In Walking Memoriam … Introduction


In Walking Memoriam ….


There was one thing that our little girl used to thoroughly love doing …

… that was walking. Her paws were designed to be like Nancy Sinatra’s boots – Scrappy was born to be a K9 Mountain Goat!

Fans of Doodlepip’s InterviewsK9 Adventures and of course her 4 Paws Diary Series  will be all too familiar with her fastidiousness to detail when crafting up and pawing down her own posts, a talent she was extremely proud of considering her wariness with regards the dreaded funny looking flat boxes otherwise known as the ‘Kompootah’, so it should come as no surprise that her old man is exactly the same.

Therefore when preparing this series in her memory and as part of a legacy that she and l discussed last year, she and l agreed that any future series would have to be as thorough as they could be to ensure that her reading audience, fans and friends alike were awarded a treat.

Her Walks were never really pawed about, she did them, she made brief mention to them in many of her pawed posts but never was there a specific hyperfocused series created whilst she was with us, so it only seems fair and fitting to her beautiful personable nature to offer her readership these times of hers that she not just loved, but adored.

Scrappy was a born walker long before l met Suze in 2013, but once Suze came into our lives she made a significantly huge difference to my girls lives. At that point Dora the Explorer was still with us and you shall read more about that in the series when it starts later this year,  Being True Dog   but Scrappy bonded with Suze from day one, in some respects they saved each other and that bond remained till the last days of Scrappy’s life.

Suze is typically very much an outdoorsy person and Scrappy loved the adventurous side to Suze and Suze in turn loved the freedom and opportunities that Scrappy awarded her when she visited before we started living together as a couple in 2015.

I will in this series write about as many of her favourite walks as l can, sadly l didn’t have a camera for many of our earlier walks, and so most of my older images and posts towards the end of the series will only have a few images to support the walk itself.

I have decided to write the series in reverse order, as indeed l will write the seriesBeing True Dogin the same style, so the most recent walks will appear first with the older ones last. The older ones can not be retraced today as many of those were walked in Lincolnshire which is where l originally lived and now Suze and l live in Kent.

Each post as in the walks that Suze and l are walking again in memory of Scrappy and all of us as a family will hold the recent images and where l can comparisons. Most of her devout fans will know that sadly there are not many of Scrappy and l walking as a couple because l was Scrappy’s main photographer and as good as l am, l still haven’t mastered the art of being in two places at once.

As much as l will enjoy writing the series, l will become sad as well, as her death is still only just five weeks ago and l feel her loss from my life quite profoundly, as does Suze .. but l wanted to do this – because that little girl of ours, our little girl did so much for us, that she may have never known, but knowing Scrappy as l did and still do, she probably knew exactly what she was doing and l am always thankful to have shared sixteen beautiful years with her as my best friend, my companion, a soul mate and as a member of my true furry family.

The map below displays what is known as the Kingsdown Heritage Trail – this is the village where l live in Kent, on the east coast – if you can read the Key, then you may even recognise some of the names from my own posts. This was Scrappy’s main walking territory and will form the basis of many of her ‘In Walking Memoriam’ posts – l hope you enjoy the series and walking with us all again.

IMG_3618 (2)

My aim is to create a post once a month.

Thanks for reading – catch you in the next episode ‘The Coastal Walk’ or as Scrappy would say ‘Tootlepip from Doodlepip!’



RIP 30th November 2003 – 12th January 2020

Scrappy Doodlepip

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  1. I really do love this idea! It’s so difficult to have no dog. After my Lucky passed, we were dogless for several years because of Ben. When you’ve had dogs your whole life, not having one makes the loss more profound.

    I think these walks will keep her close just a little longer. Is Gertie going too?

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