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Season 4 – 501 –

“It’s about time!!” She yelled.
“What is?” I asked
“You getting here ….. finally!”
“But that’s just it isn’t it? It’s always about time, l mean, l am only five minutes late … what have you done in that five minutes?” I asked.
“Waited for you to arrive!”
“Ah right, so you wasted time you mean … you could have done something in that time, instead of wasting 300 seconds!”
“Oh yeah like what?” She snorted.
“Exercised some bloody patience for starters!” I retorted.

Rory Matier – 2007


The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.  

Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.


Have you ever wondered about ‘Time’? That five minutes, can so easily be misused – l mean think on it 300 seconds, does not seem that long does it. A full five minutes is just that – 300 seconds – what have you done in the last 300 seconds?

Rory Matier – 2007


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