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Let me know your Quote Topic and Musical Artist choices below in the content section.

All you have to do is let me know and one of The Hello posts will be dedicated to you – come on let me make your day special – even if just a tinsy wincy bit! Don’t be shy – you can have as many dedications as you wish – we have a whole year ahead of us filled with lots of days!

Many thanks Rory

Peter Tosh

Miles Davis


Garth Brooks





John Denver

Otis Redding

Gloria Gaynor


Sunday Scales Its A Beautiful Day

Have an super funday Sunday Folks!!

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Happy Guest Star Day V4 PNG

Meena Walia of Meena’s Blog

What’s Cookin’ Meena! Have a fabulous Sunday


Meena’s Topic

Meena’s 5 Track – Artist Choice

Kal ho na ho  Soundtrack


“The only thing predictable about life is it’s unpredictability”.

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