How Strange Are Your Bedtime Rituals?

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How Strange Are Your Bedtime Rituals?

We all have them, strange habits before bed, not everyone is completely conventional – and by this l am not referring to the ‘ooh hello’ side to bed time habits, l am referring to the more unusual habits or if you wish the routine in which you follow before you lay your head down for the night.

I flit between three modes of sleepiness – 1] Dead beat – falling asleep before my head hits the pillow, 2] Night Owl – have to await tiredness to take me by force or 3] Insomnia and grab forty winks when you can – and to some that might be considered a strange enough routine as is … but it’s not often that l have a conventional nights sleep. Truth is there isn’t really much that is traditionally conventional about me anyway.

No, no this question refers to your last few acts of awake before you attempt sleep for the night. Suze goes through a series of small tasks mostly a toilet wee [normal], brushing her teeth with the vibrator, nay l jest the electric toothbrush – it just has a very strange noise and she makes strange noises to boot whilst undergoing her ‘oral’ … hygiene.

Then for five minutes she sticks her legs up the wall and after that, a couple of wordsearches and some chantra writing in the journal then the gradual wind down with her SAD alarm clock till it eventually allows darkness to take the room. She is also an incredibly light sleeper and can hear a mosquito fart at 200 feet and is then awake. Making matters worse, she rarely experiences sleep blocks for longer than four hours. Suze retires for the night between 10pm and 10.30pm.

Suze and l don’t share the same bed, because of my strange night time rituals and routines … l have restless leg syndrome [RLS], snore and am a fidget, this makes sleeping in the same bed all night virtually impossible, so now we have two beds in two rooms and it works better.

For me, l brush teeth, attend toilet, then getting changed for bed, l attend to my blanky and then read before lights out which is usually between the times of 12.30 – 2.30am and then … sorry ? What? What on earth do l mean by ‘blanky?’

Ah right, didn’t think you saw that .. l cannot sleep without my fleeced blanket , l have to have it in bed with me, well l sleep in it like one might sleep inside a half sleeping bag. I do so for a couple of reasons: 1] I sleep hot in comparison to Suze’s sleeping cold – meaning she needs a cold bed to sleep in and l need a hot bed to sleep in.

All the year l have the heaviest tog duvet going, whilst Suze changes from Winter to Summer. I have to have the minimum of a 16 tog duvet to sleep in and l would love for a 20 tog but Suze says NO! Suze has a 13.5 tog for Winter and 7.5 tog for the remainder of the year. It’s because of the tog on my duvet that l have this additional ‘sleeping bag’ styled fleeced blanky in bed with me.


Sadly however Suze takes my blanky away during the Summer months and l have to contend with my 16 tog duvet only. The other reason  or 2] I always feel cold. Suggestions have been offered as to a third reason and that is because of my Asperger’s or autism and that l ‘sleep’ better feeling trapped? I don’t know about that as it doesn’t stop the RLS or the night time fidgets and every morning l awaken it looks like l have had wild rampant sex all night long, as everything is everywhere!!

It wasn’t always like this, l used to be able to sleep in a bed without some kind of fleeced comforter … it started with living in a caravan!! [Damnations to that life ha ha!!]

Anyway that’s me … now how about you? Come on spill the beans – How Strange Are Your Bedtime Rituals?

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18 thoughts on “How Strange Are Your Bedtime Rituals?

  1. I am also a night owl! I grab 40 winks where I can most of the time! I also have a fleecey blanket! I love mine! I say do whatever works for you! 😀 xoxo

  2. I don’t really have a routine as I take sleeping tablets, that’s if I’ve not done much during the day then otherwise I would be asleep within minutes. One thing I have noticed though I tend to sleep better when I have the window open and my body cools down, not too cold though and then I put the duvet over me and I’m soon asleep. I wished I had my own duvet as Ewan is always hogging it 🙄 but I get my own back because of my jerky movements (Ataxia) I sometimes punch him in my sleep 😂 unintentionally of course! 💚

  3. Like Suze, I like my bed to be colder than the room temp. It guarantees better sleep, if I do go to sleep. If I done sleep till midnight, the chances of going to sleep without a sleep- aid are very slim.

  4. This was too funny to read 😂
    Suze can hear a mosquito fart at 200 feet and is then awake 😂😂 What is the sound of a mosquito fart 💨🧐? 🙃
    Well sometimes I do have a light sleep as well, I don’t think I hear the mosquito fart though 😂, but sometimes I’m sleeping so heavily that I don’t hear not even a storm ⛈
    For the rituals, I don’t think I have…yes, brushing my teeth and cuddling nearby my hubby and in a few seconds I’m gone…sometimes until the morning without even moving, sometimes a nightmare can bother me and sometimes I do move a lot until I wake up my husband 😂 What I can say is that not every night is the same…😂

  5. I won’t go into my complete ritual, but I can relate to the restless legs and heavy blanket. I take 500mg of magnesium to help me feel asleep and keep my restless legs at ease. As for the heavy comforter, I sleep with a down comforter 365 days a year. The weight is said to reduce anxiety and have a “comforting” effect (hence the name?).

      1. Yes. I find it’s best if I take it when I’m ready to go to bed. I discovered it’s benefits after suffering from a devastating back injury. I didn’t want to take prescription meds. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer. Just don’t take too much or it may put you in the loo. (The old myths of a glass of warm milk or a peanut butter sandwich to help you sleep most likely are because they both contain magnesium.)

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