I Bet I Won’t Even Get A Like For This!

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I Bet I Won’t Even Get A Like For This!

“Some Sunday Funday Light Heartedness … Perhaps?

I know that not many of you have social media although l do know that many of you do and so therefore you must have seen in the likes of Facebook these cutey pie pictures of cats and dogs with sad looking faces captioned with something that is sure to pull in the emotional likes – you know like … “I bet l won’t even get a like for this?” or “I bet l will not even get 100 likes!”

When l see these  … l instantly think of WordPress and think ‘“Well if you make a blog and post your ‘LIKE Me meme to it – you’ll get nothing but LIKES”

WordPress it seems in recent months has become a hub of LIKE ONLY activity – everybody is apparently just liking stuff and most of the time they don’t even READ what they are LIKING … l am confused by this activity?

Now l know that some people LIKE because they are shy and don’t wish to comment on what they have READ and l also know that some readers hit LIKE because they haven’t anything of any interest to add to what they have READ … that’s fine – l understand that … what l don’t understand is those who LIKE everything even though they have not READ it? I don’t understand that behaviour.

Now l also know that l have seen and read comments from those who say ‘Oh, but l LIKE it to show my support to that blogger, but l haven’t READ it because l don’t have the TIME to READ it! There is just way too much to read, and this way l can get through more bloggers quicker!”

But there is something that actually bothers me about that … when LIKERS do that, because they are at that point not actual READERS – they are only LIKERS – do they stop to think for a moment that perhaps that is a very specific ‘social media’ behaviour? That maybe, perhaps even it might be classed as insultive and rude to those whom have spent time to very deliberately write a content post and not just slap dash some meme together requesting likes?

It seems to me that more and more bad social media behaviour is fast leaking into blogging.

Equally when you create a content post that you have spent time writing and publishing  and you might have 70 LIKES on it – but maybe only a couple of dozen comments of which 50% of those are yours answering to responders – do you ever wonder why your post is LIKED but not commented upon so many times?

It does get painful especially when you look at the VIEWS – you might have a lot of VIEWS, a lot of LIKES from LIKERS – but not many comments from those who have actually READ it and commented on what they have READ?

I have to ask myself and in so doing ask LIKERS – what is it that you LIKE to LIKE on the posts that you haven’t READ – because if writers have that knowledge  then they can spend all their days simply creating posts that no one READS but everyone LIKES?

It would help me enormously for sure – because l am so dreadfully slow at trying to READ everyone’s posts that l become incredibly overwhelmed by the whole process and fall behind frequently because l can’t just LIKE something l haven’t READ. I show my support to those l follow by READING their content and LIKING what l do LIKE after l have READ it.

So … What is it that you LIKE to LIKE on the posts that you haven’t READ?

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56 thoughts on “I Bet I Won’t Even Get A Like For This!

  1. I don’t like posts unless I’ve at least partially read them. I say partially because my concentration is crap, and I may only absorb a portion of what’s written, but I like what I’ve read. I like far more often than I comment because I simply don’t have the mental resources to come up with comments for all or even most of the posts I read.

    1. Hey Ashley, but you are a reader anyway – l know that – l know you and l have had this discussion before about the likers – thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. If I could like this 100 times I would because so many of us feel like this. It takes time to craft a post in hopes people will find it enjoyable, useful or overall makes them smile. I appreciate likes but I really appreciate and am driven by comments. WordPress is a fun community but at times I find it frustrating too. If I haven’t read it, I wont like it. This causes me to be WAY behind at times.

    1. Hey Lisa, well exactly, you know my thoughts on it – it can be very stressful. I am always conscious of not reading posts in time or on time or of the time that many writers have written them. But it irks me that so many just like content without reading because l tend to think, why are we bothering to write content if serial likers just tick like for the sake of it?

  3. It is kind of strange, isn’t it.
    I don’t think I’ve ever ‘liked’ a post without reading it, or at least reading enough of it to find something to like about it, and/or admiring their photos, Then, I may or may not have a comment to leave, but yes, I’ve read and liked it. If not, I scroll on by.
    I guess the serial likers figure we don’t know if they’ve actually read it or not, which is true. That’s why we do want the occasional comment, so we know our post has been read. 🙂

    1. Hey Barbara – aah but you are a reader – strange most who have liked this post and commented are in fact proper regular readers, likers and commenters – big difference – so thank you for commenting.

      But the same for me – l can’t fathom just liking a post without reading it and yes there is and are huge volumes of content to read and yes it can be overwhelming, but we don’t have to read every piece ever written ha ha 🙂

  4. Well stated. I sometimes wonder if people are just liking the posts, and it isn’t a good feeling because they missed what I thought was important to say. Another pet peeve for me is on Facebook when people say, I bet no one will share this or if you have a daughter, son, dog, or whatever, you should share this, if you love them. Can’t stand being bullied like that, and I hope people don’t know it’s bullying, rather than intentionally being rude.

    1. hey – l do know exactly what you mean – the cut and paste jobbies – l can’t stand them , l feel that my independence is being stolen ha ha. But l think sadly this is the very nature of the reading climate these days. As a long content writer who is verbose l am off always to a bad start ha ha – thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. I read posts through several different feeds, and sometimes when I click in to comment – I can’t. I have to unfollow and then follow again.
    The same with likes – I have to click like before I can read the post.
    Don’t ask me why – it happens, it annoys me, but I’ve adapted to the way things work.
    I read most things I like, but sometimes (usually when it’s a reblog and I appreciate that the person has reblogged something I like) I click without going in (or if I can read the whole post in the reader.

    1. Hey Cage, as l have just said to Barbara you and her and those who have commented ARE content readers anyway and as such genuine readers and genuine likers of content which are hugely different to serial likers.

  6. Yes I read this whole post and I ‘liked’ it because I did – I read almost all your posts (I skip the gardening ones because – I have no interest in compost) but I don’t have anything pertinent to add most of the time, so I don’t. I ‘read’ a lot of photography blogs – and there is just so many times you can say “Hey, great photo” – If I LIKE a post on a photography centric blog then that is all that is necessary because – *see previous sentence* Okay?

    1. Hey Grace – l totally agree with you on photography blogs, sometimes all l can say is ‘awesome shot or great capture of the moment’, l can’t think of anything else to say but with those blogs, that’s enough 🙂

      But you are a content reader – l know that, you are not just a serial liker 🙂

  7. Wouldn’t know. I only like posts I have read and try to leave comments. I find my motivation to read blog posts dwindles when I have editing clients though so usually only get on WP once or twice a day to check up on things. When I was on the old blog, I would easily have 10-30 more likes than page views because they just ran down the reader and clicked like. It’s something I learned to ignore.

  8. I try to read the posts I visit daily. And you’re right that recently, there are mostly b likes and few comments. I don’t know why, but I have seen this since December last.

  9. I admit, there is one post that I don’t open, just hit the star🤫… it’s the post Kristian does with the word of the day. 🙊
    In my defense, the title IS the word.
    Whew! Confession is good. I feel better.😉

    You know I’m the same. I’d rather have nothing than an unread like.

    1. Exactly, l would rather have nothing than an unread like too 🙂

      You are quite right some posts are purely a quick like anyway, such as Kristians/Cyranny’s word of the day 🙂

  10. Like Ashley, I will do partial reads and I mostly don’t play the vids.

    What bugs me are the ppl who obviously can’t read English and make totally weird comments. I don’t want to deal with them at all 😡

  11. We see eye to eye on this topic, eh? 😊 Another pet peeve – those that pop up out of nowhere, ‘Follow’ your Blog (so you will Follow theirs?) and you never see or hear from them again.

    Yes, I have read all the Blogs I ‘Like’, but if I don’t like them, I don’t hit ‘Like’, even if I did read them. I don’t always comment – only when I have something to say about the content. When I ‘Follow’ a Blogger, it’s because I find their Blog to be of interest, or that I just enjoyed reading. My field of interests are wide and varied, so that really broadens my viewpoint. 😊 I don’t pay attention to who has, or does, ‘Follow’ me, when it comes to choosing who I will ‘Follow’. And it doesn’t bother me if people don’t comment on my posts.

    Hope you weathered the storm intact and all is well! Also hope you’re having a wonderful night, Rory, and sweet dreams. 🙂

    1. Hey Betty, oh yes we do see eye to eye on this subject and quite possibly many others too 🙂

      The like for like followers are another peeve like yours, equally as much as those who seemingly thinking it’s funny or okay to hit like to 20 posts at once?/ The other day a blogger hit like to 45 posts of mine at once!! Did l find it funny? NO, Did l find it pleasing? NO! Did it piss me off ……….. Yes!

      The worst of Ciara has passed us by here in Kent – but some parts of the UK have been seriously injured. I am none too sure why they issue major alerts to all parts of the UK [except to cover their own blunders] when some area are not going to be affected.

      1. Haven’t had the multiple “Like” experience, so far. That certainly must be disconcerting! One must wonder why a person would do such a thing. It would boggle your mind to even try to answer that question, I think.

        So glad to hear the worst of the storm by-passed you! So sorry to hear other parts of the country weren’t so fortunate. Know what you mean about the weather forecasters. Ours in the States must belong to the same club. 😊

  12. I set aside a limited time for posting. Any other time is for reading other sites. Still might take a few days to get round everyone, but it’s so worthwhile. What doesn’t help is liking a post then WP removing her like. It does the same with comments as well.

  13. 🙂 Rory, I could never understand the logic of someone liking a post that they never read.

    It is as though some bloggers are pressing the “Like” button with the hopes of us following them.

    Do have yourself a wonderful week!

    1. Hey Renard and a happy week ahead for you too.

      I know, l don’t get it either – blogging is already busy as is – you read, you write, you interact and engage, you create and publish and you try your best to follow a form of social etiquette and enjoy yourself and become a better blogger and then you have got the serial likers …. …….?

  14. Hey there Rory. I understand completely what you are saying and I find this perplexing as well. Personally I find the whole liking and commenting things very difficult. I certainly do not like something if I genuinely don’t like it but sometimes I find it so difficult to make a comment even if I want to but I will just like it and not comment. this is due of course to my blindness and very often it is quite easy to like something but then I cannot find the box to write my commenting. Sometimes I search and search but because of my eyesight I just can’t find the box. Other times there are things I really desperately want to say about the post but can’t find the words. I understand how frustrating it is however to have nothing but likes and no comments. I have that problem too. And often I would love someone to give me some genuine feedback on how my poem does or does not grab them. It is as it is however and I still find WordPress a wonderful place to be.

    1. Most of what you have written here Lorraine is perfectly fine and acceptable – plus as you have said at times you have limitations – BUT – you are not a serial liker for the sake of it – aside from my grumble post here- l hope you are keeping well 🙂

      1. I certainly am not a serial “liker.” It is TRUE that I do read, some days a great deal, of other people’s posts. In fact I FOrCE myself to do that, in an effort to be fair to others. You have no idea how difficult it is to read long posts but I do try because I want to be a responsible blogger. Every single bit of what I have written here it’s true not just most of it. I love certainly am not a serial lighter

        1. I know what you mean by having to force yourself to read – l am NOT Mr Social for example and being social is not as natural to me as some might think or even believe with my posts – but l have to actively say to myself each and every day ‘READ other content Rory!’

        2. I know. I do the same but for different reasons to you. I suspect there are many others in the same boat.

      2. If only “most” of my post is fine and acceptable,bthencwhuch bits aren’t. I do know that in thenpast Ibhavebhadvto make actual posts on my blog about my inabilities. If I do make posts like that though, mistly people have understood, and not seen any problems with my just liking things. I do read everything however when well enough.
        You ask how I am and the truth is that mostly I am in bed in great pain which The doctor says cannot be resolved and we know the reasons for it. It is however most frustrating because when I am trying to post or reply to people or comment I often have to write one sentence then lie back on my pillow then write another sentence until I am totally exhausted. But because I am totally committed to blogging and treating others in a respectful manner I still try to do my best anyway. I am as I have said blind and although I am aware there are other blind people on WordPress it has to be remembered that I am newly blind and have received no help at all in how to use technology and so I struggle along on my own and I think I have made a pretty good fist of it. But people have to be patient with me Because I certainly do have genuine limitations. I do understand though exactly what you are saying and I to say that this does often happen and it really is very frustrating.

        1. That’s not what l mean – what l mean is as l have said in the post for instance, those that are shy don’t often comment, those that have nothing further to add or nothing to say is what l mean – there is nothing in your response which is wrong is what l am saying. I was agreeing with your initial answer 🙂

        2. Ih right lol. Thanks for explaining.mmi do know what you mn regarding justmliking wuthout reading. I have “watched” it happen as I have my iPad in front of me,cand they go SO fast that you know they have not had time to read. Sometimes they are people whom one would never expect ut if. Sometimes friends. I guess it is just how it is and it used to upset me but I don’t bother about it anymore. There are so many good people around that it isn’t worth worrying about the others. 😊

        3. Totally true … l have seen regulars and friends alike serial like my posts equally as much as people who l don’t follow. The other day a new follower hit like 40+ times on my blog and in the space of 90 seconds l knew that they were going to be an issue. I no longer follow them.

        4. Oh my God. That is utterly ridiculous and so disrespectful. I guess we win some and lose some. But it is quite saddening at times.

        5. Yes it is, it’s just insultive and l don’t know why they do it – but perhaps that is what some people consider polite whereas l consider it the opposite – l do wonder at times if it is a cultural politeness and then l think NO Stop trying to validate their wrongs.

  15. This is something that also gets on my tits – I receive spammy likes every few weeks, where one blogger LIKES about 10 to 20 of my posts in under 2 minutes. It annoys the hell out of me, and how exactly are they supporting vloggers this way? Sometimes I want to call them out for doing this but I always stop myself. It’s just so infuriating! Sorry this turned out to be a rant rather than a comment but thank you for voicing what has been driving me up the wall for many months! 💚

    1. Hey Ami – you never have to appologise for being honest on my blog 🙂

      It gets on your tits and it annoys the living crap out of me too – that’s simple and that is honest, we are simply being honest 🙂

      Serial likers are bad enough, but MASS serial likers are even worse ha ha in my opinion – l want to hit them around the head with a wet fish!

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