Kumbaya My Friend, Kindle Aye?

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Kumbaya My Friend, Kindle Aye?

Whilst l am not new to Kindles and eBook reading – it’s not often a past time l am involved in, however l discovered an App where upon l could download eBooks into my PC – yeah yeah yada yada l know many of you already know/knew of such a thing – but l love the weight of a good book in my hands, the smell of an old book stirs me up, where as an eBook doesn’t have the same effect … not the content, no, just the techy side to it — BUT l have to concede to saying l do so admire the efficiency of the Kindle.

I can’t take my Desktop with me, l don’t have a Smart Phone in fact l am under the belief that my Doro 1360 is fast becoming as thick as two short planks considering it loses its charge within 24 hours and l must bite the bullet and get myself a newer model … which as luck will have it secured itself to me today in the form of an Alcatel  Mel of Caramel will understand this brand all too well as we were discussing these phones quite recently strangely enough. My mother had one which was too complicated for her and gave it to me still in its box. Problem solved.

Suze uses a Smart phone and everything is done through it – but l am an old fashioned Imperial measurements guy, so it’s literally boring basics for me .. and yet l am starting to really, truly, madly deeply understand and appreciate the wonders of the Kindle. We are becoming buddies!

I have read several books of Suze’s on her Kindle – yes it’s not mine it belongs to her, but she is having a very hard time parting me from it now! I guess she has perhaps 60 books on it and l read all those when l stayed with her in 2013/14 for a few weeks in that time and then started reading hard copied books again.

However, currently l am reading a book by Paula of Light Motifs II titled Bettina’s Bonus which is a wonderful book and l love the style that Paula writes in [Yes that is a plug of her book – but hey why not?] I also read another of Paula’s titled Going Dark which was seriously smooth reading – so if you are looking for a nice ride and read on either pick them up and help out a blogger.

All that aside, l am now starting to use both the Kindle and my new found App for the PC and start doing some more eBook reading and buying from a few more of you lovely writers … but l have a few questions hence the creation of this post…

How popular are audio versions of eBooks?

How many of my own readership read both eBooks and listen to audio eBooks?

Do you have a Kindle or do you read eBooks from other devices and if so what are they?

How many use the App which downloads to other digital hardware?

How many eBooks do you have and how many do you actually read in comparison to how many you have in Kindle storage?

Finally … to those whom have written and published eBooks of their own …

How well do your eBooks sell?

Are they easy to create from manuscript to actual eBook?

How many eBooks do you publish for sale yearly?

Yes, a different ’24 Hour Blog Question’ as in there are several … however if you are able to indulge me with your answers, l genuinely would appreciate your time and information.

Many thanks.


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20 thoughts on “Kumbaya My Friend, Kindle Aye?

  1. I hate audio books because I hate people ‘talking” at me. I download ebooks for free from my public library so I don’t have any ebooks stored on my iPad (other than the one I am reading at any given time.) My husband has several hundred ebooks in his Barnes & Noble Library. I just gave him my iPad mini since his B&N device died BUT I downloaded the B&N app to my iPad and have access to all the books he purchases. Me – I will NEVER pay for an ebook – I will pay for a ‘real’ book but never an ebook. I use Overdrive to download books from the library (epub format) and have Overdrive on my desktop – so I could read a book on my computer but can’t imagine doing that. I suppose I could download Overdrive to my iPhone and read books that way as well. (Or download the Kindle app or the Nook app or the Google app or the Apple books app or the …there are so many apps to download ebooks with.)

  2. Ooh thank you for the plugs! 🙂🙂

    I love my Kindle(s). I have a light, sleek one that fits in my purse and an old larger one with an Internet connection “for emergencies.” But lots of times i simply read books ON MY PHONE with the Kindle app.

    Yep, you don’t actually need a Kindle to read books on Kindle! I have said this a kajillion times. It’s right there when you purchase the book too ~ download a Kindle app for your phone or computer? Easy peasy!

    Of course it is easier on the eyeballs to read on the actual Kindle! 😍

    I dislike audiobooks or anyone talking to me really lol 😂

    1. Hey Paula, absolute pleasure and many thanks for the information as well. Well l am mostly a ‘bookie’ but l am slowly coming to appreciate the Kindle for its mobility 🙂

      I used to listen to audio books before they were as they are now when l did some factory work and l didn’t mind them admittedly – l don’t know what they used to be, maybe just taped stories of cassette.

  3. Have been an avid reader all my life and had a very difficult time adjusting to not being able to read as my vision began to fail. However, having the speech feature on my Mac, which I already had learned to access so I could listen to things on my computer as I worked in the kitchen, has been a real Blessing! And a few mon

  4. (Sorry!) A few months ago my sons gave me a new Kindle that has an Alexa App and it will read anything in my Cloud. I’m so happy with this feature, because I have such a wide and varied interest and often study some pretty heavy subjects that require repetitive readings for me to feel I like I’ve “Got it”.

    Another feature I like about the Kindle that you don’t have with a paper book is that you can enlarge the text and adjust the light so that it is still possible to read with impaired vision.

    Like you, Rory, I’ve always loved books, the “feel” of having them in my hands, the fragrance of the paper and ink, etc. and didn’t really like reading on my old Kindle – just used it for games. However, I am so very grateful now to have this wonderful technology!

    Have always enjoyed Audio books and listened to them while traveling, driving, or working around the house.

    As for the ebooks, I support my Blogging friends by purchasing the Kindle version whenever possible.

    1. Aah, we are back to good ol’ realisation Betty – l did wonder about the word ‘mon’ on the last part of the comment … but it was part of the word ‘months’. Now this is an absolutely superbly informative answer Betty – many many thanks 🙂

  5. Ha! Ha! Well, it’s good to know I can still keep a man guessing at my age! 😆
    (Didn’t realize only part of my comment posted until I got a notice in my email of your reply. and checked it out.)

  6. How popular are audio versions of eBooks?

    I’ve borrowed audio through Overdrive and listened to books as I fall asleep. Usually something I’ve previously read, so I dont have to skip back if I miss part.
    Another blog buddy listens to books in the car as she runs her kids around to events or while she waits for them.

    How many of my own readership read both eBooks and listen to audio eBooks?

    I mostly read ebooks. I haven’t listened to an audiobook in a while. The selection isnt as varied

    Do you have a Kindle or do you read eBooks from other devices and if so what are they?

    I have an Amazon Fire and I have the Kindle app on my phone. I had the app before the tablet

    How many eBooks do you have and how many do you actually read in comparison to how many you have in Kindle storage?

    I own a bunch of ebooks, they’re less expensive, easier to store, and a lot of self-publishing peoples only do ebooks because of the cost of printing.
    I’m way behind on my reading but that’s life.

    I borrow both hard books and ebook from the library. I buy ebooks and select hardcover books.

    I prefer old fashioned books for the same reasons you listed but they’re more expensive and take up so much room.
    I will say that falling asleep with a tablet and smacking yourself in the face with it, hurts more than the paper of a book. Also, going back and forth confuses my already scrambled brain. I once tried to turn the page of a paper book by running my finger over it🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Ha ha – as to the last comment – l have seen children do that in the last year when Suze gifted to her grandsons some books and because they are so digital minded, they said it wont open when they did that 🙂

      Marvelous answers Angie many thanks 🙂

      Really helpful.

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