Too Much Data, Not Enough Information!

The Data Hater

The biggest problem in the world today,
Is the sheer volume of data on display!
Matters not where you are,
Data overspill is never far,
From me, you and the rest of society!


Episode 1 – The Data Hater

Too Much Data, Not Enough Information!


This post is an introduction to a new feature titled The Studio Workshop which launches in the next 8 weeks. The Cynical Realist Blogger is a new ‘observation’ series, a thought process of sorts looking at blogging, and online entrepreneurship – it is more of a journal of journey over that of a how to,’ It is how l look at things, the world at large – as both a cynic and a realist.

A few weeks back, l had contemplated walking away from my blog – despite all the branding work going on – l woke up one morning and thought “Sod this! I have had enough!” There is way too much data overspilling and not enough information, not enough quality information.

Of course this is from someone who doesn’t run a marketing agency, or a data crunching business – but an ordinary person like so many others out there already. I mean in truth what am l? ‘A guy called bloke’, a writer, an entertainer, a storyteller, a person who cares, a person who is always seeking new information, a curious and intrigued person, a person wanting to start a business, a partner, a friend, an acquaintance, a cynic and a realist and a blogger! To name but a few of the many personalities and qualities l possess. I am all of those mentioned and many more.

But l had … contemplated just walking away from the blog itself – that is  – shutting it down and deleting it and never looking back. Why? Because of ‘Data Overwhelm’, there is too much data and yet never enough quality information have you noticed that with the Internet? You can’t go anywhere these days without becoming swamped, over run and downed with and by data – it’s everywhere!

Millions and millions of words hit you, me, us and them every day – it can prove damning! I mean if l was to just take WordPress alone – all the notifications that came through daily was frightening, my inboxes were overrun continually – each and every day l used to receive upwards of 1700 email notifications – l have had to switch them off and try and resume normal email communications – which is hard in itself  considering we get notification from every other organisation that seems to think email advertising is a winner.

I run two email accounts, of which it is safe to say that only one now is my prime communication and that’s not even my actual prime email, but an additional email l set up that doesn’t receive any notifications – and yet, somehow occasionally something slips through?

You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t in today’s world l feel.

I watch here in WordPress with interest l see the serial likers, the serial commenters, the serial readers, the serial non-readers, the serial posters – if you sit back and watch an average day – you see it all, you see all the data overspills, all the notifications- you see it all whether you want to or not?  That the world has gone crazy – seriously screwed up!

All this data we receive and see and experience daily, and really, just how much quality is there? It’s overwhelming – it’s frightening at just how overwhelming it has become – we produce more information each and every day globally than anyone can ever read??


As in humans, robots can, bots can, automated systems can – but humans – well they can’t! Not yet they can’t, but give it a few more years and l am sure there’ll be an App that will make it possible! But humans can’t even cope with the amount of information they have today that they think they can cope with now let alone the trilliions of additional pixels that are planned in for downloading and uploading from this moment on?

Marketing agencies say this is a good thing – “Oh we have all this information, we have data and numbers and we can crunch and we can grind and we can send out more bloody useless advertising data to people who don’t really want it but we have to do something with all this data!!”

Lucky us!!


Last year l was guilty to a certain degree of adding more information to this data rat race – producing the sheer volume of blog posts daily as l was , they numbered ten to twelve sometimes more – including the reblogs – just more information constantly hitting the world screens, people’s eyes, people’s boredoms, people’s frustrations with bloody data. So l gradually cut down from my highest number to my current number of four posts a day and no reblogs. Reblogs are nice, but it just adds even more data to the screens and to the overwhelmingness of too much data to people’s brains!

Everything is data these days, no longer just something nice, everything is purely designed to overwhelm people, to drown them in data! Never mind ‘trying to’, we are drowning, how are we to start making sense of all the data when there isn’t enough information to help us make sense of all this data as humans?

Yes l know, before all the tech heads and screen geeks jump on board and say there are tools to help control data – yes when it’s data you are collecting but how about all the other useless junk out there? How do we go about filtering that down?

Well we switch it off, we disable notifications, we reduce screen time, we, we, we and more we!  Super, marvelous = gggreat!

So three weeks ago, l had thought of pulling the plug on this blog and whispering Sayonara to it and then l thought NO, don’t be so bloody stupid – it’s all about control – controlling what you see, what you read, what you do … how you do things.

So, l disabled WordPress notifications – l can’t be doing with seeing 1700+ email notifications whenever someone likes, comments and so on daily – it’s absurd!!  It’s just way too much data – enough is enough! I would disable seeing everytime a post has been written if l could figure that out! There has to be a better way – for me, l just carry on with my internal format of how l read those that l follow. I find the internal reader in WordPress just as frustrating so steer clear of that efficiency or not, it’s irksome and encourages laziness and bad social media behaviours!

I have also disassociated myself from other organisations l was connected to and signed out as member and if l need them will only sign is as guest. That stops the amount of information l receive daily as well.

I am tired of being programmed and manipulated and coerced by marketing agencies – l am tired of being tracked, l am tired of being interrupted  if l am viewing YouTube by even more frustrating advertising, l am tired of pop up advertising, l am tired of advertising full stop being shoved down my throat, l am tired of information, of data, of useless information … l am tired of being overwhelmed, of having no control – l am tired of it all!  Our brains, can’t process all of this unwanted and unneeded data!! We are not robots just yet!


Life apparently with all of this data, information, communication, digital technology and computerised advancement and progression is a good thing …. ? It is for our improved mental health to be in touch with the rest of the world ……? Oh well then, that’s okay then!

So back to my initial thought of deleting my account, walking away from my blog … l opted against that – l have things to say to those who want to read them, maybe it’s just as trite and shite as a lot of the other informations out there in the world of overwhelmed data, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t!

So what am l going to do about it all?

Well l am going to slowly cut back on my information here that l supply daily and produce or at least try to, more qualitive written calibre. I run and maintain monthly 50 seperate features in this blog at four posts a day and l have enough information to write for a goodly period of time. Commencing just before March, l am starting to downscale from four posts a day to three posts a day with an additional two posts per month with the new The Workshop Studio feature. So from 120 posts a month to 92/4 a month –  I think, that is the way to be, well for me anyway – and hopefully for you too.

Anway, more on these new series soon. Take care – thanks for reading – Rory

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21 thoughts on “Too Much Data, Not Enough Information!

  1. I don’t know how people cope with getting all their blog notifications by email. Right from the beginning I turned off all WordPress notifications by email. For me, anyway, the WP Reader is by far the fastest and most efficient way to review my notifications.

    In general, though, I’ve always preferred pull over push, so I don’t accept notifications other than when I’m actually using a given site or app. It makes life much easier.

    1. Im there with you Ashley. WP reader and notifications!! Ebb and flow. Ebb and flow. Stay sane Rory… and glad you chose to keep a presence. Heck, one post a day is enough. Just do what feels right to you. You have avid readers who would miss you. Hope everything else is well… 🧵💙🐳🌊🐚🕯

      1. Hey Jeanne, l am staying, just prioritising my time differently – there is never enough of it – trying to find balance is the hardest part l think 🙂

        Hope you are keeping well 🙂

        1. Yes. Balance. The give and take… you (and i and us) will know when to move on. I am good, thanks. All the best to you too. ✌🏼🐳

    2. Hey Ashley, totally – how people manage with the notifications is beyond me – is there a way to stop receiving all the notifications whenever someone writes a post? Currently l have everything else switched off but the notes for each new post still get to me and l am draining them off into my spam folder till l can figure out how to switch that off?

      1. From either My Sites or the Reader, click on your gravatar on the top right. Then go to notifications, then the reader subscriptions tab, and change “default email delivery” to “never send email.”

  2. First off, I like the banner for this series. Secondly, never think about deleting your blog, NEVER!!!
    Thirdly, you’re right too much data, too many emails and notifications and too many posts can be overwhelming. Cutting back on all of them is fine.
    I am thinking of doing it too.

    1. Ha ha – ooher yes maam! 🙂

      I am not deleting, panic not, it was a thought that crossed my mind a few weeks ago as some bloggers knew – but l didn’t so all good – glad you like the design 🙂

  3. I’m definitely not a robot, but I AM a cyborg and I love it😉

    I spend a lot of time unsubscribing to emails and turning off notifications. They’re annoying! I already have a real life ‘annoying interrupter’ and that’s more than enough!!🙄😂

  4. Hi Rory, I wholeheartedly agree with your notion of drowning in data. There’s this cliché of drowning in data, but starving for information. And I’m not at all sure if I agree with the last part. While the whole notion of information is different in different contexts, what we are talking here is information as as the resolution of uncertainty; it is that which answers the question of “what an entity is” and thus defines both its essence and nature of its characteristic (source: Wikipedia) or its definition as ‘knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction’ according to Merriam-Webster. If that is the case than I’m on the verge of drowning in it as well.
    While data feels like a deluge, information feels like a tsunami. I, for one, feel that I have to sift through an overload of relevant information on a daily basis. While the information is all relevant to me (otherwise I wouldn’t be calling it information), there’s just too much of it. I feel behind the curve ball, being ignorant, left out. Or are these just symptoms of becoming an old fart as my 21-year old son dubbed me a while back?

    1. Hey 🙂

      No, you are not an old fart, deluge, drowning, tsunami’s all relevant terms – we are producing too much data, too much information and we cannot cope with the sheer volume of process – we are only human, even 21 year olds – what your son may fail to accept because of his age, and also you and l have both been that age and as such there are other more pressing things at 21 than worrying about how much or how little information there is in the world.

      As we age we become more concerned and discerning with regards data and information and therefore – more bothered by its presence – we all use what we need to utilise BUT there is now too much information and we have no idea what is to be done with it.

  5. Not artificial intelligence but I am convinced I’m an alien! You’re one of my top 3 favourite bloggers so you can’t leave! 😂 my WP notifications are sporadic so it doesn’t overwhelm me – I have cut down a lot the notifications I receive from other websites though, which has massively helped 💚

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