The Happy Points Counter

The Happy Points Counter

Okay, so many of you will have seen  the Happy Points appearing in certain posts and perhaps [rightfully so] wondered what on earth they represent? Some of you MAY have even pressed the See Happy Points Counter Directory however l know how many are reticent about that ‘link pressing thing’ but if you had of done, you would have seen the following … and to those who haven’t well what follows below is what The Happy Counter is all about.

Happy Points

Happy Points is something l use to scale my level of motivation – the sort of ‘How happy are you today’ style and each day l award myself points out of 10 – most days l am between 7 – 8 and some days l am floating on a 10, others l might be as low as 5. But l thought it would be a nice idea to share the happiness around a bit and in turn make me happier and make someone else happier too.

There are three ‘Point Currencies’ :

Happy Points 3 PNGHappy Points 5 PNGHappy Points 10 PNG

Happy Points are an internal to A Guy Called Bloke’s blog only. They are the points that are awarded to readers who participate in some of the series that l publish weekly. From March 2020 there will be a wider distribution of HP’s attached to a variety of series where participation is prompted.

The point system is run on a yearly basis, at the end of each year, all the points are tallied up and small prizes are awarded out.

Currently HP’s are awarded on the following series but more will be added throughout the year.


Because it is a way to simply say ‘Thank you’ for being who you are and more importantly, for just being You!

There is no catch to this – it is not a ‘gimmick’ to entice anything from you ‘it is simply a gifting’

You can check out the actual Gifting process by pressing the link itself …

See Happy Points Counter Directory

Currently points are awarded to the likes of the following series:

Gifting the Compliment, The Things People Say, Question Fun [Next Season], What’s Your Story Then?, Writing Competition and RIDDIKKY – 15 Ninths and 31 Shades Of …..

More series have been attached and will be activated from March 2020 and these will be:

The Hello – Morning Guest Star, 12 Bloggerz, Squiggiddily Journo, For participation in the Workshop Studio, 24 Hour Blog Question for the moment and more will be added as one Series Season closes and a New Series Season begins.

So there we go, now you know what the Happy Points Counter is all about – it has been working away as a trial in the background since the middle of January 2020 and points have been awarded already – but from this point it is now being explained.

I hope and trust this creates some very much needed happiness to our community and on that note, l’ll take my leave and thank you all for reading.

Rory Matier

NB: Gifting the Compliment Points are added in Monthly.

Happy Points Counter Feature

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  1. Nifty! Thanks Rory! You continue to amaze and astound with your unique and fun way of blogging and spreading the joy! Give yourself at least 10 pts….! 🙂

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