Shaking Tail Feathers in Yesterday’s Garden!

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Sitting here typing this post and looking out the window watching Storm Ciara buffer the trees and the bushes with wind and rain and yet Madam or Sir Percy,  [l am never sure which is which] sits in the neighbour’s oversized tree looking out over the garden like a foreperson. You couldn’t and can’t tell tell that there is a windy day outside at all if not for [look closely at Percy’s tail] and you can see some slight rucks where the wind is ruffling quite literally the tail feathers!


Percy sitting directly below his nest.

I have to award major kudos to Percy – wood pigeons are not known for their balance, normally they are like winged prairie dogs’ with their pear shaped bodies and wide berthed rear ends.  Their nesting habits are shamed by most birds and yet strangely enough not far above Percy is indeed his nest for this year and it is not bad looking – especially as it is withstanding the serious winds outside.

Percy has been up in that tree now for the last hour looking out over the garden – well it’s the most sensible thing to do – seeing as flying is out of the question. The pair of Percy’s were down on the garden underneath the feeder trees earlier and now one sits below and the other sits on the nest. Currently Percy looks literally like the said ‘foreperson’ perusing the garden.

I have had the two Percy’s in this garden since the year that Suze and l moved here in July 2016 – this year will be our fourth year in residence and in that time this garden has changed significantly and profoundly and thankfully for the better. I recently came across some of the older and original garden photographs l took when we first moved in.

The garden in July 2016 whilst wild was the least of our concerns really, the house [rental] was a nightmare. The previous owners had been hard core reptile keepers and breeders and had vivariums set up almost everywhere with full heat and no windows open in their three year renting period. They never cleaned house either and so … well it was an awkward time to say the least.


The patio in 2016 – the apricot had a bumper crop of fruit which was edible and the twin seater chair that you see in our photographs which is blue today was up here in need of desperate repair. The garden around here was seriously overgrown and filled with weeds.

As you stepped out into the garden to your immediate left you were greeted by these…


The pebbled area used to be an oversized garden pond and then was filled in and made into an ornamental growing space of sorts. The two palm like plants at the back were root bound and the pots had cracked – l moved these to the back of the garden near the greenhouse where they have thrived and grown massive since. Although the cactus still lives here.

This was the 2016 original view from the top of the back garden…


It was a wilder and unkempt and overgrown garden on one side…

… and strangely barren on the other side!


The mound at that time was thoroughly overgrown and filled with all kinds of bushes and shrubbery, weeds and ivy!


The back of the garden and the greenhouse were just as wild and abandoned and unloved as the rest of it… it was a wild garden back then without deliberation.


The greenhouse was … mm, well you can see! In need of some help.


Behind the sheds though …. oh my, my, my!! You may now recognise those boxes as the very same repaired boxes l use in the garden for potatoes.

Suze was not impressed with the garden – l told her to NOT worry we had the technology we could rebuild it! Below, two shots from beside the greenhouse and behind – the rhubarb at that time was the only thing really benefitting from back there.

The greenhouse before the internal wooden frame had to be added. The top glass panels did nothing but leak. Side by side Yesterday’s greenhouse and today’s.

So yesterday’s garden was a lot of hard work to turn around and get right – but by December 2016, l, we had managed to clear it all out and sort it, make it tidier, workable … this year, this July will be four years since these initial photos were taken and the garden is only just starting to resemble a nice tidy garden with good quality soil and a firmer and more harvestable environment.

We have all come a long way, yesterday’s Percys have journeyed with us shaking their tail feathers all the way.

Anyway l’ll take my leave of you now

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

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4 thoughts on “Shaking Tail Feathers in Yesterday’s Garden!

  1. Nice to see the Percy’s are doing well. The Parrots were circling & flocking ’round my neighborhood last night at sundown. It’s nice to see them back.🦜💃🏼

    1. Aye, all is well when you can see the Percy’s ………and yet, they are no longer there since the wind intensified. Well one is on nest l think the other is in the thicker foliages at the back of the garden for better protection.

  2. Lovely to have resident Percys. Wow you and Suze have done such a lot of wonderful things and your garden is a credit to You.

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