The Perversity, Diversity and Adversity of Reading

The Perversity, Diversity and Adversity of Reading

Take heed,
I like to read!
But l am not one for skipping or speed!

I like to take my time with it you know?
… nice and slow,
That’s the way it should go!

I think anyway,
Some of course disagree with my way,
Like it fast,
Like it to be over, before it has even passed…
…. Or even started,
Vanished before it departed!

I’m not the fastest reader, it has to be said,
But l enjoy not losing the thread,
Or even the plot,
Which can happen a lot,
If you go at it too fast,
I like to make it last, so l go slow,
You know?

I can do it anywhere,
Here, there, the armchair!
Literally l am easy like a Sunday morning!
In fact sometimes without warning,
The mood strikes me just to start at it,
… out of the blue, in or out of my kit!
Matters not, you know?
…Lust goes with the flow!

Nothing beats a good book,
… well not entirely true – a lingering sultry look,
Can make a huge difference!
Especially in deliverance!
And yet, if we are to talk of beat and beating,
… and philosophy and meaning,
Reading is a lot like sex,
… just with different effects,

Take heed,
I like to read,
But like sex,
…. I take my time on certain subjects!
I like to enjoy it,
….. Nice and slow, bit by bit!
Not one for vigorous and wasted speed,
I like me a good book and a slow read,
it’s what l need!

Good sex, good book – hold the page,
… don’t rampage, upstage or disengage,
Too fast!
… don’t be too much the eager enthusiast!

Oh yes, l do so like me a nice slow read,
A good quality book is a waste at speed,
Shouldn’t rush a good bit of verse or prose,
… and yet, some do, oppose,
That line of thought and opt for a quickie,
… Which l have always found to be somewhat tricky!
I mean where is the enjoyment of it being over way too soon?
If people want that – then turn to animated cartoon!

Of course, l have read quite recently in fact,
That reading and sexuality and sensual tact,
… are fast disappearing from society??
Words l can at a push understand, but sobriety?
I am no prude …
… quite the opposite in truth, l am crude,
lewd, rude and bawdy,
But to say that sex is now seen as gaudy?
Is quite beyond me and my thinking,
… but l am experienced and unblinking,
That society now looks at sexuality and reading as unacceptable…
…. And it will go down in legend now as fable!

What else is there if we take away sex and wordery?
… l shudder to think at the absurdity,
That both a good book and a lingering sultry look,
Could disappear from our libraries and be mistook,
… as just those backward things from a forgotten yesterday,
In history – when luxuries like sexing it up and cosmic wordplay,
Were simply looked upon not as playful perversity,
imaginative diversity but as literal literature adversities!

© Rory Matier 2020

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11 thoughts on “The Perversity, Diversity and Adversity of Reading

  1. Talented plus plus. Wonderful poem Rory.

    I sometimes will read a book really fast as I just have to know how it ends or who did it. It depends also how easily it flows. I am reading Ron Misgaviges book Ruthless on his son David who is leader of Scientology his father having fled . It is interesting but a difficult read small print and jargon.

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