Right, I Could Write a Lot And You Too?

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Right, I Could Write a Lot And You Too?

Before l started on my Redbubble store at 8am this morning,  thinking it was an hour’s worth of correction and then realisation struck home and here l am just after 9pm and l have finally finished it all. Since Thursday night a total of 19 hours inclusive today with a straight 13 hour have been spent getting it right. But, it is now done and anything left to do will be marginal thank goodness – l love repetition but the Redbubble system for uploading designs is slow, tedious,  boring and incredibly tiresome. They need to improve this system, they really do!

I had plans to write a couple of other posts, and perhaps an alternative post or topical post. That never transpired, hopefully this coming week l can get to it … did you see that word there? The optimistic one – ‘hopefully?’ I am sure you did. Because l feel equally as sure than many of you must be in the same boat – you have designs to write a post, create something different and somehow time or appropriation never seems to arrive in or on the week. Other things get in their way.

For me, it’s the dailies, the regular slots and the series and then life, gardening, studying, business preparations and life .. wash rinse and repeat.

Yesterday in the car journey whilst travelling to my mothers l jotted down a list of posts l want/wish to write and create this year in addition to every thing else l have planned in.

I create and publish 120 posts per 30 days and of that number l aim to have 90% in regular features with the remaining 10% in what l call completely different and unique what many others might call ‘Topical with a Twist’. Not the normal, not a regular, or a serial post or a daily, but something different. I have a journal here filled with ideas for posts l want to write that fall into that category and they number 135!!  I suddenly realised that by wishing to write the magical 12 different posts per month and in truth only truly realising 4 a month that l am NEVER going to run out of posts to create or topics to post about or even just material!

Which of course is a good thing …

Now how about you?

Do you have special posts that you want to write up, and l don’t mean responses to ‘prompts’ but topical posts with a twist that you want to create and never get the time to do so and are always behind with or are you always on schedule with your different posts?

Alternatively do you just go with the flow and write them anyway – “To hell with time!”

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35 thoughts on “Right, I Could Write a Lot And You Too?

  1. I have thought of having another blog aimed more at parenting but I struggle with time as it is. My biggest issue is work. I am most creative when i am at work and no where near a phone or computer. By the time i finish pick up my daughter and start dinner I am buggered. I am writing a novel. Duncan heights is on hold til I can get past the cheesyness of the next chapter. And then to keep up with the S.A blog and keeping it interesting for those reading it. If I can do that..

    1. Hey Stubby, got you – parenting blogs are very popular and always in demand, is it not something you could have as an attachment drop down to your existing blog?

      I know and understand that you use it for fiction but you also write about your life mention many a time your family and children so it would live hand in hand with your own blog?

          1. Then l have no idea where the comment is, but l commented directly after the only other comment there was which l think was Carol Anne, she said you weren’t a monster and l just agreed with that and said ‘

            Those who matter do, and those who don’t can fuck off!” with reference to people.

            People are the biggest pains in the ass on this planet.

            As to where comments are going though, l don’t know anymore, l am a little disillusioned with WP at present anyway which probably doesn’t help.

          2. Principally because comments are going missing, they are either hitting spam and that usually happens with bloggers if they comment a lot of other blogs, but l don’t comment a lot on other blogs every day. I have fixed reading days and so, l don’t tend to over comment a lot.

            I do include supprtive promo links to other blogs that might be included in my comments count – l don’t know. But l think in consideration to what l pay for this blog and the service package that WP need to stop buggering about with their blogs and sort out the flaws they have with regards internal communications and especially between bloggers.

            So, the problem with comments is either directly a WP problem, OR it is other blogger’s browsers and their browse platforms which is a recognised problem with WP – BUUT it still comes back to WP, not fixing their shit up.

          3. I am not bothered about the paid status l got that for a future investment reason on size allowance and features coming up in blog.

            My frustration for me is l think irrelevant to whether you are paying or not for your blog, that the basic first right is that we should all be able to communicate to each other without our messages/comments etc going missing – that shouldn’t be any less a service to paid for sites or non-paid for sites and WP fail in that area and they shouldn’t.

            Are there benefits to a paid for site to a non? Probably, but l would have been happier if WP had simply sold an unlimited storage capacity which l could have attached to my basic paid for site instead of me having to pay for a top package deal just to get extra space, so whether there are additional benefits l don’t really know.

          4. Interesting. I think maybe the reach to get ppl to see your blog. Like traffic. I think non paid have to hope and pray to be seen or noticed. Either that or I just suck as a writer 😂😂😂

          5. Well you don’t suck as a writer, in truth Stubby l was so hyperfocused on getting the additional space l didn’t even look at what else was offered with the package – l know that many of the newer features l have not touched since buying the upgrade in June of last year … when l purchased the main change l saw was the blog changed into a shop feature and l didn’t want that so they changed my format back to how everyone sees it today.

            It might have extra reach, but l don’t honestly know?

          6. You are too kind Rory. If my internet at home is back on today I might check out these paid services see what they offer.
            What they do need is more private messages. That way it doesn’t clog up the comments section lol

  2. Oh I do so want to do that but after I have done with my regular Prompt posts, I feel it won’t be fair to upload more posts on my blog! It would be too many. That’s why I wanted to cut back on the prompts. But doing Prompt are easy and creating a post from scratch is not easy! I’m thinking!!!!

    1. You could always cut back on prompt response? I remember when you first started and you said you wanted to write topical posts for women after fifty? Why don’t you opt for a balance of prompt response and topical 🙂

  3. No. I have two jobs, both of which already require a lot of screen time. This weekend I spent less time in front of the screen and feel better, so I definitely do not want to blog more. Less, possibly!

  4. I’ve got tons of ideas, but putting together a proper post for those ideas takes more time than I have right now. I have drafts and notes and hope.🤞😉

    I think I’m doing pretty good when I can publish at least one post a week.😂

  5. I just go with the Flow and follow inspiration, but don’t really consider myself a Blogger, my site a Blog, or even that it’s mine(!) – so don’t know if my 2 cents would even count. 😄
    (A certain amount of freedom from stress in this perspective, Eh?)

  6. I’m trying to keep up with my schedule but sometimes, no, what am I saying, actually most of the time is difficult…I plan to write my posts but then I’m always short of time…

  7. I just write whatever comes out of my head… sometimes it’s talking to myself and sometimes it talking myself off the ledge. Usually convincing myself not to jump…

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