In Walking Memoriam …


In Walking Memoriam ….


There was one thing that our little girl used to thoroughly love doing …

… that was walking. Her paws were designed to be like Nancy Sinatra’s boots – Scrappy was born to be a K9 Mountain Goat!

Suze and l decided that when she had gone, we would walk in memoriam to all her walks that we loved and enjoyed as a family and we would make a series about it. What follows is that series. I hope you enjoy walking with us again in our memories.

As to her legacy, if any of my readers would like to have an ‘In Walking Memoriam’ Guest post of their own displayed please drop me an email at …

First Episode Soon – ‘Introduction’

14 thoughts on “In Walking Memoriam …

    1. Thanks Ami – l was planning on starting it last year but when she took ill, l put it onto hold, then when we realised just how ill she really was. It was shelved.

  1. I was thinking last weekend with Ciara, (and this weekend with Dennis) that thank goodness she doesn’t have to be stressed by the storm! And Gertie has friends for comfortπŸ§ΈπŸ’Œ
    Fantastic idea, the walks!

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