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Season 4 – 501 –

“You know what the crazy stimulating beauty of inspiration truly is?

It can HIT or Strike you at any time!! It’s that sudden – l always carry a notebook these days because l hate being caught short if out and l have like twenty ideas an hour sometimes! It’s frustrating … l have been known to go into the nearest shop and just buy something to get a paper bag to write onto!!!

Which is WHY l carry a notebook and pen now everywhere – out to dinner, shopping at a restaurant and even in the toilet!! But like, l write each and every idea down … just in case it proves to be the one, the one idea that is the humdinger of all ideas!  Every single idea is raw creativity or raw imagination .. it might not be used today or tomorrow – BUT it will be used somewhere some how it WILL be used!

Random Quotes, yes this series was born through random ideas and things l have said over the last ten to fifteen years. I would write something down as a quote or a note or an observation, an idea, a hint …  that’s what this series is really all about INSPIRATION – random shit that l have thought ‘OH zowee that’s a humdinger of a something, must write that down!!”

Write everything down always because you NEVER know that just maybe you are sitting on a goldmine! The other beauty is not found in the idea! Oh no!! It’s found in how you deliver that idea … oh yes!!

Rory Matier


Do something today that your future self will thank you for.



“What is the meaning of life??”

“Answer – Who gives a flying fuck! Just live it!”

Rory Matier

Below the very beautiful intrinsic essence of inspiration ….


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  1. I think I’ve heard the song from the first video before…from you, maybe?

    I use the “notes” app on my phone to jot things down. I have things that are years old…ripening😉

    That 2nd video is so awesome!! That dude was fully enjoying himself, and even the few that were being jokesters at first caught some of his joy. I loved how everyone gave in and joined him. So beautiful! We need MORE of that!💃🏼

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