Dear Blog – 12.15 – 17/02/20

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Shove Your Idiom!

“But darling, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day…” I said, innocently of course and trying not to laugh ‘too much’.

“Shove your Rome, and shove your idioms!” Suze answered laughing.

The image above says it all – that moment when Suze realises she wish she hadn’t started her office shift around …. luckily the image below is a lot calmer! It’s still not finished, but it’s way better than it was. Yesterday Suze started when storm Dennis was raging around us in full steam and the first image is actually from 1pm and it was so dark the lights needed to be on, whilst the image below is from 8.15am this morning, when there is some sun peeking at the house from behind clouds.

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The last week has been a tough week of sorts … it’s been a busy week’ish. First off it started with Suze being terribly unwell and had to take the week off work. Regulars to this series will know all too well, that last year Suze was dreadfully ill, ended up in hospital with sepsis and it nearly killed her. But also readers will know at the same time, our lovely Scrappy was diagnosed with the malignant cancer and that the household started to go through a series of very bad stress.

I was concerned with Suze’s health this week just gone, she had to go to the doctors and again started a series of x-rays – with the obvious concern that we hoped her already weakened immune system wasn’t faltering again – she had picked up a cough infection on her chest. However, time away from work and working from home was a lot easier – she didn’t need any more germs from other people in her weakened state.

But also it was a trying week as well, Suze admitted to missing Scrappy very, very much and was now in the throes of a depression … my biggest concern last year was that Scrappy’s death, whilst hard for us both would be particularly harder for Suze. Of course l miss Scrappy terribly, l knew l would, l had her as a loving companion for 16 years of my life, she was next to Suze my best friend. But l had been preparing to handle the stress by making myself very busy – but my concern for Suze was her family were not close by, her grandkids miles and in the Australian case thousands of miles away. Everything l thought might catch up with her.

Her health already weak, her grief for the loss of Scrappy and her stress levels as to whether her contract for her work would be continued caught up with her and l think made her poorly.

Plans l had for last week in blog were put on hold. Two storms both Ciara and Dennis one week apart delayed my plans and our plans further .. so last week, l did a lot of back work in the blog, preparing all the new series planned for this spring and summer and started to try and boost her motivation levels.

We intend to start our joint business this year, and l used that as motivation – one of the many things to identify was that Suze needed to address her office space for creativity, hobbies and of course the business plans. This was a task she first started you may recall in July of last year Dear Blog – One of THOSE Days! , however this was just prior to the fifty shades of bad news with Scrappy and Suze’s serious health deterioration.

So eight months later, we are starting the process again and so yesterday, Suze decided that it was time to try and shake herself out of her blues and make the necessary changes to her lifestyle – l am helping her where she wants me to … but yesterday ‘No’ She wanted to do her office herself.

“Ok babes, well l am only one room away, shout out if you need help?” I said.

Both of us were busy sorting out our spaces, mine is much smaller but l still managed to sort through five hours of solid paperwork. I still have some work to do with my slowly overspilling bookshelf, but it is a lot tidier than it was, and now is running more smoothly and efficiently. Sorted out the drawers and the overwhelming stack of books l am currently reading and using as research. My space doesn’t look that much differently to the last time you saw it, but it is.

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I could hear Suze next door grunting, groaning, huffing and puffing, and so l got up from my creaky position off the floor [my knees are buggered l think it’s safe to say!] and went in to check on her and ask if she needed any help? I was greeted with this..

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Pannicked l asked her if she was alright? “Yes!! I am fine, stop laughing .. l just moved all the units around to fit this flip chart in and now l have realised l am two inches too short!! I have to move it all again!!”

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“Well l can help, at my age l can well understand how important a missing 2″ might well be!!” I offered some humour.

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To be met with that glare that says “OH shut the front door!!” [To the novice – that is the polite way to say ‘OH fuck off!”]

Suze didn’t want my help, she managed to sort things out, although she did request my advice on things as to would they be better there or here or there again?

Sadly, Suze ‘s office is in a bit of a quandary  – due to the storms and certain garden tasks that need sorting – like the shed being emptied out and tidied up and repacked into the new plastic boxes, it has meant those very same boxes have to be stored somewhere and that is in both the conservatory and ..yes you guessed it her office space – which due to their size can be a slight hindersome problem for someone who needs that day to start the office clear up – luckily they are not that heavy.

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Buuut, moving them around twenty times probaby does prove irksome! The boxes are big, clumpy and lumpy and take up considerable space.

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Suze was adamant to do the office tidy herself and so l left her to it … despite her frustration, it was cheering her enormously and it was keeping her mind active and busy … all good, she knew where l was ,when l was not clicking with the camera away like a looney toon …..

………… and so eventually, Suze managed to get some order back into her space …

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So that at 8.15am this morning, whilst not finished, but with her back at work, l was able to capture the first image. Still a short journey to undertake, like moving the clumpy plastic boxes, buying her a larger creative table than the one above … but despite a busy week, a wet week, a sad and unhealthy week – she looked in better spirits this morning before she left … Rome may have taken longer than a day to build – but hey it did get done, eventually.

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Anyway, enough from me – during the writing and creation of this post, Storm Dennis’s rain has left the area and l have some much needed sun now. It’s still windy, but l want to go and tidy the garden up a bit and see if l can compost up my seed modules, catch you later – thanks for reading.


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Dear Blog ……

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  1. Suze’s office is looking good! I’ve been there 🙃 moving furniture around and around and once more. Enjoy the garden! 😊

    1. Hey Suze 🙂

      It’s most assuredly getting there as to the garden 5 hours later just got in and l am pooped and whacked in a good way – cleanest my hands have been all year too!

      1. Day 3 of a 3day weekend… I’m draggin, but haven’t lost my Zen. 💃🏼 Still lots to do before I can call it a night though…🤷🏼‍♀️ One foot in front of the other and laugh as often as possible 👍

  2. I bet for Suze it was lovely to come home from her first day back at work to her lovely office. I am sure she will sleep well tonight.

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