Is Gardening Absolutely Radishing To You Or Not?

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Is Gardening Absolutely Radishing To You Or Not?

I am a keen gardener, not so much on the ornamental side – more admittedly on the organic and sustainable side to growing vegetables, producing compost and fruit and herbs with companion flower planting – but end of the day l love nothing more than being out in the garden. It’s relaxing, a great way to unwind and becoming one for a short whilst with the inner wildlife gardener in me.

Producing vegetables for the table awards a great deal of satisfaction, a thorough level of enjoyment and also a sense of pride that l have taken something from virtually nothing and through work [some of it hard] and am able to produce something good enough to eat.

But of course NOT everyone is the same as me, some might enjoy gardening but don’t have the time, or the space or even just the inclination … l mean why grow vegetables in your space when it is way easier to pop down to the local green grocers or vegetable seller and buy direct – that way there is no fuss.

I can see that point of view – gardening whilst enjoyable does mean initially that there is work, at the start of a new project it can mean a lot of hard work, it can be messy, frustrating and stressfull, especially when Mother Nature and the weathers are not playing ball with your carefully structured plan – BUT hey, nothing in life is without some difficulty right?

The questions here are these ….

What do you like or dislike about gardening – be this fruit, herbs, vegetables or ornamental ?

What would make your life easier if you were new to gardening?

What frustrates you with gardening?

Finally if you have never gardened be this for the table or for the aesthetic aspect of ornamental flowers and shrubbery – what has stopped you?

Anyway that’s me … now how about you?

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22 thoughts on “Is Gardening Absolutely Radishing To You Or Not?

  1. Food: vegies, fruit, flowers – except our weather has caused a few deaths, and an injury or six has curtailed the regular maintenance. However, the composting goes on – none of that stuff leaves the site!

    1. Hey Cage, totally – nope, my compost stays with me!! What have you noticed missing from organic gardening if anything? As in what would help you further? Or are you 100% aok with everything?

      I am currently on the search for a soft pronged pitchfork.

      1. As to a pitchfork-y thing – I found an implement with four horizontal bars with turned in points at the end. Push it in the soil, twist, and voila! soft and easy to pull weeds, easy to plant into, easy to use to aerate compost. The one tool I will never loan or leave out – ‘cos they don’t sell ’em anymore.
        I’m afraid the things that would help me further would involve another person, and the person I live with doesn’t garden (I say, ‘weed’ and everything green disappears – maybe a post on how to recognise weeds for beginners?).
        In Autumn (next month), I’m getting four fruit trees removed (or six, depending on how badly they’ve been affected by the fungus), the gingko biloba has to be checked for life (not looking good, and this is the last of three), the avocado trees need to be cut back to the ground to see if there’s any chance of another life …
        Oh, and the citrus trees … how to trim a citrus so you don’t have to do it every couple of months …
        We don’t use sprays or poisons, we don’t kill spiders or ants, and we have a huge following of birds in the garden (wars are about to begin; less trees means more arguing over apartment space), and we have some very interesting lizards (and no snails, ‘cos they eat every single one!).
        I like reading about gardening, even if I can’t do any at the moment.

        1. Oh wow, that forky thing you talk of sounds ideal … when l am digging the compost l hate forking some of my much larger earthworms, l am very attached to them, and the other day l forked one and l was very upset, l hate hurting anything if l can avoid it. Nature does an effective job and l am fine with that, that’s perfectly natural behaviour – but l am looking for something like you describe – failing that putting corks on the end of the pointy bits of my fork.

  2. I used to love gardening in my younger days. When my knees were working well and I could kneel on the ground to do the digging and planting. At that time I loved growing vegetables as well as flowers. Loved the new potatoes freshly dug out of the ground, fresh cucumber on the vines and tomatoes. They really tasted awesome.

    1. Hey Meena, so when you say lazy – you mean you can’t be bothered lazy or the garden space is too much lazy? Have you ever heard of microgreens grown in the house?

      1. Rory, m just very lazy about everything 😀 Bringing up three kids took away all my time and now as they are grown up and I do have time,I feel I have lost interest in most of the things.

  3. We had a huge vegetable garden at the old house before the ex’s downward spiral & my disability. I physically can’t do anything anymore graden-wise except water with a hose.

    When we moved into this house, the daughters put in some tomatoes, carrots, corn & pumpkins. Ben was little and could be kept out of that part of the yard. 👩‍🌾

    Now we’re hoping that in the future he’ll grow out of his destructive streak and we can have a garden again. Right now we have a huge hole, weeds and a place for Zeus to do his business.☹
    Oh, and a Pecan tree😉

      1. Ben destroys EV-ER-Y-THING! He busted up our concrete pavers with a rock or a hard toy. He rips paper to scatter it like confetti, he pulled a piece of siding off the outside of the house… I wish I could hire him to a demolition team🙄🤑😂
        It’s not just frustration. He LIKES to break things🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Not gardening anymore, but do still enjoy reading your posts about your experience. When I was younger, lived the “Back to Basics” lifestyle as we called it then, so appreciate your efforts along these lines. Did everything organically and still try to keep our diet as organic and natural as possible, even though we purchase all of our food now.

    We live amidst the trees, so there is not enough sunshine anyplace on our property to have a garden here. Though not in a rural area, we’re not far from a wildlife preserve, so still have quite a bit of wildlife in the area. Deer, squirrel, chipmonks, rabbits and many birds pass through on their daily rounds, so Instead of composting now, I share the remnants of our organic vegetables with the critters passing by. I love it when I chance to see one now and then! 😊

    1. Hey Betty – hope you and Bud are well this Saturday. Oh yes the ‘back to basics’ was a theme many used after the war, and then in the fifties it was replaced with ‘Backyard Farming’.

      I think with the shift in environmental and sustainable living now we are going to be seeing a lot more B2B and BYF coming back.

      I can imaging your thrills when seeing wildlife it ‘s a great compliment when they visit 🙂

  5. It may be difficult and stressful sometimes but is also relaxing and rewarding! I basically grew up in my grandparents’s garden where they used to grow everything and I can’t wait to have my garden one day too! Now I only have a small balcony but still I grow my herbs and salad and recently I’m trying with strawberries 🍓😉 Noting better than eating your own fruits and veggies! You have a good reason to be proud! 😉

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