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Season 4 – 501 –

Insomnia can be a real nightmare!

Combine that with the feeling of the mind telling you it basically and simply does not want to sleep.

The two seemingly marry each other off hand in hand.

Rory Matier


Insomnia is a vertiginous lucidity that can convert paradise itself into a place of torture.

Emil Cioran


I had a dream once …..

Long ago!

Now it never ends – it’s on a continuous insidious cycle of repeat!

Rory Matier


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17 thoughts on “Random Quotes 509#

  1. Interesting… my insomnia is chronic regardless of The Bounce. Lately, when I do doze off, my dreams are so active that I wake myself up to get away from them.
    They aren’t exactly nightmares, just tedious or too busy. Its difficult to explain in a few words.
    It’s making the sleep I do manage to get non-restful. Even heavily medicated, I’m awake just about every hour.
    I’ve searched the dreams for meaning, to resolve whatever is bombarding me. I get gobbledygook. I’m starting to wonder if the collective is extremely agitated (well duh, we know it is) or if it’s something with Ben🤔 Hmmmm…

    1. I think this is most assuredly a topic for a Guest Star Day a new series coming out in a couple of months time which will be looking at topics in the day of life way to my readership – might be something of interest to you Angie, especially as you have raised it as an idea?


      You and Suze share a lot of sleep deprivation similarities and much of what you have written she would resonate with – it’s an extremely interesting subject.

  2. I’m with Angie on the dreams thing. Even when I get no distractions vivid dreams will wake me far too soon. Mine tend to be real life ones morphed into a weird one. Like a lovely family trip out but animals replaced with dinosaurs.

    1. Strange you should mention that Gary – my sleep ‘isn’t’ so bad in recent weeks, like Ribana, most nights l am asleep before the head hits the pillow, but last night or rather between 6.30am – 8am this morning, l had a very bizarre dream of some kind of war on the planet fantasy saga ongoing about magic potions making you sleep and funny looking spaceships hitting the planet … very bizarre.

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