Theme Times – Once Was Enough, Once was Plenty!

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A remake is a film, television series, video game or some other form of entertainment that is based on an earlier product, often telling the same story and updating it for contemporary audiences.

Nerf is a term that means to be rendered ineffective or less effective by a change in the rules or game system.


Once Was Enough, Once was Plenty!

Aka – Nerfing the Movies!

Part 2 of 8


I first heard the term Nerf whilst playing World of Warcraft and it took me ages to get my head around the simplicity of it all – it basically translates to fixing something supposedly for the better that technically wasn’t broken to begin with or fixing shit that wasn’t shit in the beginning!  Seems to me, that more and more we are seeing this term or similiar applied to all industries!

Remakes and Nerfs in connection to the Movie Business many a time fall hand in hand. Why do we always need to see a remake of something? The same could be applied to the likes of sequels and prequels – it’s just that many a time – you can’t recreate that ambience, that special moment from the original – some things don’t need to be fixed because they were fantastic already and some things don’t need to be redone either.

I am NOT completely adverse all remakes – some are quite good, a few [rare] are actually better than the original – but only because with today’s technologies and digitalisation the likes of CGI – computer generated imagery – can make it so – but the opposite to this brilliance is the overuse of its presence therefore many a time rendering the original need for it nothing but overkill!

Does everything need to be gorier, bloodier and faster?

Below are our second 4 contenders, you can see the original first then below the remake and where l can,  l’ll include a comparison ‘remake Vs original’.

Not all remakes are bad, but a lot are and uncalled for – in the comments section below let me know your views – tell me if you are a fan of originals only or remakes only or a mixture of both?


1 – The Fog – 1980/2005

Folks get ready to celebrate the centenary of Antonio Bay. But, many had suffered due to crimes that founded this town. Now, they rise from the sea, under the cover of the fog, to claim retribution.

When supernatural events occur in their town, Nick and Elizabeth discover that the ghosts of a crew of sailors who were killed in a shipwreck more than 100 years ago have come to exact revenge.

Original vs Remake

2 – Fame – 1980/2009

Four teenagers must prove their mettle as they begin their journey at the New York High School of Performing Arts.

Six young students have to go the extra mile to prove that they are worthy of studying at the prestigious New York Academy of Performing Arts.

3 – Planet of the Apes– 1968/2001

When astronaut Taylor’s spaceship crash-lands on an unknown planet, to his horror, he realizes the planet is ruled by apes much advanced than humans. How will Taylor lead his team to safety?

A space detour lands Leo, an astronaut, on a planet where talking apes rule over a planet of humans. He teams up with a rebel chimpanzee and a few humans in order to end the terror-ridden rule.

Original vs Remake

4 – Arthur– 1981/2011

Arthur is on the threshold of an arranged marriage with a simpering socialite, whom he does not love. Arthur would prefer to marry the lowly Morolla, but cannot do so because of his grandmother.

Arthur, a playboy, meets a free-spirited girl, Naomi, and instantly falls in love with her. However, he stands to lose his wealthy inheritance by refusing to his mother’s demands.

So there we go folks – our second of the series – four classic originals:

The Fog, Fame, Planet of the Apes and Arthur and their remakes, the nerfed copies – what were your opinions, have you seen the originals or the remakes?

Additionally, do you have favourite remakes/originals of your own? Let me know.

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13 thoughts on “Theme Times – Once Was Enough, Once was Plenty!

  1. The only ones I have seen both , is the planet of apes! I liked the remake better as they were more technically advanced and more realistic.

        1. Yes, some are made by the special effects and some are broken by the over enthusiastic special effects team, getting the balance right makes for the break or win win 🙂

  2. I’ve only seen the original Fame & Arthur. I loved both movies. I haven’t seen any of the others. I imagine a Fame remake would probably be okay… updated costumes and music..the story is pretty basic.

    No comments from you? Have you seen these?

    1. I loved all the originals – and l have seen all the remakes and sure, the remake of Planet of the Apes was ok, l still prefer the original.

      Dudley Moore as Arthur was brilliant, but l also loved him in 10 with Bo, but Russel Brand l don’t like anyway. Fame l saw as a series growing up, so still prefer the original – The Fog was awesomely gripping first time around and quite stagnant the next time around.

    1. I like the original, but cannot deny that the Wahlberg remake wasn’t bad, but l think because they didn’t specifically overdo the effects that much in comparison to other remakes who seem to only float a movie on the effects.

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