

Anyway the delivery turned up, got to get that put away and get out into the garden, looks like an earlier rain ….



IMG_3671 (3)

26th February 2020 – 1.40pm

Today l seed planted the following varieties – experience has taught me that these varieties [although do exclude Wildflower mixes] need slightly longer in the pot from seed stage. Many other varieties can be sown direct to soil because of the speed germination takes, others are slower and need more encouragement – these below in this garden need a lot of encouragement.

Wildflower ‘Bat mix, Bee mix and Wild Bird


Climbing French Bean

‘Blue Lake’


Long Marrow

‘Green Bush’






‘Crystal Lemon’


Hot Pepper

‘Cayenne Red’



Sweet Pepper

‘Bendigo F1’




‘Polka F1’


Cape Gooseberry



Catch you later, thanks for reading …


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9 thoughts on “Aloe, aloe!! Where does one start?

    1. The reason carrots grow mis shapen is because they need a completely stone free soil, it has to be fluffy, if when growing in the soil and the tap root encounters a stone or a rock, it veers off because it can’t go through.

      Over here carrots can be prone to some seriously annoying diseases especially given the amount of rain we are experiencing – so for me, yep experimental.

      I have to have a container 10″ depth filled with light and fluffy compost.

  1. 🙂 Rory, when I read the title of your blog post, I immediately thought about aloe vera.

    After I perused the content of your blog post, I realized that it was based on your green thumb.

    Do enjoy the rest of your week, my friend!

  2. Growing your own food is a job rather than going to work for someone else then exchanging the money you make for food. You list looks quite extensive. Happy gardening! 🙂

    1. Buckets/Straight containers are a great vessel to use, 10″ depth minimum pending varieties and a light no rock / pebble but fluffy soil to ensure ‘straight root growings’ .

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