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Through Another’s Eyes

We all experience them, l am sure of it, no, l know it we do – all of us …. where we have things planned, but they either take longer or we procrastinate or put off or push to one side – or we start and wish we hadn’t or they don’t work well, or they just don’t fit into the orderly world inside your head because chaos rules in there … you know?

That’s been my today, trying to be orderly but having too much to do and just not having the right time to compartmentalise everything into nice orderly little slots of effectiveness and efficiency! Becoming caught up with something and then your mind decides to flip the fandango or trip the light fantastic into something else. It’s like the smoke image above is similar to that of cloud drawing … me l see not just the smoke – but one well endowed alien female and one human female also and equally well proportioned and because l saw that l stopped what l was doing and started to write this post for my next daily slot.

Of course, someone else might just see smoke and someone might see the giraffes that Suzanne saw, or indeed something else? But that is of course the whole principal behind cloud drawing or smoke images.

I have a busy day, today is full on l MUST get my shit together and get these things finalised but l am stretched in the window opportunities of time as well. 

I have been working on my Redbubble store since Thursday evening – an hour before bed time, an hour during the day, a long period leading into the weekend – then a visit to my mother delayed me, and now here l am Sunday Funday trying to do the store and as well as keeping track of all the other obstacles and hurdles my mind is conjuring up!

I can’t stand sudden major change – not many people can – but Redbubble recently changed their customer profile – as in how they see and can select what they wish to see, and this altered my visual display of designs to such a way that my OCD went into overdrive and said NO WAY l can’t work like this – l must change it. At the same time that l was reviewing my sales figures from February 2019 to this year and thinking – “Right time to reduce the collection down again!”

A Guy Called Bloke Redbubble Feature JPEG

When l created the store back in March 2016, l started with 200 designs – the collections l had created painstakingly in 2015 … but nearly five years later the person who created those designs is not really living inside my head with me any more – l have changed, l have evolved  and l have diversified away from that thinking. Truth be known after installing all 200 designs between March to July in 2016, by January 2017, l had changed again, and l extracted 30% of the collection and destroyed them. Long before this blog came along in September 2017. So from 200 designs in 2016 – l reduced down to 140 designs spread across 8 collective genres.

By 2018 January l took a further 60 designs out which were spread across four main genre collections. Then l left the store to its own devices and didn’t bother really promoting it and made marginal sales – or what they class as passive income. In the nearly 4 years since creating my store l have only made a total of £500 gross and after commission taken by Redbubble £165 actual profit!  Terrible perhaps – however it is passive income so not bad really especially as l haven’t been promoting the designs properly – although that is set to change 2020.

However, with the recent administration changes via Redbubble, l now only run on 47 designs spread across five main collections. These last few days l have taken that 80 and torn it open and exposed it to reality and the new me ‘thinking and evolving wise’.

My designs are somewhat niche, predominately leaning into the obvious Aspergers and autism genre, climatical conservation, animal cruelty, pawtism and the new GCB collection [Guy Called Bloke]. I am now happier with these collections although l might alter GCB to literally reflect the blog name itself.

In addition to that l have been realistic with sales versus personal opinion and favourite and niche niche to mainstream niche. As in what actually has sold to what has never sold and what people really want as opposed to what l might only think they want!

Trust me, they do say for good reason that most people with autism cannot see things from another’s viewpoint with 100% accuracy – this is NOT a falsehood, it’s a fact.  I have a pretty keen idea what many of my readers want to see and then l try and balance that out for me and them.

But when it comes to trying to think mainstream niche it can take a long time to truly grasp it and the only way l can understand is to base it on actual sales. Of course, all businesses strategies work on the latter – pointless having a product line sitting on the shelves if it never sells, niche or not. There is only so much madness you should subject yourself too!

But it’s taking me ages, because my perfectionism mode has switched on and every single detail needs to be shit hot! Therefore, all the other things l wanted to do and had planned in for today are now shelved, l have never been great at multitasking anyway!  But in this post l wanted to write about, postal frequency and sundry, change, niche, Redbubble and new designs and of course frustrations!

I have not done that badly l suppose l have covered change, Redbubble store and niche and l am about to discuss new designs and my hardcore readership will probably detect l am a little frustrated anyway so all good!! So, l guess the ‘postal frequency and sundry’ l will discuss in a 24 hour blog question tomorrow or something.

But having now spent a total of 15 hours on the new store layout and harvesting and extracting existing designs with a forecast for a further 4 -5 hours to wrap up the store in readiness for a new promotion feature this spring l am actually not unimpressed.

I have changed the way potential buyers view my designs and what the designs actually sit on now – l have cut back tee shirt styles restricting myself to four styles only from the original 8, which is way better and based upon sales, what people are wanting. I have introduced socks and bathmats as new features for the designs so that might prove interesting. But anything heavy l have tossed out.

Redbubble buyers with me especially have never wanted to spend a lot of money on postage because it is costly, way too costly in many respects – so l have now worked on the basis of light costings and light postage fees. Therefore – tee shirts, bathmats, socks, stickers, notebooks and journals are not that expensive to send or realistically purchase although l tend to sell more stickers. Tote bags and zipper pouches are again relatively light and affordable – certainly more affordable to say the likes of water bottles and canvas prints!

So l am now on 47 designs only which is a big drop from the 80 l started with a few days ago – however this year l will have new collections added to the store and they will tie in both with the new evolved me and with some of the new series the blog will be offering. l am very excited about that! I have the following collections set to appear in store this year for certain with a few in the drawing stage and yet to be confirmed.

  • Gardening
  • The Grumblies
  • Conservation
  • TNP

I am still not 100% satisfied with the new Redbubble format, but l guess they have opted for a more structured and mainstream layout, that’s cool – it is NOT down to them to tailor make sales for me, it’s down to me to self – promote and keep on top of it – no different to any other drop ship feature or indeed blogging.

To my readers that have visited my Redbubble store if you find yourself with any free time today or this coming week – maybe best this coming week as l am working in-store now so things are still a little bit everywhere and everchanging as well as trying to tie everything up on the Redbubble page in my blog – pop along and let me know what you think and drop me an email or a comment on this post – because l simply can’t always see things through others eyes and any input would be really helpful.

Thanks for reading – Cheers Rory


Classic Eggshell Moments Redbubble Store

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Dear Blog JPEG

Dear Blog ……

19 thoughts on “Dear Blog – Through Another’s Eyes

    1. Hey Ami, absolute pleasure – for best results, split the colours up into a room each and that way each colour will come through properly for that scent 🙂

      So orange in one room, red in another etc.

    1. Hey Grandma, cool – l can’t alter much of Redbubble’s administrative changes but l have whipped out a lot of the old designs and opted for where l can a cooler crisper product approach 🙂

  1. I love that pawtism tote bag 😉
    Well, my shop unfortunately did not get enough love and attention from my side until I was thinking these days to close it down…then rethinking I said I will give it another try but I need to work first at my shop and then start to do some marketing! Well needless to say that this weekend I was working at the shop from morning to evening…the problem is that while working on the shop, how in the world can I also work at my posts for the blog???? 🥺🥺 Crazy life 🤪🤪

  2. Hi Rory. Checked out your shop and love your designs!

    Personally, when I order something I like to see a picture of the item with the particular design on it. For instance, say I want a t-shirt. I would want to check out the styles you have to offer, the colors available and a picture of the design I want on the t-shirt itself. The reasons being, the design printed on a tote bag may be a different size than that printed on the t-shirt or, it may not be printed in the location I like on my t-shirts – front instead of back, as an example.

    I probably am not an example of your average clientele, but I really love cups. So, out of the products you offer, I would be most likely to buy t-shirts and cups. 😊

    1. Hey Betty , many thanks for the review – everything you have written is available styles and colours.

      I ran with the cotton tote bag as my prime because as that is a neutral colour. Sadly one of the biggest problems with Redbubble is that the only items that have colour choice are indeed tee shirts with the classic offering up to 16 colours.

      I can’t offer too much choice because it would mean having to load a single design say to a coloured tote bag 47 times as an example as that is the prime colour range singularly to all other ranges [tee shirts excuded as they have drop down colour choice], so l can only offer a limited range.

      I did try cups initially admittedly, but when you then add the postage onto the purchased product the postage out prices the market on a cup even with a unique design therefore rendering the option of heavier items for sale defunct of a market which is a little sad.

      The store is now just under four years of age, a huge reshuffle and l will then see what this produces with a new idea l have for the promotion of ..

      But thank you for the review and input, truly appreciate it 🙂

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