Going Postal Not Always Mail Dominated!

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Going Postal Not Always Mail Dominated!

You”ll know if you read the post Too Much Data, Not Enough Information! that l am reducing down to three posts a day. I am doing this for a few reasons and not just ‘Data Overwhelm’, although that was and is one of the reasons for sure , but equally because in order to make and prioritise my time to be more effective it meant something had to give. I am trying to fit too much into one day. Twenty years ago in my thirties l could mentally as well as physically multitask and yet twenty years later and l can’t.

My mind most days is racing at 100 miles an hour for various projects l have on the go and not just the blog … but gardening, studying, business preparations, house tidy’s and life – and considering there is only 24 hours in one given day, l have to really try and fine tune and make in many ways every minute of every hour count.

When l first started blogging, l could spend more time in blog and back then was active for around 15 hours a day. If people have less commitments and pressures on time, then l should imagine a lot of people still do this – although, l have noticed a shift in the last 24 months alone with our particular internal community to the overall community that readers, writers and bloggers alike seemingly don’t have that time as they once did.


Of course it’s difficult to pin point with precision when you are based in one country  – TIME – because everyone’s time on the global grid is different – we are all many a time, whilst in time, always at different times to each other, even though many a time we are awake and conversing at the same time!

Rory Matier

It can get difficult with blogging out of sync – and this brings me to my questions – and funnily enough something l saw last night from drtanya@saltedcaramel as a comment made the questions even more pointed – her comment was on this post –  Writing Competition and she said “I just missed it.”  That was with reference to the Writing Competition itself.

In her defence, l am not surprised – because that brings us back to Data Overwhelm. You know how are any of us supposed to keep up to speed with everything going on when we have our own blogs, our own lives, work, family and so on? We live in our own time zones – l am the UK, should l be hyper focused on the time in other countries?

Well, that’s the $64,000 question and the basis of today’s questions funnily enough – should we just be focussed on our own time zones or considerate to the global time zones when it comes to publishing posts?

Today is the first day of my three post slots and the times l have chosen are GMT 06.15am [Universal Greetings post] , 14.15pm [Feature post] and 22.15pm [Feature post]. The 4th post or what will become known as The 13th Post will be published at 18.15pm on the days when it is to be. My posts from this point on will be once every 8 hours or 6 hours pending a 13th Post.

When l sat down and started working out my postal times, l took into consideration the time zones of America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Africa, India and Europe as my main reading audience and not forgetting my own UK times. So those three – four postal slots are going to be seen effectively by my readership at relatively acceptable times – globally speaking – in their time frames.

Someone once told me with reference to blogging that the perfect time for posting a publishing in the UK was 11.30am and for 2017 l did that – each post [at that time one slot a day] l posted at 11.30am. I didn’t see a huge significant change but of course the higher the postal quantity you have daily is – then of course your postal times and reading versus viewing and readership will be different to a single time.

As l became more aware of blogging and l am far from an expert, l became conscious of global time zones and how my 11.30am slot actually wasn’t that effective except for a few countries including UK. It wasn’t bad, but it could be finer tuned. I realised that there was more to it than just blogging and publishing a created and finished post – why am l surprised – there is ALWAYS more to everything! More on that another time …. however?


The actual questions for today are these:

What do you consider the right time to publish a post for greater readership impact and viewing?

Do you ever give consideration to other Global Time Zones when you are planning on post dating a published article?

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18 thoughts on “Going Postal Not Always Mail Dominated!

  1. If one is super organized then one would do what you’re doing. I just go by habit of scheduling my posts by the PST, the time here in West coast. If I am scheduling a response to someone in India, I would try to do that when it’s a appropriate time there. Similarly if I am posting a response to one of your prompts, I will try to get a slot which is more appropriate for UK. But I have the same four,( usually) slots.

    1. Midnight isn’t a bad time Gary:

      UK – Midnight [late reading]

      USA = – 5/8 Hours GMT

      Australia = +8/10 hours pending season

      Canada = – Like the States [ish]

      India = + 5.half hours

      Singapore = +8 hours

      Hong Kong = + 8 hours

      Europe = + 1 – 2 Hours

      Africa = +2 hours

      So midnight UK is not bad to the rest of the world, a bit late for Uk and a bit early for Africa.

  2. Unless I’m posting something for a specific date and working on it early (a rare occurrence) then I just publish whenever.
    Being on the US west coast, we are 8hours behind GMT, 19 hours behind Sydney (5 hours difference but a different day🤷🏼‍♀️) and 16 hours behind Hong Kong. I’m always ‘late to the party’ so to speak. But I dont post often so I dont think the specific time matters in my case.

    1. Probably not, and in fact the actual times really don’t matter one iota – to a pedant like me they do, but in another post, l will outline why there is no such thing as an idea post time 🙂

  3. I schedule most of my posts ahead in hourly intervals, starting at 12 AM (EST), unless it is something that comes to my attention during the day that I feel has priority. In that case I post immediately, regardless of time.

    I generally respond or comment when I receive or read someone’s comment or Blog, regardless of time, because I feel they will read my response or comment and/or respond when it is convenient for them (regardless of time), like I do.

    I do keep track of the time zones, however and try to communicate when my Blogging friends are probably online, if we are chatting about something. 😊

    1. Hey Betty, l tend to not schedule responses to ‘comments’, l think that would be an OCD nightmare ha ha – but the truth is there is no great time to post, something which l shall be discussing later this week – so everything you have written here is spot on anyhoo 🙂

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