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Valentine’s Day Competition! 2020

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Sadly the ‘Valentine’s Day’ writing competition did not make the five entrants  and had to be cancelled – we had three entrants only, these being as follows with their entries…

 Chaitrali of Glittery Thoughts

I wait to express my love,
Eyes speak to you
You stare at me 
We go back in Past to first Date
That beautiful girl, that handsome boy

Time flew up
Hearts are still young as before
Hold my hand forever
You are the reason to celebrate Life
You are my gift
Nothing else I want on this Day

© Chaitrali 


Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind

Rory’s Valentine’s Day Challenge


Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian

The Dating Scene – A poem about a blind date, for A Guy Called Bloke’s Valentine Day challenge.


My thanks to my three entrants – sadly however the competition could not swing ahead. Thank you all for your participation.

Valentines Day Writing Comp jpeg

There are two more ‘planned competitions’ for this year, these being “Pirate’s Day’ and Halloween – if these do not prove successful either as competitions then this feature will be scrapped.

Perhaps also, if there are any comments on the subject of ‘writing competitions’ as in what can l improve or what would encourage you to participate then please let me know in the comments section below – many thanks – Rory

15 thoughts on “Writing Competition

  1. I’m sorry that the valentine day competition didn’t pick up. For some reason, the blogging community is a bit sluggish these days. A few bloggers are not here like Beckie and Teresa is not doing prompts!

        1. I honestly don’t know, l hjave discussed it with a few bloggers recently but no one knows, perhaps as Angie says it’s because Mercury is kicking off again 🙂

          1. I don’t know why Mercury should be interfering in our blogging! But I think that for some reason the prolific bloggers have cut down on their writing!

  2. I am going through a very busy time personally and my blogging Insights series is keeping my blog afloat.
    I keep saving so many prompts but haven’t been able to do them yet.

    I missed the Valentine’s Day Competition because I didn’t see it.
    For the next ones I think it would help if you advertised them earlier and more frequently.

    1. Hi Tanya, each competition has been advertsised for two week – as in a week before the event and the week afterwards and is posted fresh as in not a reblog once every four days – however only today l discovered the ability in my layout format to ‘sticky posts which means l can pin a post to the top of my page.

      But thank you for the info as it is really helpful 🙂

  3. I had it saved to do, but I had promised myself to finish my political love story before my weekend away, so I had to resist new distractions… and it took every spare moment. Otherwise, I would have!

  4. It’s always a pleasure to participate in your challenges Rory! You put so much thought and time into them! I’ll try to advertise your blog more widely so more folks hopefully come and participate in these fun contests, but I did that this time too. Don’t know what’s up with WordPress and it’s continued refusal to solve the issues between ‘free’ and ‘paid for’ blogs and comments and sharing. That’s a huge rock in the road in my opinion and may explain why there was a slack off for this contest, but again, it’s only my opinion! Have a great day and week Rory! <3

    1. Hey Melanie, l agree that WP need to address certain issues – for me especially l have loads of comments missing, it’s either that or l am just being ignored by people – l can’t see the issue you experience but l know it’s there so that needs to be resolved, l can’t find anything about there being a social distance between free and paid for sites and l have asked WP direct and they deny that, so l don’t know what the big obstacle is – but something needs to be done.

      They did talk of the problem being around browsers and l know personally l experience major problems with Microsoft Edge which l use on one of my screens but if l want to work the dashboards of both Redbubble and WP, l can only effectively work them with Firefox as Microsoft Edge is unreliable, l have heard that some other faults are found with browsers – if this is true it’s not the fault of the blogger as far as l am concerned but it still lies with WP, they need to get these issues sorted out.

      I have found a facility to ‘pin’ posts so next time around l will take advantage of that too which will make things easier 🙂

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